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BensMom April 25th, 2011 04:58 PM

What does your typical day and/or week look like?
Great question from one of our new members, so I thought I'd pull it out into a new post. Describe what your school day looks like and what other activities you have going on during the week. The concept of homeschooling is very foreign to some people, and they may not realize that everyone's schedule looks completely different. Most of us don't "school at home" from 8 to 3 like PS's do, but a lot of the general public assumes we do (at least, that's been my experience).

Kimberlee April 25th, 2011 07:22 PM

Re: What does your typical day and/or week look like?
I have a kinder and am a newbie myself so I am always changing and adjusting right now!:rolleyes:

BUT.....a typical day is.......
I run a family daycare and we do learning activities around 11am for about 30 min. At this time, I offer Delaney learning activities she can do pretty much on her own so I can also work with my other kids more. We often read books during this time too. If she completes her work fast, she heads to the computer for some learning activities on Time 4 learning.

After lunch we do a craft or coloring page of some sort.

During naps is when we work on the rest of the things she hasn't completed. This takes about another 20-30 min. It could be more worksheets that needs more one on one or reading/writing or a learning game or doing the computer work if she didnt' get to it earlier.

Once a week we do library and we do a science lesson either on T4L or hands on.

The rest of the day is filled with games and outside/inside play, etc. The times we actually do the activities varies and is broken up but, in general, we do about an hour to an hour and 1/2 total with everything all rolled up. I know this is WAY more than most kindergarteners, so when we get a lovely day and don't want to do anything, we skip if needed. And sometimes we will finish work in the evening or even on a weekend. I rather love the flexibility!! It works well with our schedule and for her too as her learning is broken up and she doesn't get so antsy.

TaraJo29 April 25th, 2011 07:25 PM

Re: What does your typical day and/or week look like?
Right now our boys (ages 6 & 7) get up at 7:30 or 8 and take showers while I'm still sleeping / slowly waking up. Then they go in the school room and play video games on the computer or watch a cartoon quietly until breakfast is ready. So I get up and make breakfast while they are doing that. We eat breakfast, I clean up the table or ask them to, tell them to go brush teeth and finish getting dressed (someone inevitably is running around in their undies :smile:). By this time the 2 yo & 4 yo are up and may be eating breakfast at the table while I get out our school work. Sometimes we start with the math, writing, etc, and sometimes we go in the living room and I sit in my recliner while I do the read-aloud subjects (science book, bible story book, history book). Sometimes I have one boy do their math sheet at the table in the other room while I listen to the other boy "read me a story" (reading) in the living room. We barely ever do everything in the same order 2 days in a row, but I might start trying to more so we can move along quicker.

While the boys are doing their work my 4 yo is either doing her "stool work" (school work, i.e. her preschool workbook), or doing pbskids on the computer, or I tell her to go upstairs and play in her room so she's not a distraction. The 2 yo I keep occupied as best I can by saying "go see daddy" (lol), or giving him a snack, cartoons, or sending him upstairs to play with his sister.

We break for lunch around 12 or 1 and after lunch we may do a little more school (usually not more than an hour and a half), at which point I'm falling asleep every day. School time ceases when mommy is falling asleep, sometimes in the middle of a subject, especially if we are doing read-alouds last. lol Then the kids can all watch a movie together while I take a nap, then they often go outside to play until dinner.

BensMom April 25th, 2011 08:07 PM

Re: What does your typical day and/or week look like?
Our day will completely change in the Fall, because I'll be adding Daniel to the mix, but for now, it's just Ben. Daniel's doing "preschool", if you could call it that. It's mostly just Leapfrog DVD's, reading board books, etc. Occasionally, he'll get in a school mood and beg for workbooks (HWT, ETC, and/or Kumon). Otherwise, he mostly just plays. He'll start a relaxed kinder in the Fall. I don't like to start structure until 1st grade.

For Ben (some 2nd, some 3rd):

Dh gets up around 6:30 and leaves around 8. Everyone else gets up around 7:30 (although Ben sometimes sleeps until 8). After saying bye to dad, we have breakfast, sometimes get dressed (unless we have no plans), and kinda lounge around a bit. I'll either check email or watch a DVR'd episode of Jeopardy (kids like Jeopardy).

Around 9, we start school. Daily activities are language arts (which varies, but always includes handwriting & Latin ... sometimes includes English, vocab, reading comprehension, creative writing and/or spelling), math, and Bible. Things that are done every other day or every week are science & social studies. Unless we have a special project planned, we almost always finish school by 10:30. (Daniel's either watching DVDs, playing, reading books, or occasionally being a punk and interrupting us.) Lunch is at 11. Daniel is supposed to nap after lunch, but he's transitioning out of naps right now, so that's unpredictable.

