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yerubaby November 11th, 2010 08:40 PM

Dr Forcing to Induce My Labor
I just have some questions and ould appriciate if you guys could help me...
Im gonna be due dis 14 of November but my dr says if my water dont brake
by then she's gonna induce me on the 18th. I made it very clear dat i dont wanna be
induced but she says i have no other option cause she wont let her patients go past 41
weeks! Da problem is im only 1 cm dilated and im scared that trying to induce me im gonna be
stressed about it andnot be able 2 dilate and then there gonna dome a c section.:( Im 17 and i dont want a c section. I know i can have my baby girl all by myself but she nees 2 be patient seems 2
me that she cares about her and not me...
What can i do? Do you guys have any advice?
Should i see another dr and get a second opinion?
PLZ HELP ME!!:confused:

emsketch November 12th, 2010 02:53 PM

Re: Dr Forcing to Induce My Labor
I would talk to another doc in the practice and see if that is the policy of the entire practice or if you doc is just making the call herself.

Calendula November 12th, 2010 11:06 PM

Re: Dr Forcing to Induce My Labor
Worst case scenario, she can't FORCE you to come in on the 18th, can she?

I would ask her about compromising and maybe doing stress testing to alleviate her fears on the 18th, and if all is well letting you at least go the rest of the week 'over'.

MamaMandy November 13th, 2010 02:06 PM

Re: Dr Forcing to Induce My Labor
First of all, the doctor CANNOT FORCE YOU to be induced, or any other medical treatment for that matter. You have the right to make the decisions on what is done to your body, and to your baby as well. The tough part is making INFORMED choices based on facts, not scare tactics, what if's or stubborness. :) You have the right and responsibility really to know 1 why the doctor wants to do this-are you and/or baby at any medical risk? If not, why the interference?! 2 the type and likelihood of risk 3 the type and likelihood of risk from NOT doing it 4 If you agree, what are the side effects and/or other medical interventions that may be needed from doing this? (Like, taking pitocin=tougher contractions=greater chance of epidural)

If there is no risk/signs of distress/you and baby are healthy, there's no need to say you have to be induced at 41 weeks. You are smart to question the doctor on this, and to realize our bodies & babies should be the timers, not a due (guess) date. Try & relax Mama, and know that YOU are in charge, not the doctor!

yerubaby November 13th, 2010 10:33 PM

Re: Dr Forcing to Induce My Labor
Aww..thank u all 4 yer responds..
im gonna schedule an appt with another obgyn
on monday and hear wat he has 2 say. Im just very scared cause i read 70-80 percent
of all inductions end with a csection n i think im 2 young 2 have one. If he tells me there is
no need 2 be induced i wont go in on the 18th and drop her as my dr. I feel that if i cant trust her now and she cant listen 2 me now that im just pregnant wat are the chances i can trust her while im giving birth? Im not gonna be comfortable. Now if my baby has any medical risk i'll do it right away
but if not i wanna go into labor naturally until my body is ready....anyways thank you

MamaMandy November 14th, 2010 10:22 AM

Re: Dr Forcing to Induce My Labor
You're very welcome. :) A c-section isn't the end of the world, but it is an often over-used, unnecessary way to deliver, that DOES have risks of it's own, and will affect your choices and options for future children you may have. I had a planned c-section in 2004 because my daughter was "big" at 8lbs 15oz AND frank breech. Had I known the ripple effect it would have on future pregnancies, the risks of repeat c/s, and a crystal ball to foretell my back issues, I would have gone for the external version & Webster technique to try & turn her to attempt vaginal birth. A lot of moms don't know that inductions do increase the rate of c/s, so kudos to you for knowing that, and knowing what you are and aren't comfortable with when it comes to your pregnancy, birth, and your baby's health. I have learned a lot from the natural childbirth board on here, and also childbirthconnection.org and International Cesarean Awareness Network Childbirthconnection has a printout of "The Rights of Childbearing Women" which was very helpful to me, and also a way to let doctors and hospital know that you know you have a say. It's crazy, really - what other major health care procedure would a patient be bullied, scared, tricked, baited-and-switched, or plain not told what was being done to them?! And birth involves 2 lives. Go figure!

ChicaChels November 14th, 2010 10:41 AM

Re: Dr Forcing to Induce My Labor
I definitely wouldn't agree to an induction reasoned as post dating until after 42w, and that would only be with NST and BPP (non stress tests and biophysical profile)

most first babies dont come until 41w5d, and even more come closer to 42w.

I would definitely seek a 2nd opinion, or if you want to try to start things yourself you can get acupuncture...or bust out a vibrator, have sex, etc..i would stay away from things like castor oil and black cohosh, because they have some risky side effects..but acupuncture has been proven to work in 1-3 treatments (usually about $60/treatment? much cheaper than paying for a c-section)

if i wasnt on my phone i would happily list many more resources, etc...good luck hon :hug:

SaphireScorpion March 17th, 2013 01:47 PM

Re: Dr Forcing to Induce My Labor
Stick to your guns. You're right about everything. You're young. 17 isn't a perfect age to have a child in our society because of financial and job-related issues, but biologically speaking, you're in golden territory here! A lot of first babies go "overdue" and most moms give birth between 37 and 42 weeks. Not to mention that it isn't possible to know exactly when you ovulated, only when your last period was, so due dates can be two weeks off either way! I wouldn't even think about induction until 42 weeks.

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