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Mommy1208 February 18th, 2010 06:39 PM

New and need to vent
Hi everyone. I am new to the boards and just had my first baby in December. I need to vent! I have always been a little irritated with my mother in law but since I've had the baby she is completely stressing me out!! She is the type of person who has no manners or morals whatsoever. When I was pregnant she made a big deal about throwing me a baby shower and didn't want my help at all. Well when I showed up to the hall there was no food, decorations, and the hall wasn't even rented out for the day! She ended up being a half hour late for the shower she was supposed to throw and I had to try and explain to everyone why there weren't even any chairs or tables set up!! What a total nightmare!!

Lately the issue has been with her smoking. My husband told her that as long as she kept smoking she wasn't going to be able to hold the baby. For the first month or so when she did see her, she ended up storming out of the house without saying bye to anyone and then later apologized because she was having smoking withdrawels and never got to hold the baby. Now she is actually making an effort around her to not smoke on her way over or during her visit. Although I have noticed an improvement, I feel complete resentment towards her and get completely stressed out when she around or wants to hold the baby now. I have no problem with other people holding my baby but when she comes around I feel my blood pressure just go crazy! My hubby thinks I shouldn't be so worked up about it anymore since she's making more of an effort and doesn't think we can shield the baby completely from it. I don't even want my baby around her anymore and I cant even make myself look at the woman. Has anyone else had issues like this or is dealing with a crazy mother in law??

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