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JustAKrazymom November 8th, 2006 04:28 AM

Morning ladies!! It's 6:20 and I've already been up for an hour..lol.. Taejan did somethign he hasn't done in well over 3 weeks ( since the molars started coming in and the cold it).. he slept THRU the night..yeppie.. 2 days ago I was so dead tired I thought I'd pass out form exhaustion.. but after 2 nights of good sleep I feel like a new women!

Today will be a day of little learning..sigh.. Wednesday's are hard.We have to be up and out of the house by 9:30 , drive to the dance studio.. Noah usually take's grammar or map skills or something with him to do. Then after for whatever reason my MIL wants to take the kids and I to lunch.. weird.. been with her son 6 years and this is a first..rofl.I's almost skeered...rofl...

After all that will be home, naps etc.. then Noah has his Youth Adventure group tonight. I haven't been to a meeting in over a month so I will go with him. Last night he had his culinary course and brought home yummy brownies :)

My learning posters are going GREAT.. Declan loves it..Jadziah has a fit if I try and put anythign new on it..ie we did Frogs for science yesterday then they colored one.. Declan's is on his poster..Jae pitched a fit and ripped her's off..rofl.. 3 year olds!

Ok I hope everyone has a great day and see ya this afternoon!

Kangaroo510 November 8th, 2006 06:40 AM

Becoming a mommy means you have to get up early! I was sharing with a friend of mine that I now get up around 6ish and if Dahlia goes back to sleep I stay of to check my email and what not and she said "Oh, so THAT's why parents are always getting up so early! To get their alone time."

My parents are up at like 5 every morning! It kills me! Maybe when Dahlia is sleeping a little more regularly I'll function better. Glad I'm a morning person!

Shery November 8th, 2006 07:46 AM

Good morning. Wow, you do have a busy day. I enjoyed yesterday so much because we had NOWHERE to go. I finally got to have an uninterrupted day of schooling followed by actually getting things done around here. It was great.
We have children's choir at church tonight. Other than that, we will be home.
Have a great day....try to enjoy lunch ;).

JustAKrazymom November 8th, 2006 11:11 AM

Now we are home and nothing going on till 6:15.. Got some great deal at Old navy.. got DH jeans, 2 pairs of running pants and 4 shirts for $20..so he's done for christmas!!!

Also went in the Nature/science store and got Taejan a Melissa& Doug toy and Noah a brain busters book..so they are done ..only have to get 1 pack of Pokemon cards and I'm DONE shopping!

KarateMom November 8th, 2006 12:02 PM


Now we are home and nothing going on till 6:15.. Got some great deal at Old navy.. got DH jeans, 2 pairs of running pants and 4 shirts for $20..so he's done for christmas!!!

Also went in the Nature/science store and got Taejan a Melissa& Doug toy and Noah a brain busters book..so they are done ..only have to get 1 pack of Pokemon cards and I'm DONE shopping![/b]
WOW, you've got all your Christmas shopping done already?!? You're one on-the-ball mama!!

I've got an idea of what we're going to get The Kids, but I've not purchased anything yet. (I've learned the hard way not to get things too early, because inevitably, they come up with something RIGHT before Christmas that they REALLY want!!) Reilly has mentioned an Easy Bake Oven several times, so we'll probably get her one of those and some "accessories" to go with it. Last year, I had purchased a set of play pistols with a holster for Deco, but we didn't give it to him because there were too many other things, so we're going to give him those and maybe a cowboy hat to go with them. (And a bandana, because cowboys ALWAYS need bandanas!) We'll probably also get the "Cars" movie for both of them...and that's all my ideas so far! Troy and I aren't going to exchange gifts this year, I don't think, because we both got laptops in the last 6 months and we figure that's a big enough expense to last us for a loooong time!

OH, OH, I'm so excited! My mom is getting Reilly an American Girls Doll this year. We've read all the books for all the girls (except Molly) and now it's just a matter of getting her to figure out which one she likes best. I keep saying, "Soooo, which story do you like best? If we had to give away alllllll the books except one, which one would you keep?" and other questions to try and get out of her which one she likes best ('cuz she's only gettin' ONE doll!!) but she says "I like ALL of them!!" I'm leaning toward Kirsten (she's the pioneer doll, 1854), but she also like Josephina (1824) and Kit (Depression era)....it's SO HARD! They're all so cute!

