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aect-mama July 10th, 2012 04:44 PM

Homeschooling on bed rest? with newborns?
Hi there. :waves: I'm Audrey. I've been lurking in here for a while. Been thinking about the possibility of homeschooling my kids for a while and now that my oldest is ready for pre-k I feel like I need to make a decision.

But..... I'm pregnant with twins right now and it's a very high risk pregnancy. Bed rest is pretty much guaranteed and once the twins get here I'll definitely have my hands full. So I'm wondering if I should send her to preschool this year and start homeschooling in a year or two or if I should attempt to start homeschooling now or just skip pre-school all together.

From my lurking it seems like most of you take a break for a while with a newborn in the house. It makes me wonder if it makes any sense at all to start something now knowing we'll be interuppted in a few months, possibly for a looooong time.

Anyone homeschooled their older kids while on bed rest? How did you make it work? I'm probably going to be hiring a mother's helper pretty soon. Do you think it would be fair to ask someone else to take on homeschooling my kids for a while?

My kids are 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 and I'm due in January.

Any imput would really be appreciated. :)

bookworm16_2000 July 10th, 2012 05:02 PM

Re: Homeschooling on bed rest? with newborns?
I don't know much but while I was on bed rest with my pregnancy, DD watched a lot of educational DVD's! That's why I'm starting to homeschool her in August :) She learned her numbers, colors, shapes, alphabet, and sounds just by watching Preschool Prep DVD's and practicing topics with me.

I think if you're comfortable with it, go ahead and start homeschooling! For pre-k they don't learn much (it's less academics and more social behaviors) and if you take time off to adjust with the twins it will be fine. It depends on your state's requirements, do they require a certain number of hours each year, starting at what age, proof of what you're doing... For us, Arizona doesn't care if they learn anything until 7, and even then, it's just a letter of intent. So we are just playing school a couple of days a week in a pre-k/k mixture. It's nice to hear from another pre-k mommy who wants to homeschool! The ladies on this board are wonderful, they can help you out with any questions you might have!

2pinks&ablue July 10th, 2012 07:04 PM

Re: Homeschooling on bed rest? with newborns?
My children are 4.5 (5 in September), 3.5, and barely one. I'm due in September with our fourth. In the beginning of this pregnancy I was on "strict rest", basically meaning I was allowed up for 30 minutes at a time, and we were able to continue with our schooling. With preschool, it really doesn't take long (I don't think we've spent more than an hour and a half on any day so far, and that would be a day with games/crafts).

I planned to take a month long (at least) break when this baby arrives, but I don't think my big kids will allow it :lol: If we go a couple of days without "school" they're asking for it! So I'll probably just go with a more relaxed plan for a month or two, or pass some of the schooling off to my hubby.

BensMom July 10th, 2012 09:17 PM

Re: Homeschooling on bed rest? with newborns?
It's crazy, but I actually started preschool at home with my oldest right after having 3 surgeries in 2 months with a newborn. :lol: My 2nd was born via c/s (easy), then 6 weeks later I had a hysterectomy (laparoscopic), and then a few days after that, I had major emergency surgery (6 inch scar) to repair my bladder, which was accidentally damaged during the hyst. I had a cathether for 2 weeks, was not allowed to lift anything heavier than a wallet for 4 weeks, and was mostly on the couch for about 3 months ... with a newborn and 3 year old! Not sure how we got through it, but we did.

Little guys really don't need a lot of structured learning time. I did Bible stories, reading books together, spelling simple words with refrigerator magnets or wooden puzzle letters, PBS shows, and things like that. Formal, classroom preschool just helps children prepare for public kindergarten (standing in line, taking turns, raising hand, etc.). All of those are things you can - and should - certainly teach at home, but they're skills a child learns through normal life experiences at the grocery store, library, church, or whatever. Besides, preschools are breeding grounds for all kinds of germs, which you won't want brought home to newborns.

There really is a ton you can do while on bedrest, and in fact, I think it would really help with bonding to keep all the children home with you. Letting an older child be a "big helper" boosts pride and confidence, and it teaches the importance of being generous with your time to others. I know some people feel like it's better to send an older one off to preschool, but my son did that very briefly, and it was a disaster for us. Kids don't want to be pushed away, especially that young.

Sorry... didn't mean to write a novel. :lol: I just think you should go with the flow. Every day is a learning experience, and you'll be teaching no matter whether you call it homeschooling or not. "School" lessons can be learned in the kitchen, in the backyard, at the grocery store, or just talking back and forth in the car. Arts & crafts or educational TV can keep a child busy while you need a break to take a shower or something, and an older child loves having "important" responsibilities (like yelling at you in the shower if a baby cries or a phone rings). You'll get into a groove and say to yourself, "so this is how women have managed for centuries!" ... especially if you end up hiring a helper, too. (And yes, that helper will probably want to help with the schooling, because it'll look good on their resume later.)

mamaginger July 10th, 2012 09:21 PM

Re: Homeschooling on bed rest? with newborns?
Well I'll have a newborn mid-year of my first homeschooling experience and bed rest is a possibility for me too since I'm at risk for preeclampsia again. I guess we may wait and have our Christmas break later in December and into January. Maybe that'll give me enough time. The beauty of homeschool is you can spread it out and do it year round if you have to! My son LOVED 4K. He went to a local public school where a good friend of mine was his teacher. It was only 7:45 - 10:45 each day and he really learned a lot in a fun way. He HATED 5K and 1st grade once it went to all-day and mostly sitting still listening or doing worksheets......hence our decision to homeschool this year. Hope you have peace with your decision and WOW twins!! :)

aect-mama July 10th, 2012 10:38 PM

Re: Homeschooling on bed rest? with newborns?
Thank you! I feel so much better knowing it's possible and been done before. :)

People have been telling me to just send them both to preschool this year to give myself the "break". I know they're trying to be helpful but I really really hate that idea. Especially for my son. He wouldn't last 5 minutes in a typical preschool classroom without a meltdown. (His first Sunday in a new church nursery just proved that to me the other day :rolleyes:) He's definitely not ready for preschool.
My daughter definitely is ready. Maybe even for some first grade stuff and I don't want to hold her back.

I think I may try moving their craft table into my bedroom this week and seeing how much I can manage to do with them while lying on my left side. :p


Sorry... didn't mean to write a novel. :lol:
Don't apologize. You made some great points. I enjoyed reading your novel. ;)

I'm sure I'll have more questions later....

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