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ilovemy3wikids September 17th, 2006 08:56 AM

Trade lives with me? I am going crazy. I am sick right now and this is what i have to deal with. My DH won't clean anything lately. Nothing. Claims he is tired, all he does is sit at a desk at work and take phone calls and watch tv and plays on internet in between, ya real hard job! Not to mention he gets paid to do that and gets bonuses! The most I ca get him to do is put the dishes in the dish washer but he doesn't rinse them so they come out dirty and need to be rewashed or if he puts them away right after then i have to wash ALL the dishes, ya reall fun! Then occasionally I will leave some laundry that needs to be folded. I normally have about a load a day I have to do, well he'll dump them out on the floor to fold them, forget about it, throw his dirty shoes on it or let drolling baby crawl across them so then not only do I have to fold them but I have to rewash them first! My dad is living with us in the basement ( he's turing it into his place down there). No biggie, he pays the rent! Well, he goes in a closet up here I told him he could have after I took our stuff out of it! At 4 am he was up cleaned out the closet, burried my daughters paint somewher in the garage and took some toys I had got for Logan at a rummage sale that needed to be washed bad and threw them in his toy bin, so now there is dirt and yuck on all his toys including about 25 peek a blocks, guess what I get to do? Then our garage is a mess from him throwing all his stuff in there and he wants to rearange everything so I know all my stuff is going to get burried. He's MAD that I put a lot of Logans baby clothes on e-bay cause I could have saved them for a rummage sale next year, even though I need the money now! DH mother was supposed to send us that 100 she owes us on fri, didn't get it, and he's like oh whatever no biggie even though I was gonna buy the kids some warmer pjs with it, but really no biggie :( We have a gazillion med bills in collection, my dad loans us the 1500 to pay it off and says we owe him 45 every 2 weeks ( hey we are out of collection at least) and DH is mad we have to pay him and didn't even say thanks even though I place was threatening to take us to court over the billl, course DH makes me figure out all the bills and doesn't want to hear about them. He keeps taking credit cards out without telling me. He wines he wants a new laptop, ya don't we all! Oh, and even though DH was all for homeschooling I have to do all the teaching myself too, even when I'm sick :( And I try to keep the house up, I just can't take this anymore, anyone wanna trade? :blink:

Miguelsmommy September 17th, 2006 09:21 AM

I I'll trade to give you a break, but I warn you my house is caotic and a reck right now but they'll all forch you to stay in bed until your better.
I hope you get well soon. Is there anyway you can make a list of everything that has to get done in red and post it on the refriage so he can see or can some of your friends come over for a "I'm loosing my head in this mess" party to help and you just have to promise food. I had be close to giving up before DH was willing to Help with home school. Could you convice him to take them to the park for a little So you can rest. Maby if you explaing how much extra you do for him not caring about his things it will help (ie. I do XXX amount of extra dishes every time you don't clean your plate before putting it in the dishwasher.) I think guys understand that more then every time you do that I have to redo everything. Maby Starting things then asking him to finish because you have XY&Z to do.
Hope you get petter soon. :dothug:

ilovemy3wikids September 17th, 2006 09:50 AM

I've tried and he flat out refuses to help :( I just spent the last hr throwing up inbetween trying to clean :(

KarateMom September 17th, 2006 10:33 AM

I'm so sorry that things are so crazy for you right now! My first advice would be to take a school break until you're feeling better. Not that that helps with the house thing, but at least it's one less thing to worry about while you feel crummy. Missing a few days of kindergarten isn't going to make a big difference.
As for the situation with your hubby, I'm just a big supporter of talking it out with him. I think that because men handle life in such a different way, sometimes they just truly don't understand that women handle things differently. If I were in that situation, I'd either just sit him down and explain to him what you need from him, or write him a letter. (Sometimes writing a letter is better for me because I'm able to say what I need to say without emotion getting in the way - I tend to cry when I'm mad!) I don't know if any of this is helpful at all, but I hope things get better for you.

MissyPrincessEha September 17th, 2006 01:43 PM

Awwww, I wish I could hug you! :(

I think you need to have a family meeting. But I would make up a list of things that needed to be addressed beforehand.

joandsarah77 September 17th, 2006 04:14 PM

I'm sorry, that must be rotten. http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e3...ons/hugbig.gif

KarateMom September 18th, 2006 02:20 PM

Just wanted to check in with you and see how you were feeling....

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