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Butter May 14th, 2008 05:06 PM

Why do so many OBs schedule inductions for no medical reason? And why do they schedule them BEFORE the due date? Pregnancy length has been shortened by a week thanks to all those unnecessary convenience inductions. It's ridiculous.

hiskid1324 May 14th, 2008 05:12 PM

That's something I'm bugged by too! I have a friend who had her little girl eleven days ago, but she wasn't due until yesterday! They were trying to do home induction for a week before, so it obviously wasn't an emergency that they induce the labour, and then they induced a week after home tries didn't work, but she was still two weeks from being due! I don't understand why they did it!

I really like the fact that our midwives (yes, there is more than one of them... three to be exact!) don't really start suggesting induction until 41 weeks, and even then they don't panic so long as things are looking good... they just want to see you every week, lol. At 42 weeks though, they start reassessing and deciding if they feel homebirth is a possibility still, or if you need to do a hospital induction. But, at 42 weeks, I think that is a little more logical than 38 weeks!

Miguelsmommy May 14th, 2008 05:18 PM

I have to say with Miguel my doctor was great about everything going as natural as passable. I was induced a week early and was completely not "there" because of magnesium but he had little choices because both conventional and "experimental" ways to bring my blood pressure under convolution levels didn't work. most DR. would have started with c-section. My sisters doctor waits to induce her until when the placenta is calcifying. I think it's really bad to do anything if it's not needed.

grunig May 14th, 2008 07:17 PM

I know for me my Dr wouldn't induce until I was 40 weeks, even with Gestational Diabetes and the worry about baby's size. That and c-sections are caused by impatient/overly worried Dr.s and women. Don't get me wrong I had 3 c-sections so know they are necessary sometimes.

-Tisha- May 14th, 2008 07:35 PM

C'mon now...it's that last week you get all of those ugly stretch marks!! :rolleyes: I really think some of these DRs have gone way out of control! That was one of the first questions I asked each of my OBs was the longest they would let me go over the 40 weeks. If I would have gotten anything before 41 weeks I would have went somewhere else. I personally feel that there are few more babies that won't come out when ready than those that will! I fully understand how miserable pregnancy can be at times. I'm not one that is exactly fond of being pregnant, but I never wanted to be induced before baby was ready to come out on their own.

I do have to add that I wish I could be more natural in my very own approach to pregnancy and childbirth. DH being HIGHLY against most of it is one of my sore spots. I really can't explain with any of my experiences and I did what was best for baby first and then myself. *shrugs* I do pray that all of these unnecessary c-sections and elective c-sections disappear one day. I fully understand that there are circumstances where c-sections are necessary, but being in labor for more than 12 hours is NOT one of them in my personal opinion. There were 7 of us pregnant within close time frames of each other and 4 ended in c-section. :( It's just not always necessary. IMO.

Sorry, I guess I got off on a tangent. :blush:

LuvEmm May 15th, 2008 02:08 AM

Ah, Heather, I totally remember that! Drove me crazy! I had a hard time hanging around my DDC much because of it. My own sister didn't want a baby around Christmas, she was due the 23rd so she was induced 2 weeks early. But you talk to her and she says "Good thing I was induced because she was 8 lbs!" So there is a chance she could have come completely on her own? I don't like that so many women say things like, "Oh I have to be induced because I never go through labor on my own." More often it is that they aren't allowed to even have the chance to go through labor on their own.

Where I live there are always tons of pregnant girls. After I had Lindsey and had her natural and all the moms thought I was bonkers, there was a mom who was pregnant with her 4th and had gone through 3 natural births before. She was older, but still healthy and fine. All the women in the neighborhood were quote, "SO MAD at her midwife because she wasn't being induced when she was 41 weeks." She was a smart and awesome woman who said the baby will come when he is ready. 42 weeks and he came, only 7 lbs! If they had taken him before, he could have been in real trouble. It drives me crazy that I live in such an unprogressive state where all the moms just hand over their will, body and baby without question. One mom told me, "Oh, my doctor is the BEST! He induces all his pregnant moms without fail at 39 weeks. He says it is just way too hard on a pregnant mom to go all the way to 40 weeks. Why be miserable when the technology is there so you don't have to be?" :o I thought my jaw would hit the floor! What's his name so I can be sure to never be HIS patient?! And all the other women just nod with acceptance. Yep, what a GREAT doctor. <_< And sadly another mom was more open to some of that stuff, but with her second she just said she was too nervous to do it and ended up with a c-section. Afterwards she told me, "I wish I could say it wasn't that bad. But it was the most horrible experience I have ever been through and I will do anything to not have to do that again." :( How sad is that?!

Butter May 15th, 2008 04:05 AM

My SIL was in UT (Salem) when she has her second. The doctor tried to get her to schedule an induction starting at the first visit! I think out of sheer willpower she had that baby on her own a day early! Her first had been 11 days late and that doctor (in PA) was fine with it. Of course back in 1999 they were more willing to let things go longer. Things have changed. When I was pregnant with Ani in 2000 they wouldn't even put an induction on the schedule until 41 weeks and then it would be scheduled for 42 weeks. Those same doctors now do inductions at 40 weeks!

