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-Tisha- May 28th, 2007 08:41 PM

Did you guys start in K or 1st grade or what? I was looking at the Primer set just for information and the prerequisite is kind of vague. Eathan has started counting. I definitely think this will be his strong subject. However, I don't want to get him something way over his head, kwim? In the topics it looks like a Kindy/1st grade cirriculum, but I just wanted to ask you guys!

Miguelsmommy May 28th, 2007 09:07 PM

I started at alpha

joandsarah77 May 28th, 2007 09:29 PM

We have primer. There is no prerequisite apart from being able to count to 9. The first lessons are all about helping them recognize 0-9 The workbook opens up I think (It is in ds's room and he's napping so I canít open his door to get it) with 3 'sums' Count the number of blocks and circle the correct answer on the number line. These are black and white line drawings. DD likes to colour hers in. We do a page only every second day or so. Sarah isn't a work book type kid so on the other days we might play a board type game or a computer game or watch the leap pad math circus. Sarah still needs a lot of help remembering how numbers look. That is recognizing that 3 is a three.
Lesson two introduces the kids to which number is correct. So if they count 4 dogs they will be given a 4 and any other number up to 9. They need to colour the 4 and cross out the incorrect number. There are plenty of pages to practice these things on. lesson 3 involves a given number up to 9. They have to count and colour in that number of blocks in the picture. It's a rectangle made up of squares. We are just on lesson 4 which is on shapes. From lesson 3 the amount of sums per page goes up. With the colour in the box pages you get 6 sums to do.

DD enjoys playing with the blocks. We also have the skip counting cd. Lol there has been some discussion on that before on here.....lol some people would rather listen to a cat on a blackboard it seems! :lol: I find it bearable, but not great lol.
Hope that helps some.

-Tisha- May 28th, 2007 09:55 PM

It does a lot actually! Eathan seems to be picking up the math much faster than the alphabet. When I started showing him the numbers, he recognized them up to 6. I think it is from a computer game we have, but anywho! He even has the concept of addition, in that he knew that he had 2 fishing poles and wanted another one and we told him he already had 2 and he said he well then he would have 3. He says things like that all of the time. Mainly with adding 1, he knows the answer. If you asked him what 2+1 was he couldn't tell you, but tell him you have 3 balls and you get another one and he knows it is 4. I think he uses the visual in his head, kwim? The primer is probably at his level then. I'm going to look into getting it then when we really buckle down for math. Now I have just printed off some worksheets for very basic math concepts and number recognition.

OH...one more thing. I read somewhere a while ago that children couldn't understand the concept of amounts and the value of numbers until 5 or 6. Do you guys think that is true?? I don't b/c of Eathan, but I second guess myself sometimes and chalk his answers up to a good guess.

jhmomofmany May 28th, 2007 10:00 PM


I read somewhere a while ago that children couldn't understand the concept of amounts and the value of numbers until 5 or 6. Do you guys think that is true??[/b]
No, I don't think this is exactly true. I don't think very young children could learn to understand the value of numbers as an abstract, but when they are hands-on counting... yes, I think they get it even before 5 or 6. If I were to ask Thomas to hand me two or three of something, I am certain he could do it. He also knows how many spoons or forks to get out of the drawer. He's 3.

-Tisha- May 28th, 2007 10:08 PM

YAY! Eathan does that too, and I just remembered it was on some show that they did on infants and it was like discovery health or something and they used the example of M&Ms and told the little girl to give them x amount and she didn't do it, but Eathan has been able to do that as long as he could count. They said they could learn to count to any number and it was learned solely by repitition and they had no true concept of the amount of the number. I can't believe I just remembered that! My brain works in mysterious ways. :lol:

Butter May 29th, 2007 05:39 AM

I think it's just like reading. SOME kids have no concept of numbers until 5 or 6 just like SOME kids can't read until they are 7 or 8. It doesn't mean it's true for all children. Ani had an incredible sense of place value at 4. She was also reading at 4. Cameron is starting to get numbers now and he will be 6 in October. He's also just now started to get reading. All kids are different.

We use Primer with Cameron. He generally does a page a day and is almost half way through. There really isn't a true prerequisite for Primer, but I personally think it would be helpful for a child to know the numbers 0-9 already or be a fast learner. It goes quickly through numbers and that's where Cameron came to a dead standstill. He could get 0-5 but 6-9 he didn't get until March-ish. Since then he's been able to progress much more easily. He's even getting place value now. Primary is considered a kindergarten level, Alpha first, Beta second, etc. give or take. They aren't really "grade level" since they are mastery by subject but that's about it. Ani started with Alpha.

JustAKrazymom May 29th, 2007 05:45 AM

I have Alpha..started it with Declan and the whole decimal street thru him for a loop. He can count, do addition in his head etc..I really think it's ME.. I am just not good at this hands on teaching crap. We stopped and I am debating getting him Primer.

-Tisha- May 29th, 2007 07:54 AM

Cool, then I'll just continue doing what I'm doing and when he knows all of the numbers 0-9 I will look more into getting it. Thanks ladies!!

Jenneve May 29th, 2007 08:05 AM

I got Primer to start with my younger 2. They can both count at least to 10. Jared can count further and recognizes most of the numbers up to 9. Justin has a little trouble recognizing the numbers, but he's only 4. We have plenty of time. I'm pretty much just giving him enough to get him interested in school (which he is very much now!). I may end up re-doing Primer (as well as the pre-k phonics) with him later, just to make sure he has it down before moving on. But he's pretty bright, I may not need to. Jared, I'm not worried about. He's pretty much zooming through everything. Kind of a "tell me once, I got it, let's move on" type of kid. LOL

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