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HappyMamaBear July 22nd, 2006 11:00 AM

I was just curious. I am going through a bit of a rough patch. I have been home with my children for 7 years. My husband has a weekend shift at work ....so he works Friday, Saturday & Sunday 4-4 and I work M-th from 6-2. This works really well for us because one of us is always with our children and my husband is just as much a part of their homeschooling as I am. My children do not wake up until about 10a.m. each day, so there are not many hours that they miss me in a day. The problem I am having is that all of the moms in our homeschooling groups are sahms. This is not a bad thing..but a lot of times it's my husband taking the kids to the play dates etc....so whenever I am able to go to get togethers...I find myself getting the cold shoulder.... I don't understand it?? At work most of the women are nice..but I get the typical responses to me homeschooling and then the moms that homeschool are acting weird....I am stuck between a rock and hard place. :confused: I was just curious if anyone else worked and homeschooled and how it's working for them. Thanks. :smile:

Miguelsmommy July 22nd, 2006 07:19 PM

I Homeschool and attend School. I get crazy responces from my family, People at school and anyone around.

KarateMom July 22nd, 2006 08:34 PM

Hi, Happy*Mama*Bear, and welcome to the forum! Glad that you're here and I hope that you'll stay around with us!
I'm so sorry that you're experiencing such weirdness from your homeschooling group. (Is weirdness a word?) I don't understand why they would act cold you just because you're not the one that brings the kids all the time. How long have you been going to that group? Is there possibly another group that you could join? How do they treat your husband when he takes them?
I wish I had some advice, but I don't really have anything to offer. I hope that things get better for you!
And again, :welcome:

MissyPrincessEha July 23rd, 2006 05:24 PM

I work...and my work load is getting heavier with time. My husband and I work it out where he or I are with the kids. And from time to time with a sitter. We are not in a homeschool group but not opposed to it. They have so many little friends and we have not settled down in our forever home town yet.

I am sorry you are having this experience. I too am super sensitive to what emotions and feelings others put off. And I HATE how that cold shoulder vibe feels. *sigh*

Your welcome here and we are some warm and sweet gals here. :)

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