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BensMom March 15th, 2013 07:07 AM

Homeschool Regulation
Do you think there should be more or less homeschool regulation?

Do you think all states should have the same regulations?

2pinks&ablue March 16th, 2013 04:10 PM

Re: Homeschool Regulation
In my area, I think the regulations are a good balance. It's enough to regulate parents who actually aren't willing to put the time into homeschooling, but not enough to discourage parents who are. I do think that country wide regulations would be easier though, especially for people moving to other states/provinces.

Genipher March 16th, 2013 05:10 PM

Re: Homeschool Regulation
I agree that if every state had the same regulations, it would make it easier when families had to move.

I also think there should be some regulation. But not any more than what they require in public schools. I also think that if a family homeschools, they shouldn't have to pay any taxes toward the public schools.

Irish_Wristwatch March 17th, 2013 07:42 AM

Re: Homeschool Regulation
I think it would be great if the regulations were the same nation wide, it would certainly help out families that have to move states/provinces

here the regulations arent too strict or relaxed, so im pretty happy with them.

Genipher March 17th, 2013 09:33 AM

Re: Homeschool Regulation
I said earlier that it would be easier, for moving purposes, if each state had the same homeschooling regulations. While that may be true, I've realized that I wouldn't want the federal government to be in charge of such an endeavor.

BensMom March 17th, 2013 09:59 PM

Re: Homeschool Regulation
I agree! I don't really like the government being in charge of anything education-related, actually.

That said.....

Yes, it would be easier if all states had the same regulations, but then again, I like that each state is able to make up its own mind about things like this. I honestly LOVE being in Texas where we're not regulated as far as homeschooling goes, BUT I do think there should be a tiny bit of regulation in place. I'd like to see all states require registration, simply for statistical purposes and to keep up with families who are neglecting their kids, and I think that some sort of accountibility should be in place - with a family's choice of testing or portfolio. Testing would be a simple, easy way for most kids to show they're progressing, but a portfolio option is also wonderful for kids who, for whatever reason, can't test (special needs, etc.).

therevslady March 19th, 2013 07:01 AM

Re: Homeschool Regulation
I think that low regulation is good. I really like what we have here: a letter of intent along with attendance records, basic coverage of core topics, and that's it. I sort of think attendance records are a joke sometimes, but it helps keep families accountable a little bit. That's not a completely bad thing. I would be very angry if the government told me exactly what to do with my kids. They are my children, and I am responsible for their wellbeing and education.

bookworm16_2000 March 19th, 2013 11:14 AM

Re: Homeschool Regulation
In Arizona all I have to do is submit a notorized form stating I will instruct the kids in LA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. There are no requirements beyond that! For me, I don't mind the vagueness because I will make the choices that work best for my kids but it is really easy to let kids fall through the cracks without testing or portfolios. I think there should be a bit of uniformity with requirements for homeschoolers (and school in general) to help children who move.

LABs March 19th, 2013 12:03 PM

Re: Homeschool Regulation
We only submit a letter of intent to the district. I find even that annoying as it has to be notarized. I make my DH do it. Its the only thing he does directly for the kids education!

The more power the govt has, the less we have as parents. Even in states with crazy regulations, parents learn to work the system for their kids disadvantage! I'm for less regulation. I hate paperwork! I'd rather spend my time making preschool manipulatives!

Sandra314 March 20th, 2013 01:02 AM

Re: Homeschool Regulation
Being in Texas, I would hate to give up what we have here already (In our state, homeschooling is considered private and therefore under little regulation). I prefer less regulation.

I can understand how it can be easier for those who move from one state to another if everyone had the same regulations but I am not in favor of the government being in charge of it.

Frackel March 20th, 2013 10:27 AM

Re: Homeschool Regulation
I believe if there is going to be any regulation (and I believe there should be some, though not too intrusive, for the sake of the children) it should be federally handled rather than state by state. In either case, it's still the government having some sort of "control", that is never going to change in this country. So I believe if that's the route the regulations are going to go, they should be across the board.

I absolutely despise that regulations vary state to state on something as important as education. For other things on the books, law books that is, it may make sense here and there. As many things vary state to state. For educational purposes, it's absolutely ridiculous. There should be no "these children in NY need this kind of education, while the children in PA need this kind". Ludicrous, if you ask me. They all need the absolute best. There needs to be some kind of accountability on the part of the parent if we're going to pass this world on to the next generation and expect them to make it better. Since we know the government in this country is bound and determined to provide those standards, they should all be equal.
It's a "standard" being set, and it should be a nationwide standard, period.

As for whether or not I think there should be more regulation, I would have to say yes. At least to some extent, it would make more sense. Some states are too lax, and it allows too much room for children to get a sub-par education. Which can also happen to kids who attend brick and mortar schools, don't get me wrong. Neither homeschool nor brick and mortar schools hold the torch on that one.
I have come to learn over the years that for many parents who homeschool, one of their primary reasons is that their local districts don't provide the education their children both need and deserve. In other words, the brick and mortar schools are lacking, at least in some way(s). So, it would make sense that they'd want a homeschool environment to provide that very best the schools cannot provide. They may be able to do it all on their own, with no regulations at all. But that doesn't necessarily mean that every family can provide that for their children. Which is not a bad thing in and of itself, as long as the child does have access to the best educational environment possible. You can't have that when the regulations are all over the map.