Usually we do (not all on the same day):
  • Bible - together - 5 minutes
  • Handwriting - alone - could take 3 minutes, could take an hour ... depends on his attitude and effort
  • Reading comp - alone - 10-15 minutes in the summer only
  • Math - IXL (for review and speed) is alone and Miquon (for new learning) is together - sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 30 ... depends on attitude, attention span, and newness of the lesson (he hates math most of the time)
  • Latin - usually alone unless we're discussing derivatives or translations (he has a DVD teacher) - 5 minutes
  • Spelling - together - 5 minutes
  • English - together - 5 minutes
  • History - usually alone (we have the book and the audio), but we'll do the activities together
  • Science - together - usually about 20-30 minutes ... occasionally an hour, but we usually break it into 2 days if it'll take that long

On rare occasions, I'll throw in some art work, but he usually hates art. We'll do some as part of history or science once in a while, though.

Tue and Wed are our short days. We do minimal school work on those days because we have other things to do (bowling league, therapy, church). Sometimes we have science classes on Mondays, so those are short days, too. We try to schedule field trips on days we're not doing anything, but it depends what's best for the group. Usually, we'll have Mon, Thur, and/or Fri free to do a ton of school work and house work. On those days, we usually do get to every subject, and we'll work 2+ hours. He doesn't mind as long as we split it before and after lunch so he gets a break.

Afternoons and evenings are ALWAYS free time. No homework ever. I'm not opposed to homework. We just haven't found it to be necessary. The farther he gets in school, the more I'll require independent work, which may involve researching a topic, studying for a test, or typing a report. He's not ready for that yet.

Frackel April 26th, 2011 12:02 AM

Re: What does your typical day and/or week look like?
Our days aren't really structured, lol. But I can give a basic rundown of some of the things we do-although almost all of these things vary day by day.
My kids are Alexis-6th grade, Alyssia-4th grade and Leo-1st grade.

5-7am-The kids wake up and get themselves breakfast. Sometimes I cook it too, but they're not huge on that sort of breakfast to be honest, they prefer simple stuff and quick stuff-fruit, cereals and that sort of thing. They don't like "heavy" foods for breakfast.
They don't start doing *any work until at least 8-9 am. Before that they usually either watch tv/movies, or play-whatever they want. They just aren't prepared to work any earlier, usually. If they get up and wake me extra early-I give them work to do ;) Because I'm a mean mommy :p Nah usually I just give them some review stuff, or even little things to do, to prepare them for the day's lesson(s).

The rest there really is no set time frame..But my goal is to keep it in the 3-4hour range as best I can.
The first thing they always do daily is silent reading. That usually lasts anywhere from 30mins to an hour. Minimum is 30 mins though-it's one strict rule I always make sure they abide by if we're home.

The subjects we work on *every day(this is barring any appointments, not being home, etc..)-(these are for *each kiddo)
Math-This takes a minimum of 30 mins, it can easily last an hour or more though. It depends entirely on what they are currently working on. Alyssia breezes through her math with very little to no instruction. Alexis is doing Algebra and sometimes needs some guidance, a bit more than Alyssia needs, but for the most part she gets it just by reading the book. She prefers to *not be instructed. It's working for her, so I don't mind, lol. It wasn't that way at first, but it is now. Leo needs my direct instruction and he needs me to be right there helping him for most things. At least the very first time he's working on a subject, he needs me right there the whole time. Plus I need to read all of the instructions for him anyway. He *can read, but not necessarily well enough to understand all of the instructions right.
Language arts-This(in total) takes a minimum of 1 hour. For the girls LA consists of; literature, reading, spelling vocabulary, composition, GUM(grammar, usage, mechanics). They have foreign language too(we're doing spanish this year) but I don't include it in their LA.
Leo's LA consists of; phonics, spelling, literature, vocabulary,reading. He does minimal spanish as well.
The girls do most of their LA on their own. The books we have are VERY self explanatory and easy for them to follow. Leo does all of his LA with me, unless it's silent reading.
We all work on the Spanish together-though Leo does a bit less than the girls, the girls are on the same level with Spanish. Leo is more at a beginner stage, or even a pre-beginning stage. We never spend more than 30 mins max on this though. Usually more like 10-15mins.

The other subjects we do, I alternate as best I can, unless there's a specific reason we need to do something(or just want to).
They all have history, geography, science, art, music, technology, health and phys ed.
Music is done all together as is art, technology, health, phys ed. and occasionally science as well.
Some days we are finished in only a couple of hours, some days it takes us all day 5+ hours even. It really depends on what it is we're working on. *Most days, we fall in the 3-4 hour range area. But this also includes doubling up on some things, or going back and reviewing things when I notice they aren't really getting something, or seem to have forgotten something. Sometimes I have to double up because they, well their curriculum is a year ahead of where they were in school. This was more frequent(doubling) when we first started in December. Now, for the most part, they are caught up with their curriculum so it's not as big an issue. If we're having a particularly long day they get an hour break thrown in there. At least an hour, sometimes more. That doesn't include lunch and/or dinner-those are pretty obvious breaks.

