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jhmomofmany July 12th, 2007 08:29 AM

Did any of you write a birth plan for your homebirth(s)? I'm trying to decide if I should put time into writing one or not.

Are there any examples online of birth plans for homebirths or have/can any of you post yours?

bubblesispreggers July 12th, 2007 11:45 AM

I had a birthplan because initially I was with an OB and was planning a hospital birth. When I decided on the homebirth I still kept the birthplan in case of transfer. Nothing on the birthplan related to my homebirth plans but my MW new exactly what I wanted and there was no chance of anyone else attending my birth so it wasn't necessary. If there is a possibility you might be attended by someone other than your primary it would probably be beneficial to have a plan. You may also want to write a simple plan just in case of transfer so it would be easier to have your wishes respected in the hospital.

I just found these links:



They are both from the UK but they may help.


MrsPil July 12th, 2007 11:07 PM

I had three; one for plan b (assisted homebirth with lay midwife, in case of suspected breech), one for plan c (transfer to hospital vaginal birth), and one for plan d (emergency section).

jhmomofmany July 13th, 2007 09:18 AM

Thanks! I'll be seeing the mw on Saturday, so I'll be able to get her opinion as well. :smile:

ShawnaCAN July 13th, 2007 10:02 AM

I didn't. I had birthplans with my two hospital births, because I knew my preferences and choices would not be something hospital staff would care to consider, so it was necessary to lay it out very clearly for everybody. As it was, I spent most of my two labours fighting anyway because once I was in there it was as if my birth plan never existed at all.

When I first met with my midwife regarding homebirth, we discussed the reasons I wanted it - some hopes I had for the experience. When I realized that her philosophy about birth was exactly like mine, I realized there was no need to write out a birth plan. My hospital birth plan included things like wanting to avoid an episiotomy, wanting to refuse a routine IV, freedom to walk around, no electronic fetal monitoring, etc. None of those were even issues at home, so not even necessary to discuss. Basically, what I wanted at home was the freedom to do whatever I felt like I needed to do in labour - go with the moment and not be bossed around. There was no need to have a set plan about that, because it would unfold on it's own. As for things like who would cut the cord, who would catch the baby - we just discussed it a bit beforehand and our plans changed in the moment anyway.

I would suspect a lot depends on the kind of midwife you have. If she seems to be a bit controlling or set in her ways about how things should go, you may need a birth plan because it's a good "checklist" of things to remember to discuss iwth her. My midwife likes to say there are "midwives" - who understand natural birth and let the woman lead the process. And there are "Medwives" who have a more medical philosophy, in that they believe it is THEY who orchestrate the birth and guide the woman during the process. They tend to use more interventions. I considered a back-up birth plan in case of transfer to the hospital, but I decided not to waste my time. If we did end up in hospital, it would likely be for an emergency reason and there would probably be a medical need for some interventions. Also, nobody would read it anyway and I'd have to remind them about what I wanted - so I decided not to bother.

UrbanMomma July 13th, 2007 11:13 AM

I don't have one...my MW is pretty hands off. She'll let me go along as I please and we agree on everything like vaginal exams, eye goop, etc. I can labor where I want, give birth how I want. My oldest son is cutting the cord (once it stops pulsing...of course LOL), and all my kids will attend the birth if they choose.

Alison79 July 13th, 2007 08:46 PM

My midwife, DH and I will write one at my 36 week visit. We only have a few specific wishes (that DH help deliver the baby once the head has crowned and announce the gender). But, we will write down which newborn procedures we want done in case of a transfer. I think it will be good to have in the unlikely event my midwife can't attend, too.

CharmieCM July 16th, 2007 08:59 AM

I didn't have one for my out of hospital birth, but I remember as we drove to the birth center, I told Jason that he had to make sure if we went to the hospital that neither me or baby got our genitals cut. LOL.

I've never had a client have a birth plan, and usually a transport is a situation where you need the medical side of things, plus they know that you are so far from what you were planning that the good staff members will try to "give" as much as they can. Still, having seen transports that weren't ideal (as if any are!), I think I would write a transport birth plan for myself if I planned another out of hospital birth.

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