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lpimentel May 8th, 2009 10:12 AM

A day, in the life of....
a homeschooler.. or week or month. What does your homeschool schedule look like?

lpimentel May 8th, 2009 11:11 AM

Re: A day, in the life of....
I wake up at 9 am cook breakfast send DH to work
8-11 Miguel wakes up

He does 2 pages of writing and spelling 'independently"
Then 2 pages of math together
Rest of the day is free time
8 pm DH reads SS and science to Miguel
9 pm he reads to 10 pm

we have 1-2 activities a week that replace that schedule. Next year we'll have 2-3 activities a week that interrupted our normal schedule along with scouts, and YMCA stuff.

grunig May 8th, 2009 11:26 AM

Re: A day, in the life of....
Ars Erudio Academy

7- DH and I get up to make coffee
7:30 ish the wee ones get up
8-Daddy is off to work and breakfast time for us
9-school starts with math, then grammar, writing and last history or Science depending on the day
11- lunch, then free time/nap time

This is all with the exception of Wed. during the school year when we have Co-op.

Now the afternoons are fun.....

Monday is Cub Scouts 7 and Tee Ball 5:30 (different kids)
Tues is Piano 3 and Karate 5
Wed is Co-op until 2:30, then Karate at 5
Thurs is Tee Ball at 5:30
Friday is Tee Ball at 5:30

Of course the sport changes seasonly and usually the sport played allows for practice on the same day. They teams were so full for tee ball I had to break them up this time though. Next year we may be dropping Karate and adding gymnastics in its place.

HeatherHomeschools May 8th, 2009 11:42 AM

Re: A day, in the life of....
The only things that are consistent are wake up times (7am for me 8:30am for the boys), meal times, reading every afternoon (2pm), and bedtime (9pm). Everything else is scattered in between those. It's very loosey goosey :D

Every other Thursday they have Lego Club. Third Fridays of the month we have Homeschool group meetings. Plus other field trips/outings that are scheduled for each month.

~hsingtreehouse~ May 8th, 2009 12:23 PM

Re: A day, in the life of....
Tree House Academy: Fall/Spring Schedule

We are way relaxed, but way busy.

On a "typical day" (with no activities scheduled), we get up whenever - at least by 9:30. The kids have breakfast while I check the boards, check e-mails, etc.

10ish am, Bryce comes to start school. We do math first - drill and flashcards, go over the lesson and then he gets to work. He sorts his work as to what he can do by himself and what he will need me for, and then gets to work on all that he can do by himself after math.

Meanwhile, Scotty comes in and we do school together. His subjects vary by day and I have the schedule in front of me that we follow. Bryce has his schedule that he follows pretty independently.

When Scotty finishes school (about 1-2 hours), Bryce is usually to a point where he needs my help...so we do that together. Bryce normally finishes school around 12 or 1 and the rest of the day is free for activities, extras, free play, etc.

Through the school year, our schedule is NUTS. With soccer or basketball that runs most of the school year (practicies and games), co-op classes from 12:30-3:30 on Thursdays, Geography classes on Tuesday evenings, "story hour for Scotty on Fridays, playdates with a friend on Mon or Tues, and then anything else that might come up...like my trips to the post office or our trips to the library, then church on Wednesday night.

Through the summer, Co-op stops, as do sports (we pick soccer back up at the end of summer). However, we do start 4-H (Bryce has a Lego class and a Civil War class) and do it through summer. This year, we are also gardening and raising chickens. :)

SUMMER Schedule:

Currently, Bryce is finishing his two weekd of school (May 15th is his last day of this school year - our 180 days for him). Scotty finished last Friday with "Kindergarten." So...for summer, the kids will do two subjects a day - everyday. We are doing Phonics, Language Arts, Math, Reading, and handwriting. Bryce's schedule varies a bit from Scotty's:


Monday: Math, Pentime

Tuesday: Language Arts, Explode the Code

Wednesday: Writing with Ease (Days 1 & 2), Math

Thursday: Language Arts, Pentime

Friday: Writing with Ease (Days 3 & 4), Explode the Code

Scotty: (he has to finish LLATL Blue...then he will just have 2 subjects a day as well)

Monday: LLATL Blue, Math, Cursive

Tuesday: LLATL Blue, LA, ETC Book 3 (2-4 pgs)

Wednesday: LLATL Blue, Phonics, Math

Thursday: LLATL Blue, LA, Cursive

Friday: LLATL Blue, Phonics, ETC Online

Both kids read at night before bed. Other than this, our summer days are free. And, of course, when Bryce is with his dad or at camp or something, we don't have school work. Just when they are home and really just to keep them "fresh."

