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BensMom October 31st, 2012 08:01 PM

Did you trick or treat tonight?
We have church on Wednesdays, so we barely made it home in time to see a few houses with lights still on. I think the kids probably visited 7-8 houses before heading to bed. They were thrilled. :) Ben was Batman, and Daniel was a black Angry Bird. :lol:

This is one of the only things I miss about my days in early elementary. I went to a teeeeeeny tiny school (12 kids in my entire grade), and we didn't have ToT'ing, so the school had a halloween carnival every year. There were haunted classrooms, games like ring toss, etc. I wish my kids could experience something like that. :( The schools here don't have it, anyway, so it's not like it's a PS vs. HS thing.

docsmomma November 1st, 2012 12:18 AM

Re: Did you trick or treat tonight?
We tried. But almost no one in our neighborhood participates, and since daddy got home late we couldnt go to my old neighborhood. So we took them to the 4 houses with a light on, then treated them to a trip to the store to get a new board game. While there they got to pick a candy they wanted.

Frackel November 1st, 2012 01:10 AM

Re: Did you trick or treat tonight?
Nope, because of the storm Trick or Treat was moved to Saturday here. So we'll go then.
I wouldn't want to be out today(well yesterday now I guess) anyway. It was freezing, super windy and rainy. If we weren't so wet and the lake so warm, it would have been snow and ice.

Not that we haven't had a Halloween with snow before, we've had lots. But it was just icky out, still remnants of Frankenstorm working their way through here.

optimisticmom8 November 1st, 2012 01:12 AM

Re: Did you trick or treat tonight?
I didnt get time unfotunately, I would have loved to take out the kids, but got home late from work.

ultrarun71 November 1st, 2012 07:08 AM

Re: Did you trick or treat tonight?
My girls went out trick or treating. They had a friend join them this year. Only 7 houses in our neighborhood of 21 gave out candy. My husband took them to a larger neighborhood for about an hour. Emelie was a goth vampire, which she has been working on me for 2 years to let her be something scary. I gave in since she is 12 and only has 2 years left to trick or treat. Susie was a cute cheetah. They had hot chocolate and traded candy until almost 10:00 PM. They both had a really good time.

2pinks&ablue November 1st, 2012 08:37 AM

Re: Did you trick or treat tonight?
We went, and it rained a lot, but we had a great time anyway! SIL and I went together and took all of the kids except Hannah, she was dressed up but stayed home with Daddy to hand out treats. We had a princess, a Ninja Turtle, and a monkey and SIL had a Carebear and Strawberry Shortcake :)

Irish_Wristwatch November 1st, 2012 10:57 AM

Re: Did you trick or treat tonight?
the kids went to like 5 houses and then came home, it was raining and cold, they werent having fun :( poor boys, they sure looked cute dressed up though

kalis November 1st, 2012 01:57 PM

Re: Did you trick or treat tonight?
Thea stayed home with Daddy while I went to church to get ready for Trunk or Treat and he took her around our neighborhood. Then they went to the nursing home where one of Thea's great-grandmas lives. Then they came up to see me at Trunk or Treat. And I took her last Thursday to trick or treat at out local community college. (We also had a huge nighttime parade over the weekend - we have an excess of candy!)

Erin.minus.thyroid November 1st, 2012 09:04 PM

Re: Did you trick or treat tonight?
yes and it was great. the weather was perfect! DS got a bucketful of candy which he was kind enough to share with DH and I (well a few pieces anyway). DS was a Mad Scientist (he is super into science right now) and DD was a tiny purple octopus (we were short on time for costumes and this one looked cute)

