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Orangebrittainy August 2nd, 2013 08:04 PM

Have to have an induction
Because of my medical problems, distance I live from the hospital, the number of Doctor's I will have to have on call and at the hospital, and the fact that I will be off my Lovenox during Labor, I was informed that the Doctor's will be inducing me at 38 weeks. I am not to happy about it, but I do understand that its the best option. I also understand that I probably won't be able to get an epidural.

What can I expect in an induction? I am really nervous about it. Please don't post about the fact that an induction increases the chance of a c-section. I get that. If I have a c-section they will have to put me out. Please don't try to talk me out of it. I have done a great job of talking myself out of it, and I don't think its working... I really believe in natural birth, and had my first son (pre-open heart surgery) naturally and epi-free.

UncetainMommy August 2nd, 2013 08:56 PM

Re: Have to have an induction
Well when we had our induction we had to go in at 4:30 in the morning to get started. I gathered that the nurses expected it to take at least 12 hours. They started me on the drugs, I can't remember which. The contractions weren't all that painful, and I got to watch my baby and the other laboring mothers babies on a monitor. (8 babies were born that day, ours was the only girl. :p) There were never more than four of us at a time. Every half hour or so they would come in and up the dosage. So the contractions kept getting stronger and closer together but not painful. Sometime between 7 and 8 I can't remember when, I'd have to ask my boyfriend but he's in bed because job. Well anyways, sometime around then the doctor came in to see how I was dilating and effacing. He decided it was good and so broke my water. Contractions got painful, and closer together. Felt more like working contractions. I didn't think I needed anymore medicine to make them come, but almost immediately a nurse came in and upped my dose again. Good lord did they get even worse. That's when I started cussing and asking for the pain meds. Nurse gave me some tylenol, said she'd contact the doctor about an epi. A few minutes later she came in and said I was getting too much of what ever they were giving me to make the contractions happen, lowered that back to what it was before my waters got broken. What seems like an eternity and just moments later I was making weird faces, and my boyfriend was contacting the nurses to say that I was having a near impossible time not pushing. Nurse came in, checked my cervix, and told me to go ahead and push but to try not to push too hard before the doctor got there. They called the doctor and he got there juuust in time to watch the nurse catch my baby. She was born at 8:38 round about four hours after I got there.

If I have to do that again, I would ask them to wait and see how I contract after having my water broke to see if I even need more medicine. But I got the impression that things going that fast is not the norm.

Orangebrittainy August 3rd, 2013 09:11 AM

Re: Have to have an induction
Thanks for sharing. You only hear horror stories usually, its nice to hear a normal story. Can't wait to hear more about from others.

UncetainMommy August 3rd, 2013 10:13 PM

Re: Have to have an induction
It wasn't my first choice by any-means, but it wasn't horrible either.

jumpingoffplace January 13th, 2014 11:08 AM

Re: Have to have an induction
I was induced with my daughter because of cholestasis. It was just too dangerous for her to stay in there and while I didn't really want it, I knew it was best. Mine happened a little differently. I went to my OB appt at 38 weeks and was miserable. It was July so it was REALLY hot on top of back pain, etc. The doc must have gotten scared because she said I wasn't leaving without my baby. I was brought up to L&D and because they were busy they gave me the progesterone cream on my cervix overnight and started the pitocin the next morning. It took FOREVER for anything to happen. Finally about 6 hours in, the contractions were coming. Painful but not unmanageable. But they kept upping the dosage, and each time they did, the stronger the contractions became. The nurse was practically begging me to get an epi but I refused. I lost track of time. I remember gripped the rails on the bed, and reminding myself to breathe. At some point I started feeling the urge to push. But pushing was painful so I only pushed a little until I worked up the nerve to just keep pushing- knowing I had to to get through it. Because of my size and my daughter's size I was laid on my back to push because the dr (who was wonderful) was afraid she wouldn't fit under my pubic bone if I didn't. That was like pushing uphill. In the midst of it all I was hemmoraging because of the cholestasis and I didn't know it. I felt it- blood vessels popping down there but I didn't care. I wanted my baby OUT. She was finally born at 10:25pm, all 8lbs 4oz of her and was absolutely perfect.

The most important thing to know about inductions is that ANY time you force your body to do what it isn't quite ready for, it IS a little harder, but it's not unmanageable as long as you are educated and not afraid. Fear is a woman's biggest enemy in birth- induced or not.

Good luck Mama!

rachelc0 January 27th, 2014 11:47 AM

Re: Have to have an induction
with Keegan i was induced and actually it was a more relaxing experience because i felt more in control. it's not waiting and waiting and waiting and thinking every little cramp could be it. i was able to have an epidural which was nice. would i induce again? if the situation called for it, i would. but i would much rather try to let labor come naturally.

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