For FUN, I bought CLE's music and art programs to do this summer as well. I plan to do it together with the kids and make it more of a "hey...lets learn about THIS" kind of thing than school work. We will see how that goes!

~Whew! That was probably way more info than you wanted. LOL

Butter May 8th, 2009 01:52 PM

Re: A day, in the life of....
Kids get up at 8 and do chores and eat breakfast and what not. We start school around 9 or 9:30. We eat lunch around 11 or 11:30. We finish school between 2 and 3.

docsmomma May 8th, 2009 02:49 PM

Re: A day, in the life of....
ours varies day by day depending on appointments and whatnot.

usually I get up at 8 AM and have 30 minutes for "me" doing whatever needs to be done before the kids get up.

David gets up at 8:30, makes his bed, gets dressed, and has breakfast. He does his chores. Melanie gets up at 9.

By 9:30 David is done with chores and Melanie is dressed and eating. We start David's math and he usually tells me "mommy, I can do this myself". once math is done we start language arts and phonics together. Melanie likes to join in for this. After this we break for morning snack. Melanie likes to help make snacks and David likes to play with Joey during this time. After snack Joey takes his nap and David and me do either science or history. I leave music and art up to him. by the time we finish history or science its time for lunch and David helps make lunch.

However on Wednesdays we go to clinic labs (this is changing though) so David does what he can and wants to do while I am at labs and Daddy is home and we do the rest when I get home. Starting in 2 weeks though I will draw labs myself and just drop them off up the street from us, so we'll be more "normal". Some thursdays we have to take lessons with us to Joey's chemo appointment. And this monday we are going to turn Disneyland into a field trip (we've found a way to make it "educational")

mrs_meyer May 8th, 2009 02:56 PM

Re: A day, in the life of....
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who takes a relaxed approach:)

I get up with dh at 5:00 am and make his lunch and breakfast, then I go back to bed by 6:00. It would be great and I'd get so much more done if I could just stay up, but then I'm dead to the world by 2:00, and I just can't get myself to get used to this schedule.

So, I'm back up by 8:00 or so with dd usually right behind me. Breakfast, animal chores (mostly for me, but dd sometimes helps), school by at least 10:00, but usually a little sooner. We do school off and on through-out the day ending by no later than 5:00. I let her have plenty of time to go outside or just play in general through-out the day so she is going between playing and schoolwork (I use her playtime to get house work done). She does better with this than trying to get it all done and then being free for the afternoon, which I would like better, but this is working for us for now.

We try to get her in bed by 9:00, but sometimes it is closer to 10:00 and we try to be in bed by 11:00.


4boys May 8th, 2009 05:36 PM

Re: A day, in the life of....
We get up, do breakfast and morning jobs for the kids anywhere between 8-9. Then we start school. The schedule changes every day:

Monday - Bible, math, writing/penmanship, piano lesson
Tuesday - reading, Science
Wednesday - Bible, math, storytime
Thursday - reading, journal, Explode the Code
Friday - Bible, Explode the Code, art/project

This usually takes us about an hour or hour and a half. By then it is soon time for making lunch. In the afternoons, there is free playtime, outside time, we read aloud together, snack time, little ones nap, etc. Then supper and the evening. We have no outside commitments currently and I like it that way.

JustAKrazymom May 8th, 2009 05:53 PM

Re: A day, in the life of....
well I am ashamed to say we've not gotten back to much structure since vacation..with all the stuff that we've dealt with since we got back..it just hasn't happened.

BUT this is or normal routine.

I am up at 6am to get Noah up,fed and off to school.

We ones are now up sometimes between 8-9. I typically like to get seatwork out of the way.. BUT well..that dones't always happen before we head outside..or to activities..we sometimes do night school ( after 7pm).
On a good day though lessons are done by11am..then we are outside or on nature walks or whatever.
for extra stuff..ack

Mon~acrobatics for Declan at 3:45
Tuesday~Karate for Noah at 6:15
Wednesday swim for Ziah and Declan at 4pm
Thursday Dance for Ziah at 10am,Karate for Declan at 5:15 and karate for Noah at 6:15
Friday Karate for Noah at 6:15.
Saturday dance for Ziah at 9,karate for Declan at 9 and karate for Noah at 10.

add in junior youth group for Noah 2 friday's a month and senior youth group for him 2 wednesday's a month.

for the summer we will be adding in dance for taejan..but there are only classes for 4 weeks total for dance..so a small break. Oh and I will be watching a friends kiddo everyday all summer long and then after school everyday and on half days,days off etc during the school year!

Oh and they go to bed between 7:30-8:30 during the nicer weather..

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