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HippyMomOf4 January 25th, 2011 11:41 AM

how do u
Deal with rude comments from family or anyone?

I'm so tired of hearing u know What causes that right. Or are those all yours I mean I only have 3 kids right now and one on the way. How do u deal with negative comments

mom2many2010 January 25th, 2011 11:50 AM

Re: how do u
I must be super easy going cause stuff like that doesn't bother me, for the "you know what causes that?" I usually reply with "Yep and boy do we have fun trying". For the "are they all yours" I give the "Yep every last one, we decided to up our chances at having a millionaire in the family" but that is only on the days where I am feeling snarky most of the time just answer with a yes and move on.

#5in2005 January 25th, 2011 11:58 AM

Re: how do u
ask them why. I find that usually (not always) people think they're being funny or witty and asking them why makes them stop and think a second about how what they're saying comes across.

We don't really get this about the amount of kids we have, but about them being all girls, so when someone says "poor dad" or "you have to try for a boy" I just ask why, like I understand why they would say something like that.

Occasionally when I've had a few too many comments like that I get snarky, but I like this one best.

Just_Marie January 25th, 2011 04:58 PM

Re: how do u
We're on #5 and I haven't had a -ve comment to my face yet, but I can't wait!
A friend of ours was whining a few months ago that my kids actually had to share bedrooms, omg! The kids are 1,2 and 4-they're coping just fine;)
We're finishing the basement so the bad comments stop;)

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