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~*KSmittyAU*~ December 1st, 2008 09:23 PM

So I had a pretty normal pregnancy... A little morning sickness not many cravings... I gained a bit too much weight, but oh well.. That's what happens sometimes!!! I had back surgery in June 06 and because of this, pushing could further aggravate my back problems. We decided the best thing to do was do an elective ( or as I say Necessary) c-section.

At 33 1/2 weeks I was at work with a horrible headache. My vision was kinda blurry and I just felt funny. I posted about it in my DDC and someone suggested going to the pharmacy and having my blood pressure checked. I went on break at work and told my boss I was running down the street. The pharmacist took my pressure. It was 158/98. She told me I needed to call my dr immediately... I called and they got me in. They sent me to L&D for monitoring. I was not having contractions and there was no protein in my urine. I was sent home on medication and strict bed rest. I went back the 4 days later. My pressure was still too high, they admitted me for 4 days. During that time I got the shots to develop his lungs and they were considering delivering me at 34 weeks exactly. The decided to send me home on a higher dose of medicine on STRICT bed rest. The back pain was unbearable so i was getting depressed from the pain and feeling guilty for taking medication. My blood pressure stayed borderline even with taking medicine 3 times a day. The decision was made to deliver at 37 weeks. (oh I went to the dr for NSTs twice a week..half the time i ended up back down in L&D for monitoring/possible delivery)

THe morning of the c-section my BP was 148/90.. while on medicine... It was time for him to come. We knew he may have a few little issues since he was 3 weeks early and was not going to be "squeezed out" the birth canal. We did not expect what was to come though.

He was born weighing 8 lb 3 oz. Everyone was amazed at how big he was!!! My husband got to take him down to the room I would be taken too after being stitched up. I got there and held him for a couple of minutes, but he was making a funny grunting noise. I thought it was cute, but the nurse said we did NOT want to hear that. They pounded on his back for about an hour and had him under the warmer and were checking his blood sugar and temp every 10 minutes. His sugar was high and his lips were turning blue.. They immediately took him to the NICU.
They put him under the oxyhood. That night, we got a call in middle of hte night that he had developed a pneumothorax. They used a needle to relive the pressure, but it came right back, so they had to insert a chest tube.. Later that night, he developed one in the other lung and they had to insert one on the other side. The next day they put him on CPAP. He HATED it and was so restless and miserable, it broke our hearts. That night they called and said they had to intubate him. He was then put on Minimal Stimulation b/c everytime you would talk around him or touch him, he would d sat... 3 days after he was born, they were not sure if he was going to make it.. They transferred him to a bigger. more well equipped NICU down the street. It was so scary seeing them load him up to be transported.

We got to the other hospital and they seemed a bit more optimistic. We were happy to hear we had a chance. They put him on teh hi fi oscillator for a few days but he was able to be extubated directly from that machine (instead of going back to a regular vent) when he was one week old.. The next day, he got his first bottle feeding! He had to be tube fed afterwards b/c he couldn't take much. We were moved down to the step down nursery that weekend. The nurses there were HORRIBLE!! I hated every day we were in there. We were there for a total of 17 days. He had issues learning to eat, but once he picked it up, he was good to go.

The hardest thing I ever had to do was go without holding, toughing or even talking to my baby for the first week. It literally broke my heart.

I know he is not technically a preemie and I know he did not endure even half of what some of the other babies here did, but no one expected him to live b/c he had contradicting lung problems and the treatment for one would aggravate the other and vice versa. It was touch and go for days.

I coudl not imagine having to be there for months on end...

Thanks for reading my story...

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