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forgivenbygracee September 10th, 2013 11:15 AM

freaked out about second labor being really short!!!!
Hi Ladies,
I am a bit freaked out that my second labor will be too short. I want to labor at home for as long as possible because I want a natural hospital birth, but at the same time, my first labor was only a total of 9 hours. I had an appointment that morning and knew I was having Braxton hicks contractions, but thought they felt different. My appointment was at 9, I was dilating and effacing. I still thought it would be a while, but my midwife told me to go home, eat, and attempt to nap if I could. I was determined to get some laundry done at my mother-in-laws house, but John convinced me to come home. I waited an hour or so, and then called John to tell him to come home. I don't know how long we waited, but we went back to the midwife, she checked me and told me to go back home, wait two hours (no more), then go to the hospital. She knew I wanted to labor at home as long as I could. I do know that we got to the hospital between 3-4 and Levi was born shortly before 7. I am sure that I was labor for a while, but it wasn't uncomfortable and I could sleep just fine. I thought they were just Braxton Hicks. So, even if I were to count the hours that it wasn't uncomfortable, the labor was only 9 hours. That isn't a long time! So this time around, I am hoping that it is just a tad shorter, but I don't want it to be ridiculously short. Watch me end up being one of those women who have a ridiculously long second labor instead of shorter. lol What have your experiences been with a natural first and second birth? My hospital is only 30 minutes away, but the thing that worries me is getting the babysitter here on time and calling my family who lives 2.5 hours away. My mom is my "main babysitter," but we do have back ups close to us in case she isn't able to be here in time.

At the same time, I like to labor with just my husband, so I don't want a bunch of people around either if it is going to be a while...but if it is only going to be a few hours, they may just have to be there and such. What have your experiences been? I am going to talk to my midwife about a "game plan" at my next appointment, but wanted to ask you ladies until then. :)

jessmgt October 4th, 2013 12:11 PM

Re: freaked out about second labor being really short!!!!
In my experience it could go any way. Every baby, pregnancy, labor, and delivery is different...
For everyone EXCEPT ME!
My first I checked into the hospital at 10:58pm, baby boy #1 born at 1:58am.
second I checked into hospital at 11pm, midwife had pity on me and broke my water approx 230am, baby boy #2born just shy of 9am.
Third I checked into hospital at approx 11pm, baby girl#1 born approx 2am.
Currently due with number 4, baby boy #3, mid Jan. So unless a blizzard comes through town I'm sure hell be just like the others.
All three were approximately 6 hours of labor total, including 45mins to 1 1/2 hours of pushing time.
So it really can be very similar or very different for each time. With my first I was dialated to 4cm upon checkin, second was at approx 3cm dialated upon checkin, third I was dialated to 4cm for a MONTH before she was born!! So upon checkin was at approx 5cm dialated.
but for me all three were very similar even though for most ladies labor is shorter with each baby after number one...
good luck!!

jessmgt October 4th, 2013 12:16 PM

Re: freaked out about second labor being really short!!!!
I also chose to have midwives for my first three, and would have for this one too if I wasn't going to have my tubes tied shortly after birth...
awesome experiences, only had epesiotamy(spelling oops) with the first, 9lbs 2oz was too big for me to continue pushing, so I asked to be cut. Second and third no cuts, lots of massages and stretching done by my midwife, and healed super duper fast afterwards! Good luck and God bless!

rachelc0 December 17th, 2013 12:47 PM

Re: freaked out about second labor being really short!!!!
SIL was kind of in the same boat. her first daughter was 8hr labor, second daughter was 2hrs. and they couldn't even get the OB on call up to her fast enough, they had to have an emergency room doc deliver.

second labors are almost always shorter, so maybe be prepared for something very quick.

my first labor was 25.5hrs, second was about 6.5hrs

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