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CharmieCM September 4th, 2006 08:07 AM

Okay, I'm a few weeks away from pulling my 5 year old out of kindergarten because I'm not happy with it. I know I'm going to use Sonlight, but I'm not sure about HOW to order it. I've gone down from $700 to $600 just by getting the math and science elsewhere, but I'm really wanting to get closer to $500. So, along those lines, I have these questions:

Do I need to buy the whole big core kit or can I just buy the core instructor's manual and get the books from the library/bookstore as needed? How much more prep time will that add for me? How much time is spent on one book (am I going to end up with overdue fees at the library?) If I don't buy the whole big kit, then what do I need to buy? The manual and consumables?

And what about their Language Arts and Bible progams? Does anyone have any input on those?

Here's what I'm looking at right now:
Core K with level 2 readers (will it be easy for me to figure out what those readers are if I decide not to order them at the same time as the instructor manual?)
Horizon Math (K)
Apologia Science (Astronomy)
Sonlight Bible and LA (unsure)

LadyBelle September 4th, 2006 08:18 AM

Have you went to their forums.It is so helpful & those moms can get you going in the right direction.

joandsarah77 September 4th, 2006 02:53 PM

I have never used sonlight. I am actualy also buying the Apoligia science books but not till first or second grade. Horizons K I think is advanced. Reilly and declans mom on here uses Horizons she would be the person to ask about that.

If your wanting to save money then I would print out the list of reading books and go show it to your local librian and see what she/he says first. You may find your local libary has or can get all, or some of the books. Then I would look around the second hand boards like ebay and Vegsource. I'm also thinking the Sonlight Forums might have a sell or swap board as well. As to what you need...thats a mute point. I wouldn't be buying half that for K but if thats what you want.....

This is my plan For K, but then I think K should be more fun and that it has become way too academic so I do not plan to push it.
I will be doing some maths- Math-U-See, but also game days, and cooking days.
For LA I am buying the complete Alphabet Island phonics, this actualy also includes a K math book and penmenship. I don't know yet if I will even use the penmenship part. I might hold off on that to at least the middle of the year or even till first grade. I might just let my daughter drew and practice letters as she pleases. Keep a little nature journal. There are also heaps of print outs free online.
Five In A Row literature unit studies. These touch on Bible, geography, LA, Maths and science.
I think some fun experiments from a cheaper book or off the net is enough at K level. Bible I think is fine to just read from a children Bible and or children devotional. I wouldn't be doing recorder for K either. Plenty of people don't even buy a curriculum for K and thats fine too.

Motherbird September 4th, 2006 05:39 PM

I am using Sonlight (1+2) and my advice would be to buy the IG and only the readers that you think you'll want to keep. The rest you can get at the library. Sonlight can get quite pricey. I probably won't buy the L.A. again since I"m not very happy with it and I'm kind of feeling it was a waste of money. You might just want to check out some L.A. workbooks from your local Teacher's Supply store.

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