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TeresaSuperMama October 3rd, 2006 08:02 AM

Back to square one, as usual! Since my oldest is learning disabled finding a curriculum for him is very, very challenging! Ok, I am good with reading, math, grammar, and spelling. Where we get stuck all the time is history & science. Austin needs to read outloud every day! He needs to write every day! He really needs the practice. Problem is most curriculums for his age/grade expect him to be able to read independently and the books they give are above his reading level. Also, I like the unit study approach, sort of, but I guess I am not liking it. We have Learning Adventures and it's not working because he needs so much supplemental reading and grammar and spelling that we just don't have time to do the Learning Adventures. Not to mention the writing assignments I think are too hard for him since he is still working on mastering some basic skills.

Edited: What I really need is a unit study I can do once a week (like Fridays) that covers science and history so I can spend the rest of the weeks focusing on the core subjects that they need the most practice on. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


TeresaSuperMama October 3rd, 2006 08:44 AM

Never mind, ignore me. I am going to figure out a way to make Learning Adventures work for us. Having a bad day and just feeling a little disorganized and overwhelmed. I really want to make this work.


Miguelsmommy October 3rd, 2006 09:13 AM

Hope the rest of your day is great and good luck on making it work.

joandsarah77 October 3rd, 2006 03:14 PM


Could you just do learning Adventures on a Firday, drop the writing assignments and use reading books from the younger kids level?
Sorry your having such a hard time with school.

Shery October 3rd, 2006 03:40 PM

I really hope you can make it work. I know that with Madison, I read a lot of things to her that most her age might be reading on their own. I provide the time for her to read also, but there are some things that are focusing on other subjects that I just have to help her along with the reading. I understand. I hope you can make it work for you. It is challenging, I know!

MissyPrincessEha October 4th, 2006 02:32 PM

Hugs Teresa!

LadyBelle October 8th, 2006 10:46 PM

We are using Learning Adventures....I do the reading on Friday for the upcoming week- taking turns.We do the reading & Spelling Test only on Fridays.My friend does the reading right before bed & the dad reads some of it too.so if your dh wants to get involved that could work while you get the little one in bed or you straighten up for the night.

I plan on Fridays or Saturdays & give each child a print out of notes & assignments for the week on Monday.It helps me stay on track & be accountable.kwim?

Projects are done after bookwork & are a "treat" so if you don't get your stuff done in time then the project gets dumped not the math & english.

We also do the notebooks as a family ;)

Hugs remember it can take up to 2 years to complete if you slow the pace and that is OKAY!

(have you considered alpha omega english?it might work & it includes spelling.My special needs(dyslexia,dysgraphia,&adhd) dd does well with it ;) )

edit: you can grab some library books in his reading level on each subject. Have him read them as a naptime book to the little ones or a bedtime one....He won't feel he is reading a "baby book" for school & it will give you a few minutes to do things you need to do.

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