Ani was 6-11 at 41 weeks exactly. Cameron was 6-6 at 40w5d. Fritz was 7-13 at 41w3d. I was completely sure of my dates on all of them. Babies gain about 1/2 pound a week at the end. My babies, particularly my first two, would have been so tiny had I been induced early. Even Fritz was only one ounce bigger than average at 10 days late. Some babies just need extra time and you won't know which ones those are until they've been forced out and it's too late.

jacksons_mom May 15th, 2008 06:16 AM

Bugs me too!! My friend was just induced because she lives 40 minutes from the hospital and allowing another doctor then her main one was not happening. She was already having contractions when she went in and probably would have gone into labor on her own very soon.

~hsingtreehouse~ May 15th, 2008 08:58 AM

I was induced with both of my kids for no medically necessary reason. The first was convenience. I was induced too hard, too fast and it damaged my pelvic floor for life. As a result of the labor, I pushed for 3 hours and he was suctioned out so I was cut a 4th degree episiotomy.

With my second, my dr wanted to induce. Scotty was due October 12 and he was born September 29th! So he was 2 weeks early! That time I was induced the correct way. It was an easy labor, but the damage from the first time had already been done. I now have pelvic organ prolapse - and I attribute it completely to the poor way I was misinformed and allowed to be induced for absolutely no reason.

However, after reading some of the other posts, I did want to add that Scotty was born at 37 weeks, 5 days by induction and weighed 7'11oz and Bryce was born at 38 weeks and weighed 7'3oz, so had I gone on to 40 weeks or beyond, I could have had 9 pounds babies! EEK! I guess for that reason, and that reason only, I am glad I did get induced. I am not sure I could physically give birth to a 9 pound baby.

Farmers-wife May 15th, 2008 09:11 AM

YES you could have delivered 9 pound babies! I have delivered 2 niners and 3 ten+. It isn't their weight that would concern you, it is head size and shoulder width!!!!!

Just last night I spoke to a friend whose 16 yo daughter is pregnant. She would be due at the end of Aug. Somehow they have already decided the baby will be too big for her to deliver and are going to induce when she is 36 weeks!!!!!! I am so ticked off I wanted to scream at my friend. Instead I pointed hard on the counter and said "this will be a c section with complications, you heard it here first." 16 year olds have been known to deliver alone in a bathroom!!!!!!!!! How can they be doing this???????

I am always late. ALWAYS. My earliest was 7 days late. I have gone to 42 1/2 weeks without incident. I know not everyone is the same and all that, but why then are there so many inductions that end in c section and babies in nicu because their little lungs aren't ready?

I need to go dig in the garden.

~hsingtreehouse~ May 15th, 2008 09:36 AM

Goodness! Yeah, that is definitely scary. If I were to ever have another baby, I would NOT be induced.

I do live an hour from the hospital where I would deliver though. My fear is that I would not go to the hospital on time and deliver in the car. In both of my labors, once I started to dilate, it went fast. I went from 2-10 in less than an hour both times. The second one, I had an epidural (another bad decision - nerve damage in my lower spine now thanks to an unnecessary and unrequested spinal block with my epidural! I wasn't even in pain yet with my contractions!!!) and I went to sleep during the dilation part of labor. I woke up at 10 cm with my body naturally giving birth without me even pushing. It went FAST.

Jenneve May 15th, 2008 09:37 AM

I was induced with Jared at 40 weeks. I don't think it was medically neccesary, looking back, but I was in a great deal of continuous pain (back & hips) and his movement was very slow. My doctor suggested it, and I figured since I was 40 weeks it would be ok. My labor with the induction was incredibly painful. Much more painful than going into labor naturally with Jack. Jared was 7 lbs 9 oz. Afterward I decided that I would NEVER be induced again unless it was a medical neccesity. Well, I ended up being induced with Justin 5 days early because of high blood pressure. <_< We tried everything to get it down, but nothing worked. I really really didn't want to be induced again, but my doctor said that with my blood pressure as high as it was the best thing to do is go ahead and get the baby. He was 7 lbs 7 oz. My blood pressure went back to normal almost immediately.

I went into labor on my own a week late with Jack. A friend of mine was due about a month after me. She was induced (for no medical reason) the same day I went into labor with Jack. From what I understand her labor was miserable. He wouldn't come down (duh, he wasn't ready!) so they used the suction to get him. :(

~hsingtreehouse~ May 15th, 2008 10:11 AM

I failed to mention that Bryce was suctioned because he was "sunny side up." He wouldn't come past my pelvic bone.

Retrocutie May 15th, 2008 10:13 AM

I hear ya!
With my first, he refused to consider an induction until I was 41 weeks and then it was scheduled for 42 weeks. Luckily I went into labor on my own the morning of the induction!
With my second, they said he'd be too big and wanted to schedule one, but I went on my own at 41 weeks and the same thing with my third. They said she'd be so big but was only 8 pounds 3 oz- they thought she'd be at least a pound heavier.

