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lily_twinsplusone November 14th, 2006 08:08 PM

My girls are only 3 now but when they turn elementray school age (Kindergarten and up) I want to homeschool them. I will have one other by then, who will be around 2. My question is...I want to homeschool, but I want to earn a profit. I also want my kids to be interacted..and I love the thought of teaching other peoples kids as well. When asked..why dont you just work in a elementary school..I love the more diverse education a homeschooling offers..plus I'm in New York!

My senario would be....I go back to school and recive my degree in Early Childhood Education...recive my teaching certificate and would be eligible to teach at schools...then I went around to homeschool/school/parenting groups etc...and tell them that I am a mom, with a teaching degree, and would teach their children. It would be like a small private school, each parent would pay a few thousand a year (no set price yet..just brainstorming) and I would teach my girls, plus maybe 3 or 4 other children (of all different ages). I would take them from 8-3 every day and give them a education..I was thinking that maybe it would be good for moms that want their children homeschooled, they dont like the public schools, yet cant quite affod all the private schools, want their kids to be socialized and larning with about 4-5 other kids, be in classes and lessons as well (on the parents own time) and recieve a good education from a certified teacher, who is also a mom.

Would this work? :huh: Where would I advertise? Has anyone else done this? Or heard of it? Any links? Any sites that show how to do this? Any tips...is this even possible? I've googled this..and nothing has come up...I'm not evn sure if it exists..but...just wondering :unsure:

Thanks :smile:

JustAKrazymom November 15th, 2006 05:00 AM

I am not sure, but I think that may be a big no no , at least in some states. I know one of the girls on a loop I used to be in was trying to hire someone to HS her kids and she ran into every road block out there. I guess you could totally look into though.

Motherbird November 15th, 2006 07:39 AM

From my understanding it is illegal in most states to homeschool other people's children. Besides my guess is most moms who are interested in having homeschooled children would prefer to do it themselves, rather than pay an outsider. And just being frank here, most homeschooling moms consider themselves more qualified to teach their own children than an outsider with a teaching certificate simply because we know our kids best and we've been teaching them since birth.

A couple of ideas for you to look into though are possibly running your own in-home daycare and offer "preschool like activities" to the children in your care. This would allow you to homeschool your own kids and allow other pre-school age children to get in on the fun too all whle making a few extra bucks. But you would also need a home daycare license as well.
Another would be too look into starting a charter school. This is not something you do for profit and it would be tons of work, but the idea is to start up a different school for your children and others in the neighborhood to attend that might consist of smaller classrooms, more qualified teachers, tougher academics, etc... It requires working with other parents, finding funding, working through the legalites, hiring teachers, finding an empty school buiding to rent, etc... It might be lots off work to get off the ground, but would meet your needs for socialization and if you have your degree you could possibly teach there as well.

Stellaluna November 15th, 2006 10:48 AM

I'd say no too. It might be a good option for a parent who would really like to homeschool, but needs to work during the day...however if said parent needs to be working they probably wouldn't have the few thousand dollars for tuition.

In addition, there are some good private schools in my area that run around what you'd be considering for tuition but the parents are paying for facilities at the school (gyms, pools, organized sports teams, drama productions, band, orchestra etc...) in addition to the education being provided. I'm assuming you wouldn't be able to offer those things in your home.

JustAKrazymom November 15th, 2006 12:05 PM

Going to add this.. I agree with the other ladies ( just didn't want to be the 1st to say it..lol).. I wouldn't pay for something like that either. If i couldn't HS I'd find a good, established private school for my kids.

joandsarah77 November 15th, 2006 02:51 PM

I think if you changed that "each parent would pay a few thousand a year" to "each parent would pay a few hundred a year" you might find a few intrested people. Our local Christian school charges $400 term for lower grades, and thats with some facilities. Homeschool parents are more likly be intrested in a more co-op situation were they might like to have there children take a science class, or an art class. One of the benifits to homeschooling is that work can be done in a much shorter time span, so I wouldn't want to go from 9-12 back to 8-3. But if you were offering diffrent classes that I could pick and chooce from, with payment linked to each class, then yes Ide be intrested.

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