OK, now I'm REALLY in the Christmas spirit!!!! Bring on the tinsel!!

JustAKrazymom November 8th, 2006 12:16 PM

Yup..I got a buttload of toys on MAJOR clearance in August, and Sat I went and used my moms discount for our Santa stuff..

MissyPrincessEha November 8th, 2006 12:21 PM

We are finishing up here with school. He drew a house today that he wants to color after these last few math questions. Other than that he is done and we had a GREAT day! :)

My hubby and I are cleaning and starting to decorate for the party. We have to go out for a bit after the kids eat lunch. But not for long!

joandsarah77 November 8th, 2006 02:29 PM

I love shoipping http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e3...ping021HL1.gif for my kids. I love birthdays and Christmas best of all! I get so excited over all the goodies I have wraped for them! http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e3...OHAaFun048.gif
I have done all my Christmas shopping except for the adults... http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e3...llweetniet.gif
Wow Lisa how could you not have purchased anything. I'm terrible, toys and stuff is like chocolate to me. :blush: http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e3...asterBunny.gif

For Sarah's birthday I have bought her, her first two wheel bike and a pop-up puppet theatre.

for Christmas Sarah's main items are a playmobile adventure island, and a soft toy dog that wimpers, barks etc. My parents gave us the money to buy a new trampoline for them both. (so thats the grandparents present)Which is not a surprise since dd saw the box! <_<
Then I do a large stocking bag, although it's not uncommon that I buy too many things for that.I think for that I have a packet of fairy tale books, a horse show pc game, a dvd movie, a felt craft puppet, a Christmas bangle, bubble blower, and a jigsaw puzzle. I'm sure to find a couple more things before the 25th.

Daniel has a Tonka truck, and a Little peoples set. We havn't started doing a bag for him because he dosn't know yet and we have heaps of toddler toys already. lol is that second child syndrome? We had a bag for Sarah from when she turned one.

KarateMom November 9th, 2006 08:13 AM


Wow Lisa how could you not have purchased anything. I'm terrible, toys and stuff is like chocolate to me.[/b]
Well, that's my problem - I LURVE buying presents for The Kids and I always end up buying too much! Then, between my mom, my dad and stepmom, Troy's mom and stepdad, and Troy's dad and stepmom PLUS my brother, Troy's two sisters, their Aunt Jan (who's an honorary aunt!), and Aunt Myra (ANOTHER honorary aunt!!) they end up with SO MUCH STUFF that they can't even remember who gave them what!! Last year, we determined that WE were going to keep the presents that we buy to around 3, plus stockings...it's killing me, though, because I can think of SO MANY things that I want to buy!!! Their stockings are taken care of, though, because I have a ton of little toys that I bought for our trip to Ohio that I never gave to them - just little things that I got at the dollar store.

Jenneve November 11th, 2006 07:24 AM

We ended up taking this week off from school. We had 2 deaths, not directly family but close enough. My sister's MIL died VERY UNEXPECTEDLY in her sleep last Thursday. :frown: We were all so shocked and broken-hearted by it. Then last Saturday my other sister's dh's grandmother passed away. So we had 2 funerals this week and I was just not up to doing school. :frown: We will be doing our Thanksgiving week this coming week though. :smile: It should be fun. I'm doing a week early because I'm fairly certain we'll be spending Thanksgiving week at my MIL's house.

As far as Christmas shopping goes, I just got all my kids' stuff last night. Well, almost all. I just need to get shoes & boots. We decided not to do the toy thing this year (eventhough they're all still young) because they really don't play with toys anymore. They have a ton of toys that they never do anything with. They like games, drawing/coloring, & dressing up (costumes). So this year, they are each getting: new Christmas pj's; a board game--Battleship, Monopoly Jr, & Yahtzee Jr; a V-Smile game--Superman, Blue's Clues, & Finding Nemo; Crayola Color Wonder books w/markers; 2 pairs of blue jeans; and shoes/boots. For their stockings, they are each getting: new undies, toothbrushes (the battery powered ones), bath fizzies, bath paint, and a DVD--Cars, Curious George, & Fantastic Four. We may end up getting new bikes & a tv/dvd player for their room, but not sure yet. We'll have to wait and see what the finances look like later on.

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