Edited to add that I'm seriously considering getting a midwife if I have more babies. I don't know about going med free though, I'm a chicken! haha!

Farmers-wife May 15th, 2008 10:35 AM


I hear ya!
With my first, he refused to consider an induction until I was 41 weeks and then it was scheduled for 42 weeks. Luckily I went into labor on my own the morning of the induction!
With my second, they said he'd be too big and wanted to schedule one, but I went on my own at 41 weeks and the same thing with my third. They said she'd be so big but was only 8 pounds 3 oz- they thought she'd be at least a pound heavier.

Edited to add that I'm seriously considering getting a midwife if I have more babies. I don't know about going med free though, I'm a chicken! haha![/b]

If I can do it, anyone can! Go to a Bradley class. You will feel so good after. It is totally awesome and amazing. I had 3 epidurals and 3 natural. I won't kid you, it hurts, but in an awesome way.

MissyPrincessEha May 15th, 2008 11:45 AM

I had a 9 1/2 pounder! And he was easier than my 8pound 91/2 ouncer!

Doing the work I do...I have seen where home deliveries have saved babies. I have seen things happen to babies in the hospital that would have never happened had they kept their hands out of it! Birth works! Even with severe complications I have seen it work. The caregiver has to be aware and use COMMON SENSE!

I would never come out of medical school and think that I knew how to catch babies. I feel they are ill prepared for real birth. And that is scary! I know way too much now. I guess I am ruined for medical birth. LOL!

Having said that, they do have their place!

They do it cause they can and they are afraid. OB's are some of the most fearful people I know.

Farmers-wife May 15th, 2008 12:08 PM

How would you have handled the mom of the teen pregnant girl? On the one hand, I can't imagine how they can plan this far ahead for a 36 week induction. On the other, what do I know? Maybe she has some weird misshapen pubic bone or something? What, if anything, should I say to her next time I see her?

MissyPrincessEha May 15th, 2008 12:28 PM

Well, I had a 15 year old deliver naturally in a rural arkansas hospital. The nurse came in maybe once or twice. Told the mama she was not in labor. MIND you they induced with cytotec! Ahhhhh! She labored all night, had like a birth center labor, minus the cytotec and was delivered quickly of a little girl. NO EPIDURAL! Just me and her SIL for the labor until the very end. Nurse even told her that when I killed her baby it would be my fault. Ya know, cause she was moving and a grooving in her labor. :lol: Dangerous stuff! But I thought she wasn't in labor. LOL!

Anywho, she had a very overbearing mama. One of the worst I have ever met. I did all of her classes at her MIL's house. And then at the birth her mother went home for some sleep and then wanted us to call her for the birth. UH NO! I had taken this mama free of charge and drove two hours each way, I knew she wanted a good birth, and I wanted to help her.

When she started pushing on her own in the room with just me I asked her do you want to call your mom? She yelled NO!

That is how I dealt with her. :lol:

Beautiful birth from a very able 15 year old. :) I hear she is 19 and expecting her second baby now. :)

I would have this mother call and talk to a doula or even a midwife. Get their take on childbirth in younger women. The truth is this, she can and will give birth okay. My 15 year old was a stick! She grew the perfect baby. Was told she wouldn't be able to nurse! Her boobs were too small....exact words. LOL! Gotta love AR. But she did for a little bit.

Young women need to be treated with respect and not like children. She needs to be the authority of her birth, whatever that is. She is in a position of great responsibility. She should be able to hear how great her body is. It WILL decide how she parents that child to be. If she has it all done for her and she is terrified she will have a harder time with the rearing of that child. She needs to know she is strong.

That is what I would tell her mother. That she must push away and allow her to grow early. That she should hear positive things! She needs to know she works, that she isn't broken. That she doesn't need to be saved. That her baby doesn't need to be saved from her body. Does that make sense?

Younger women who are first time mamas need 40-41 weeks if they can get it. The baby needs it. Regardless of the outcome, section or not. A forced birth at 36 weeks is going to make for a colicky baby that she finds even more difficult to parent. She will not find the joy of parenting this way. And if something happens from the induction and her baby is in the NICU how will they feel? Will the mother feel she almost killed her baby? That the doctors saved it? Gosh her heart!

Even with a strange pelvis, we DON'T know what will happen until we allow a TRIAL of labor! Every baby deserves that. And what if when she is older she does a complete turn around and wants natural births and her forced birth/section for failed induction at 36 weeks haunts her?

This is a GREAT parenting moment for this mama of the pregnant teen. She needs to uplift her. She needs to find out the truth!

Farmers-wife May 15th, 2008 01:17 PM

Wow! Thanks. I don't know how I will be able to convey all that to her. I may just copy your post and carry it to her, if that is ok with you. Awesome. Thanks again!

Miguelsmommy May 15th, 2008 08:35 PM

You guys make me so glad I had the dr. I had!!!!

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