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in_mommy July 27th, 2010 03:17 PM

Trying Tuesday
What are you finding to be the most trying part of homeschooling right now??

*~Amber~* July 27th, 2010 03:32 PM

Re: Trying Tuesday
All of the planning, I am trying to prepare things to get started in the next couple of weeks and it is becoming a bit overwhelming.

BensMom July 27th, 2010 03:44 PM

Re: Trying Tuesday
The kids. :mellow:






Just kidding! I don't know, really. Compared to this time last year, homeschooling is a BREEZE!

mommyof2princesses July 27th, 2010 04:08 PM

Re: Trying Tuesday
Getting everything done. It isn't that we have that much to do, but sometimes I get lazy and just want to sit on the computer all day, or watch a show on tv. If I start out my morning by avoiding these things we have a smoother day!

christianmommato3 July 27th, 2010 09:32 PM

Re: Trying Tuesday
just trying to finish up lesson plans. 2 subjects left and then done for the first month :)
also I am trying to get all organized. I changed how I had things so bought some stuff and getting organized!

Miguels mommy July 28th, 2010 03:54 PM

Re: Trying Tuesday
Planning for co-op classes! This is my first semester teaching and I'm taking on 5 classes.

Sandra314 July 28th, 2010 06:31 PM

Re: Trying Tuesday
For me its looking over our books, planning out our calendar year(which I finished today), making lesson plans and getting the home in order before for our first week.

I have been studying our Geography book " Galloping the Globe" and finding books we can add to it as a resource. I am planning out our schedule for our Nature Studiies. Sometimes I feel like there is not enough hours in the day for me to work it out but I know I will.

BensMom July 28th, 2010 08:59 PM

Re: Trying Tuesday

Originally Posted by Miguels mommy (Post 21013944)
Planning for co-op classes! This is my first semester teaching and I'm taking on 5 classes.

Have you lost your mind?! :lol:

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