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~Alexandria~ July 9th, 2007 07:45 PM

That you chose to have a home birth?

ShawnaCAN July 9th, 2007 08:14 PM


That you chose to have a home birth?[/b]

- peace and quiet
- the option to waterbirth (not available at our local hospital)
- reduced likelihood of interventions and complications during labour/birth
- freedom to be in control of labour/birth
- not having to argue with hospital staff about my preferences or about the necessity of certain procedures
- no strangers poking or prodding me, no strangers handling my baby
- not having to birth with a spotlight on my private places for everybody to stare at. Wait, that should be reason #1.
- husband got to participate more in the birth
- no distractions during recovery (such as nurses, cleaning staff, meal delivery people popping in and out of my room, overhead announcements, phones, other crying babies)
- did I mention peace and quiet?
- reduced exposure to foreign germs/viruses (for both of us). We're less susceptible to infection from the germs in our own home.
- being home was more conducive to relaxation during labour
- privacy. I really, really, really appreciate my privacy.

MrsPil July 10th, 2007 12:45 AM

No risk of iatrogenic injury/interference
No risk of hospital acquired infection
Peace and quiet
The option of waterbirth
I'm deathly afraid of hospitals, so birthing in one would have triggered my fight or flight response depriving my baby and my uterus of oxygen.
No chemicals to interfere with the natural hormonal blueprint of labor
No wondering when to drive to the hospital
No warding off interventions from scalpel happy surgeons
No noises when I didn't want them
Dimmed lights instead of bright blinding bulbs
Being able to eat what I wanted when I wanted.
Not worrying about what was happening to my daughter when she left my site, knowing that there wasn't any formula in the house and no one would try to supplement something she didn't need.
Basically everything that Shawna said. I had a beautiful labor where I ate wonderful food watched my favorite movies bathed in warm water in a candle lit bathroom, had a tubside sing-a-long my husband got to rest in our bed and I didn't have to worry that I'd left something crucial at our house. My daughter was born into the hands of my mother who will remember that morning for the rest of her life, not into the gloved hands of a cold sterile stranger who wouldn't recognize her three months later. It was like a dream and it was exactly what I had hoped and planned for.

UrbanMomma July 10th, 2007 07:06 AM


KBeans July 10th, 2007 09:35 AM

for me right now, although im having problems having my homebirth...

my #1 reason was my lack of choices at the hospital, the lack of support and my right to have say in my own birth.

along with a lot of what those other moms above me said, but this was my personal #1 reason for even looking into homebirth to begin with, THEN i realized all the other perks.

jhmomofmany July 10th, 2007 11:08 AM

All of the above.

I love the way homebirth can be so family-centered. The children were able to meet Thomas within moments of his birth, and it was a very positive experience for them. And not having to arrange child care for five kids at a moment's notice is a big benefit for me!

Butter July 10th, 2007 05:25 PM

Pretty much just because I wanted to and could.

home4mygirl July 11th, 2007 07:36 PM

  • Hospitals are for sick people and pregnancy/childbirth are not sicknesses
  • My mom was a midwife, so I couldn't imagine doing it any other way
  • Babies born at home have less complications after birth and are at lower risk of infection
  • I didn't want to have to ward off the doc with the scissors for the episiotomy, or the surgeon for the c-section
  • It's proven that women labor better and more effectively at home
  • I wanted the choice to labor in whatever position I wanted, not flat on my back with baby monitors strapped to me
  • I wanted to be able to eat/drink what/when I wanted, not be on a strict diet of ice chips
  • I wanted to be delivered by someone who I knew and who knew me, not a nurses who change shifts every 12 hours, and a doc who comes in for the last five minutes to catch the baby, then disappears
  • NO pressure to "supplement" with formula, or "soothe" baby with pacifiers
  • The right to labor in the privacy and comfort of my very own home with dim, soothing lights, not blinding, glaring lights for me and the poor baby's eyes when she came out. What a horrible shock to come into!! Nice warm, dark, place, then whammo! bright and cold with strangers poking and prodding
  • Don't have to worry about what to pack, trekking to the hospital while you're in pain, then packing it all back up again in 2 days and trekking home all over again
I'm sure there are tons of others I've forgotten, but those are the main points I think. It was SUCH an amazing experience, I absolutely couldn't imagine anyone wanting to do it any other way! The thought of having a baby any place other than home is so incredibly foreign to me, my mind can't even comprehend it.

Motherbird July 12th, 2007 08:38 AM

To me, it's just the way it's meant to be, the way it's always been done. Going to a hospital to give birth is like going to the doctor every time you get your period. I don't need any help with that either. :smile:

anitagupta July 12th, 2007 02:05 PM

A birthing center midwife threatening to report me to child protective services if I didn't comply with not just the whacky state laws but also "common" hospital policies. She said they'll take my baby away and interrogate me for 3 years to prove my suitability as a mother.

MountainMomma July 12th, 2007 03:01 PM

My main reason is comfort. I want to be comfortable during labor and delivery, and I can't be comfortable in a hospital with people coming in and out constantly.
Also because hospitals are for sick or injured people. I don't feel like being pregnant or giving birth falls into either category.
I also want to be in control of the birth process, and in my experiences.....I wasn't in control in the hospital. The doctor would say....Yeah, I know what you want, but this is what is needed, and then did what HE wanted anyway. I was laboring in a tub with my son and was comfortable. There was no one else needing that tub. There was an empty one beside me. The doctor said he HAD to check to see how far I was dilated. While he was examining me, he decided to break my water (without asking me first) and then said that getting back in the water would harm the baby. It was another 13 hours before my son was born. They (the doctor, my mother and my ex) decided that I needed an epidural, mainly because I'd had one with my first pregnancy. I was to tired, and in too much pain to argue at that point. I don't want that to happen to me again.

Another reason is travel. The closest hospital with a L&D unit is in the state capitol. Traffic is very congested in that area. I don't want my newborn to have to travel in a car for a 45 minute to 1 hour trip to get home. I would be stressed out worrying about the baby and the chances of having a car accident. The baby would feel me stressing, which would stress the baby out. Neither of us will need that at that point.

CharmieCM July 16th, 2007 09:06 AM

These are all great answers about homebirth. Another thing to consider is that the type of care provided by most homebirth providers is different. You can read more about the midwives model of care at www.narm.org and see a comparision of the midwives model to the medical model. It really is suprising to see that most homebirth moms and attendants have a totally different view of pregnancy and birth!

azchela July 16th, 2007 09:43 PM

Oh there are so many, but the main one was that I really wanted a natural birth and quite frankly I think that is close to impossible in most US hospitals.

Other reasons:

- I believe pregnancy is a natural condition that MOST women can handle with minimal medical intervention, even during labor and delivery. I do not think that most pregnancies need to be medically managed. Pregnancy is NOT an illness.
- I wanted to be as comfortable as possible during labor - no tubes, no monitors, no beeping machines.
- I wanted to labor and deliver in water.
- I wanted to sleep in my own bed with my baby after giving birth.
- I wanted to eat and drink during labor.
- I did not want internal exams every hour or any other medical procedure (pitocin, cervadil, AROM, etc) to check on labor progress or speed up labor.

I could keep going but my newborn just woke up! :rolleyes:

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