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lmunoz8517 April 23rd, 2010 09:22 AM

Thinking about homeschooling
I have been on and off the fence about homeschool vs public school for a while. just found out my son wont be getting the out of district transfer so I am going to homeschool because our school is not a good school. So anyway I have been looking at curriculums and so far I like the Horizons one the best. I like how I can buy the set with everything and then just get more workbooks for my other kids. Does anyone use this curriculum? How does it work for you and your child? Is there a better one out there? I think I want one with a bible study section if that makes since. The whole thing doesnt have to be Christian based but I would really like to have some Christian background. Thanks ladies!

BensMom April 23rd, 2010 11:30 AM

Re: Thinking about homeschooling
We have some here who use Horizons for math or reading or whatever, but I don't "think" we have anyone who uses it for all subjects. In my opinion, comparable curricula would be Abeka, Bob Jones University, LifePac, Rod & Staff or Sonlight (Sonlight sells different ones... including Horizons... but they also have their own). Horizons, especially math, tends to be way ahead of the game both in subject matter and pace. It is 1-2 years ahead of state standards usually, and 1 year ahead of most other homeschool curricula. If you have trouble, don't throw your hands up and think there's something wrong with you. Just backtrack a little or switch to another company. Abeka is a little advanced, BJU not so much, R&S is on the slow end, and I don't know about LifePac. Someone else may be able to comment on that one. All of these are Christian-based with all subject matter included if you buy a kit, or you can buy each subject separately. I *think* all have a Bible program if you're interested as well. I love Abeka's Bible program, but it's very expensive. Get it used if you can. I chose to skip it and use my own (although we have the material at church if I want to check it out from the library for later use). There are other companies out there, of course. Those are just the ones off the top of my head.

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