2Corinthians10:4 November 4th, 2012 08:45 AM

Re: Did you trick or treat tonight?
Yes, I know I'm late but we went. Dh's unit put on a trunk-or-treat so we went there first and invited a friend and her two boys whose husband is gone training. The plan was to go to the trunk-or-treat at about 3:00, leave at about 4:30 for dinner, and be home in time to trick-or-treat by 5:30 when it was scheduled to start. Yea it didn't happen. We left trunk-or-treat at our planned time but traffic was horrible because of a couple wrecks, and it ended up taking us 2.5 hours to go 4 miles down the road to the restaurant. Luckily trick-or-treating was going on until 9:00 because we didn't get done with dinner until 7:00. But since we live in military housing everyone really gets into it. They all sit outside with their candy and a few of them do a theme decoration and put on a little show for the kids. One guy was dressed as pinhead and scaring all the older kids (most of the older kids in our area are really rude for some reason), but when Dd came up and realized she had to pass him to get the candy she was perfectly fine with not getting candy at that house. He didn't take off his mask, but he told her he wasn't real and shook her hand so she wouldn't be scared to get the candy.

Frackel November 5th, 2012 02:50 AM

Re: Did you trick or treat tonight?
We went on Saturday. It was freezing, windy and rained the whole time. But the kids had a blast anyway. Leo went as a ninja, Alyssia a purple witch and Alexis went in a hunting outfit, but she had to carry a plastic gun instead of a real one :p

They got a lot of candy, surprisingly. They won't eat even half of it though, we've actually got a box of it ready to ship off to some friends who don't get to go TOT because they're stuck in a hospital. Hardly anyone was out trick or treating and even less were handing out candy. Didn't stop the kids from having fun though.
There should be a law against trick or treating in the daylight :p It was 4-6. I just can't used to not trick or treating in the dark, like we did growing up.
There's a town near us that does it in the middle of the day (like 12-2 I think) and always on a Saturday before Halloween. It's the most inconvenient time for TOT I've ever seen, lol.

Irish_Wristwatch November 5th, 2012 06:07 AM

Re: Did you trick or treat tonight?
is it an american thing to have set times for trick or treating? never in my life have i heard that you must trick or treat between X and Y time until i started using JM and made some US friends, it seems pretty common for them, but i think its super bizarre!

2Corinthians10:4 November 5th, 2012 09:28 AM

Re: Did you trick or treat tonight?
I don't know if any other countries do it but I think it really depends on the county/community here. For example the military community we live in set it for 5:30-9:00 here but I think the county (I don't know if we have counties in Hawaii or just islands) had it set for like 5:30-8:00 I think.

I personally like having set times because it keeps people from ringing my doorbell at ridiculous hours (like I remember happening when I was a kid).

Frackel November 5th, 2012 11:48 AM

Re: Did you trick or treat tonight?
That's exactly why communities set times. So that children(more likely teens, or even adults) aren't ringing bells or knocking on doors at all hours, be it day or night. It would seem silly to just say "Trick or treat is such and such day" and not set a time frame pretty much anywhere in the US. That would mean, to many, it's open all day, and all night. That wouldn't sit well in most communities.

It USED to last a lot longer than it does now. Now, this town and most around it, only allow for 2 hours. Which, if you knew where I live, you'd realize is a ridiculous time frame. We live just on the outskirts of the actual town. Houses aren't necessarily too far apart, on my street, but they start to get further and further apart and you hit more rural area. You won't get far no matter how old you are, in that short of a time frame. Even if you drive around(which bothers the crap out of me, I wish people would just park and walk, then drive alittle more if they need to. Driving everywhere is annoying to everyone else out(no sidewalks). The police around here will make certain you're not going to be able to even make it to 2mph much less anything more than that, though lol. Not to mention I happen to live in an area full of older people, not many families(who are more likely to pass out things to begin with). It's just not reasonable. It used to be a 3-4 hr block, but it's not now, no one really knows why.

All that said, my kids love trick or treating, even though they don't eat the candy and may end up walking a few blocks without finding one person handing anything out, lol. So it's not all bad.

There are quite a few countries, and even towns in the US that don't do trick or treat at all.

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