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Sarahbee3 February 19th, 2013 10:59 AM

want a csection over actual labor?what do you think?
Let me explain first, my husband and I are both in college,he just found out that he has a great football offer to play in another state. I wont be able to go up there till i finish my degree this coming December. I knew this was a possibility. I want to have a CSection that way if he knows the day he will be able to be here. The coaches are already okay with that, this is my first pregnancy, and I dont know if doctors usually give a csection because of preference. The main reason of wanting one is purely so I know he will be there., Do you think they would? I just found out Im pregnant so I have lots of time to plan this. I go for my first OB appointment next week.

Urchin February 20th, 2013 12:45 PM

Re: want a csection over actual labor?what do you think?
Rarely will a doctor schedule a c-section for a reason like this. C-sections are very risky and any reputable doctor will not perform one out of convenience.

I would really urge you not to go this route, personally. The benefits of a vaginal birth are so immense. If you can physically have a vaginal birth, you really should.

I know it's a really tough call. I can understand how badly you both want to witness the birth of your child together, but it may not be easy to do so if you have to find a doctor who will give you a c-section for the reason you've described.

How many hours away will your husband be? For first labours, you usually have a lot of time between when labour starts and when baby arrives. There's a very good chance he'd be able to make it home on time for the birth!

Good luck either way!

beamermarie February 20th, 2013 12:59 PM

Re: want a csection over actual labor?what do you think?
In my honest opinion, I don't understand why anyone would prefer a C-section. You should really do some research. Recovery is longer, you'll have a scar, your stomach and core muscles undergo major trauma, it can cause immense bladder damage, and has other huge risks. Recover from vaginal birth is so much easier in most cases. After C-section, you will have a hard time driving, picking up your child for weeks, and other things that will not happen with a vaginal birth. Being that he will be away, recovery and post birth ability of you to care for your child alone should be considered.

Labor is generally long, at least 12 hours in most all cases... won't that give him time? You'll also have a due date, signs or prelabor, and other indicators of when he/she will be coming.

Are you going to breastfeed? Breasfeeding is SO much more difficult when you've had a C-section. For one, it is hard to hold your child due to stomach pain. Second, the trigger for your body to start really producing milk is vaginal delivery. With a C-section, your body doesn't realize you've given birth and it is very hard, impossible for some, to get your milk to come in.

Did you know that C-section babies often have issues with their hearing and ears? Fluid is squeezed out of their ears during vaginal delivery and this doesn't happen in a C-section.

Did you know that your baby has no bacteria in his/her digestive track and will populate his her entire system with bacteria from your vagina? This is actually idea as you will have the same flora. This does not happen in a C-section.

I'd highly advise you to continue to research the risks and side effects of C-section to you and your unborn child.

beamermarie February 20th, 2013 01:11 PM

Re: want a csection over actual labor?what do you think?
Also, once you have a C-section, some doctors and hospitals will always require you to have C-Sections. Your uterus will have been cut up, flayed like a steak, and it will always risk rupturing with the contractions and/or pushing of natural birth.

Also, most hospitals do not let you hold your child after a C-section until you are stiched up, many times more than 30 minutes later. Any amount of time on google and you can read hundreds of reasons why skin to skin contact with mom in the first moments of life is so important.

Also, some hospitals make you stay an extra night if you have a C-Section. Do you love staying in hospitals?

You are more likely to have infection and/or blood clots.

Scar tissue may form inside the pelvic region causing blockage and pain. Adhesions can also lead to future pregnancy complications such as placenta previa or placental abruption.

Low APGAR scores can be the result of anesthesia, fetal distress before the delivery or lack of stimulation during delivery (Vaginal birth provides natural stimulation to the baby while in the birth canal). Babies born by cesarean are 50% more likely to have lower APGAR scores than those born vaginally.

Kelz88 February 20th, 2013 09:14 PM

Re: want a csection over actual labor?what do you think?
I dont think they will give you a c section just because you want one. As the other ladies have said please, please look into the risks and downsides involved.