Before they go to bed, they have to read for 30 mins as well. Sometimes we all read together and sometimes not. Sometimes the girls will take turns reading out loud for all 3 of them. Leo doesn't like reading to the girls though.

We also do some work on weekends. Especially on weeks when one or more school days have been particularly short for whatever reason. It's not a ton, but some basic and light work. Like this week for example, we have testing monday through thursday. Alyssia had reading today and has math wednesday. Alexis has reading tomorrow and math on thursday. So this weekend we'll do a bit of work to ensure we don't get off track.
My kids go to bed at 7:30-well they start getting ready at 7:30(this is after silent reading most nights, but sometimes before). Usually they're all asleep by 9 at the latest. I don't do "homework" or anything like that. Once our school day is over.. it's over. That's not to say I don't still ask them questions or work any of our current subjects into whatever it is we/they may be doing. But we do not do any sit down type work once we've finished.

The Studious Mrs P. April 26th, 2011 07:02 AM

Re: What does your typical day and/or week look like?
No precise schedule at this point. Between breakfast and morning snack I do whatever can be done with a 2yo running around (usually non-core/content subjects). From snack until lunch they have free play while I get other things done. After lunch the 2yo naps and I do whatever school really needs to be done without distraction (usually the core and skill subjects). Then it's more free play while I either squeeze in some quiet time for myself (if it's still nap time) or return to other work. We don't partake of co-ops and such.

Lynn87 April 26th, 2011 08:01 AM

Re: What does your typical day and/or week look like?
Logan is doing a mix of K and 1st grade. We usually start at about 10ish.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays:
Language Arts K, Math K, History & Geography 1st grade, Science 1st grade

Tuesdays and Thursdays:
Language Arts K, Math K, Bible 1st grade, Handwriting and an art project on either day.

....and he still wants to do more, but this is the schedule for now!

christianmommato3 April 26th, 2011 08:15 PM

Re: What does your typical day and/or week look like?
I don't have an exact start time. We start whenver mommy gets up which is whenever he 3 yr old wakes up. We do the exact order of subjects each day.

Miguels mommy April 26th, 2011 08:25 PM

Re: What does your typical day and/or week look like?
Miguel has finished most of his stuff but his new schedule is will be MBTP 1-2 lessons a day/ three days a week it takes anywhere from 15 min. to 1.5 hours usually we are curled up in bed. We still haven't added life if fred back and have not decided which grade level to start at.

Alison79 April 26th, 2011 08:34 PM

Re: What does your typical day and/or week look like?
This year was our test year for our 5 year old and our schedule will change next year when Evelyn isn't in pre-school anymore. Right now it's something like this:

MBTP (LA/Science/Social studies theme curriculum) in the morning
Math & Spelling during the little kids nap time
Handwriting while I make dinner - all the kids either work on writing or coloring depending on age.

Pre-school in the morning
Math in the afternoon
German dance class at night

Gymnastics in the AM
Spelling in the afternoon
Handwriting in the evening

Preschool in the AM
Park day/Co op in the afternoon

MBTP in the AM
Math, spelling, handwriting in the afternoon

Saturday is our library day - my favorite day of the week :)
We do some school work since those are the days both DH And I are home. We tend to save the activities that need one on one instruction or are more involved for the weekends.
We also host an art class once a month where several families come over and we do a project together.

Our schedules are a little unusual - I work from home during normal business hours and DH works second shift. So, he does morning lessons and I do the afternoon/evening time. So far it has worked really well. We spend about 1-2 hours most days doing formal instruction, but most of our activities are incorporated to what we are learning.

mommybugnbugga April 28th, 2011 07:44 AM

Re: What does your typical day and/or week look like?
We keep a pretty tight schedule when doing school work. It sounds horrible and sometimes seems to take away the "luxury" of homeschooling, however my dd is high functioning autistic and if we deviate from the "routine" it sends her into complete meltdown mode for several hours sometimes days before she can focus on school again. But on average our typical day is:

8:00 am - take ds to preschool then come home and dd has breakfast
9:00 am - start school
12:30 pm - if all of her school work is finished, dd leaves with her ABA therapist and returns around 4:00 pm, if not she will remain here until school work is finished

Tuesdays are generally a little wacky as she has OT that day as well. So we generally do school from 9-10 am then go to OT and her ABA therpist meets us for lunch and she finishes up her school work that afternoon with her ABA therapist.

Every evening, dh and dd work on flash cards for math and/or latin. Generally we hold all science expeirments until he gets home and does those with her. It is his way of being involved with her school work.

Our typical school time schedule is:

Math (about 30 minutes)
Social Studies (about 20 minutes)
English (about 15 minutes)
Latin (about 30-45 minutes...mainly because she wants to do sooo much with latin, it is her favorite subject)
Spelling (about 10 minutes)
Handwriting (about 10 minutes)
Science (about 10 minutes unless we are doing an experiment)

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