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KeriMomof2 June 18th, 2010 06:16 PM

What did your 2nd grader learn this year
Curious ....

What did your 2nd grader learn this year & what curriculum did you use?

& what are you planning to use for 3rd?

BensMom June 18th, 2010 09:04 PM

Re: What did your 2nd grader learn this year
I have one who started 2nd about 2 months ago (year round... 3 terms). We're almost finished with the first term and will take a break until Aug 16th. Here's what we're doing (which doesn't include phonics, because he's already finished ETC)...

Summer Term: Spectrum Reading 2 (for comprehension), Spectrum Geography 3 (just an overview... we didn't do the whole thing), finished HWT and then did some handwriting stuff from walmart, finishing up R&S 1st grade Math (got a late start) plus some other stuff (Sir Cumference series, manipulatives, etc.), Song School Latin, Abeka Health, and Bible

Fall Term: Miquon Math (starting over because it's a different type of curriclum... not sure how far we'll get in it... probably 3-4 books during the year?), Latin for Children A (this is 3rd grade), Seqential Spelling book 1, R&S English 2, Apologia Zoology 2, Mystery of History 1, Abeka Art 2, Instruments of the Orchestra (my own curriculum), Handwriting w/o Tears (yellow book), Bible

Spring Term: Everything's the same as Fall except Apologia Zoology part 3, we'll do books C & D of Early Reading Comprehension from Varied Subject Matter after we finish English (around April or so), and we'll switch from instruments to composers for music ... oh, and we'll also start a new 4 year Bible series in January

*edit* I haven't decided on handwriting for the spring yet. We'll either go back to Abeka cursive again or continue with HWT again. Depends how his handwriting looks by then.

JustAKrazymom June 19th, 2010 05:51 AM

Re: What did your 2nd grader learn this year
My 2n oldest just finished what the school would consider 2nd grade.

Math ~ He learned multiplication and long division as well as reviewed time,fractions, and such ( we use Singapore plus anything else we decide)

History~ We did another more in depth year of US History.. delving in deep to who our founding fathers were, more dates for more event etc..we used Abeka , History Pockets and Hands of a Child lapbooks

Language Arts~ Sentence structure,writing letters, writing paragraphs, punctuation, homonyms ,synonyms etc.. we used LLATL, BJU and various ebooks

Science~ We learned a different topic every 2 weeks.. insects,spiders,human body, plants,birds, koala's just to name a few.. for science we use a variety of resources

Geography~ We learned where all the states are located, we also did a small look at all the continents and some of their native wildlife. My kids also do Map Skills as part of geography/social studies

Reading~ We did various things. He used a book from barnes and noble for comprehension that was all factual reading, it was great. Plus we have a lot of ebooks on comprehension and such. Also he used Click n Read phonics.. just the few higher level lessons to help with his spelling really.

For art we did a lot of Draw,Write,Now.. which also covered some science, History and geography.. bonus.. and then How to teach art to children..fab book.

I feel like I missed something so I may be back..LOL

Miguels mommy June 19th, 2010 11:15 AM

Re: What did your 2nd grader learn this year
2nd grade
son-light 3 - SS, Reading (early American history)
Explode the code- spelling, writing
Classics - reading
math- Singapore math 3A-4A- Area, perimeter, volume, Area, geometry, time, fractions, money, capacity, weight (standard), length (standard), Numbers to 10,000 , Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Data Analysis, and The Four Operations of Whole Numbers
Science- My pals are here 3-6th

3rd grade
Science- Noeo Physics II & physics matters text
Singapore math- Singapore standard 4B - ?, Life of fred- fractions - ?
English- daily grams, sequential spelling 1, free reading, Excellence in writing,
Social studies - the history of US
Art / dance- Saturday art
Robotics- Jr. first lego league
P.E. - Bowling, Karate, swimming

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