When I had my twins I was horribly sore for quite a while had to stay in the hospital for 5 days and never did get my little boys to latch on. I didnt get to see them for over an hour (not until I could wiggle my toes). With my daughter I was lucky enough to get a VBAC and it was a world of difference. When I got up to pee it didnt feel like I was going to rip in half, got to see my daughter right away, and best of all she was successfully breastfed :)

SaphireScorpion March 17th, 2013 12:39 PM

Re: want a csection over actual labor?what do you think?
I would say don't do it. I was pushed into a csection that was not needed or wanted, and for almost a week after I could barely move. My incision didn't hurt...what happens, according to the doctor, is that with open abdominal surgery you can get these air bubbles inside of you. The move around and irritate muscle fibres, but the pain happens at the other end of the muscle. So I would have pain in my arms, shoulders, and back, and it would be excruciating if I was still for an hour or more (so obviously getting up in the morning was awful.) I can't even describe what the pain felt like except that it took me over 15 minutes of agony to SLITHER, not "get up" out of bed every time my daughter needed to be fed. If my husband hadn't been home I wouldn't have managed. And I do mean I had to slither to the floor in the most undignified way and then pry myself back up again. And that was only the worst of several awful problems I had resulting from the csection.

Of course, not everyone is as "lucky" as me. My mom had 3 csections with no complications and as far as she's concerned, they're wonderful. Just wanted to weigh in.

lexiandolive June 21st, 2013 09:04 AM

Re: want a csection over actual labor?what do you think?
The first week after my c section was fine. It was week 2-3 when I was trying to breastfeed and not producing milk that the problems started. I ended up in the emerg 5 of 6 days because of some weird side pain they thought may be a blood clot. (never found out what the pain was).

If you are thinking of elective c-section, that's fine but make sure you go in with your eyes wide open and have some help for the 6 weeks afterwards when you're not being catered to in the hospital. You litereally can't lift anything heavier than your baby, that includes baby in car seat.

eshute July 2nd, 2013 05:24 PM

Re: want a csection over actual labor?what do you think?
I agree with the other ladies about having a vaginal birth. It's healthier for you and your baby if you're able. I doubt a doctor will do it without a medical reason. I recently had my first child and tried for 2 days to have her naturally and it ended in an absolutely necessary c-section. I'm glad we're both healthy, but I still wish I had been able to have her vaginally. There are big risks with c-sections. Personally, my c-section incision became infected after coming home from the hospital and the doctor had to open parts of the incision back up to let the infection drain. Its been almost 5 weeks since I had my baby and I'm still not completely healed up. I've been on antibiotics the whole time. It's been really difficult because my boyfriend works a lot so I've had to take care of the baby 90% of the time, including nights. I'm only just now starting to feel like a normal person. Also, due to everything that has happened, I was unable to breastfeed. I tried and tried, but my milk never came in. My doctor and nurses (home visiting nurses for my incision infection) have all said that it's because of the trauma including the c-section.

I'm not trying to scare you, but please try to have the baby vaginally. Not only for the experience, but for your health. Like the other ladies have said, chances are your boyfriend will be able to make it home in time.

Good luck with everything.

Cccbb61013 July 7th, 2013 04:35 PM

Re: want a csection over actual labor?what do you think?
My cousin had an elective c-section at a very well respected local hospital with a very well respected doctor. The hospital in town told her no way, so she checked with another hospital about 45 min away (that a lot of women choose to go to over our local hospital anyway) & they agreed to do it. She had no complications even though she has a blood clotting disorder & just had her second baby at the same hospital via c-section. It will probably take some looking around, but you may be able to find somebody to do it.

Calendula July 11th, 2013 01:50 PM

Re: want a csection over actual labor?what do you think?
I would advise you to think of yourself... for most women I know, recovering from a c-section and caring for an infant without a partner able to be there at least part of every day is a lot more challenging.

Would scheduling an induction give you any peace of mind?

I hope your OB is able to work with you to find a balance.

Orangebrittainy August 2nd, 2013 07:47 PM

Re: want a csection over actual labor?what do you think?
Talk to your doctor and do plenty of research. Its an important decision to make.

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