The reason I say more regulations, and more accountability is because what we, as parents think on this matter doesn't necessarily hold more water than what the children of this, and all future generations deserve. If that makes any sense. I no more want the government to control all of my parenting or even most of it, than someone else. But I do recognize that there are many, probably millions, of children in this country who just might need it. Their needs trump the desires of the parent and definitely trumps the desires of the parents who can do this without help, imo. So if I have to be regulated a bit more, well on the same level as everyone else in this country(since I believe it should be nationwide) in order for those children to also be given the best opportunity possible...I won't complain. Ok, I won't complain too much. It would depend entirely on the regulations in place too though.

This state friggen sucks. Although some have absolutely no issues whatsoever here in Ohio. I have found they are very much in the minority. Many really do have a difficult time, even when we go above and beyond the state mandates, regulations and minimums. Some school boards make you jump through hoops and back ten times. Why? It's hard to say, but it's annoying. I would love to have an easier time when it comes to accountability the way some states do, but that's not going to happen here where I am. So, yeah I'd love to see this state adopt the same regulations, mandates and such as some of the other states in this country.

No regulations and accountability at all is a recipe for disaster. Whether people agree with me on that or not, I feel very strongly that there are enough children who DO need those regulations and DO need their parents to be held accountable that it trumps anyone's feelings that "the government should have no say in how I parent". I think some people are so adamant that no one have any say in how they parent they fail to see that yes there are some things that are insanely stupid and intrusive, there are plenty that are not. The same sort of thing happens with a lot of laws too. Some people are so very much against them, while some others truly do need them.

We're out here raising the future of this planet and we SHOULD always find ourselves striving to provide this planet-and more importantly all future generations-with a BETTER future. Not one that turns out like ours. You should never want for your children what you have-I have believed this from a very young age and nothing will change that thought, for me. I feel not wanting better and more, means we are settling(even if what we have is wonderful, fantastic even) and I don't want to settle. I can't understand why anyone would to be honest. We should always want more, always want better, and always be able to say "we can always do better..and here's how". It's not our education we're talking about. Yes, it's our children. They are our responsibility. They are ours(not in a "I own you" way, they're not property). But they also belong to the world and the world needs them to be ready when it's time for them to take care of it.

When we know better, we do better. Which is why regulations are in place in the first place. Whether or not we agree with them, or how strict, or even annoying they are. They wouldn't be there, if there wasn't some kind of need(ok, maybe not all of them, I do agree some are just awful). Your kids might not need it. But the kids up the road from you might. The seasoned parents who have been there, done that, may very well know what they're doing. They very well may do a fabulous job. But that doesn't mean the new parents with fresh little beings do. It doesn't mean the parents who grew up in crappy homes with parents who were sub-par, shouldn't get that guidance which they most likely do need to help raise their children. Their children deserve just as much as the parents who can easily provide on their own.

I said too much I am sure, lol. Bit of a hot topic for me I suppose.

Now, other areas of parenting where the government decides to shove it's nose I may take more issue with..but on education...I'm more on their side of the fence. If for no other reason....for the kids who truly need it.

LABs March 20th, 2013 12:29 PM

Re: Homeschool Regulation
The public schools in this nation are failing! More regulation isn't the answer! The more control the government takes away from the teachers, the worse the children are being educated! More regulation sounds good on paper, but in practice you get things like the No Child Left Behind nonsense. Everyone thinks they have the answer, but education is more of an individual process. History shows that every time the government steps in to regulate and fix the problem, they bind the hands of the people who are doing the actual work. The government needs to step back and give control back to the district or even individual school level. More people respond better to a sense of responsibility then for following directions mandated on them. There is no individual plan that will reach all children. Sadly some will fail! I'm sure a lot of the failure is due to failure in the home and the other part is the individual childs needs not being met. So much goes into educating a well rounded individual. Regulations aren't going to help us acquire that goal. What we need is more parental and teacher support. Our society doesn't value either!

hiskid1324 March 30th, 2013 07:27 PM

Re: Homeschool Regulation
I DO think there needs to be some regulation in ALL states. Specifically, I think all parents should be required to register their children as homeschooled. I also think that parents should be required to prove they have purposely taught their children over the school year. Be it with photos and a portfolio, a test, or other method of evaluation. I do not think that parents should have to teach to a specific set of regulations like in PA or NY though. I think it should be largely open, so long as they prove they are teaching and their children are progressing to some degree or another. I think VA has it pretty well done, in that you send your NOI and prove progress at the end of each year. That's it. Simple! I don't think you should have to have a high school diploma or otherwise though. (Although there is the option to prove you have the ability to home educate by way of a well written letter which demonstrates mastery of the English language, so I suppose that does rule out the necessity of a diploma.) Anyway... I just think it should be 100% easy to homeschool, but also 100% impossible to neglect your children's education. As nice as unschooling sounds, I have yet to meet an unschooled grad who loved math enough that they "explored" it and taught it to themselves well enough to not need remedial to enter their college courses. Similarly with English/grammar. There has to be a baseline standard in the math/english cores, which VA has. I like it here... even though I would love to be able to just homeschool my kids without telling the government anything, like in TX, LOL.

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