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sarahlorrain June 5th, 2013 10:48 AM

More cloth diaper questions ...
Cloth diaper mamas -

Ok, so I have a decent stash of cloth diapers (18 or so) and my cloth diaper friendly detergent is going to arrive today! Yay!

Soo... I'm trying to make sure I've got this figured out. As I understand it, it looks like for the first wash, I should:

Wash them twice and rinse at least once, all on hot.
Machine dry on hot.

Then for subsequent washes I should:
Cold prewash, hot wash and cold rinse, then tumble dry the inserts and line dry the liners.

Or have I got it all messed up??? :confused:

LABs June 5th, 2013 12:38 PM

Re: More cloth diaper questions ...
Sounds right to me! I throw everything in the drier and I've never had a problem. Line drying is probably better, but takes time that I don't have any more. When I only had two I line dried everything!

Momtothe6thpower June 5th, 2013 01:31 PM

Re: More cloth diaper questions ...
That'll work! I can't even remember how I washed them the first time, lol! I all sounds complicated at first but it really isn't. I didn't even use special detergent, I used original Tide.

Christina642 July 26th, 2013 02:46 PM

Re: More cloth diaper questions ...
I always used tide as well. I also don't have time to line dry so I did the dryer thing and never had problems. But If you line dry everything it helps with stains. Your routine sounds good. Just keep in mind it really could change depending on how hard your water is. The biggest thing is when rinsing make sure all soap gets rinsed out.

Jenilope July 27th, 2013 06:57 AM

Re: More cloth diaper questions ...
:ditto: making sure the soap is all out is the most important part, when I first started (and again when I moved) I would keep the lid open for the rinse cycle to make sure there were no more bubbles and I had to just keep fussing with temp, number of cycles and amount of detergent until I got used to my water.

And first wash also varies depending on what type of diaper you're using. I switched to cotton/hemp inserts with baby #3 (I used MF before that) and I had to hot wash, then machine dry the inserts 6-8 times (less emphasis on the soap for the first 5-7 washes) to get the natural oils off so they would absorb instead of repel. It was kind of a pain, but they work SO well and feel so much nicer than the MF (to me) when I stuff the diapers, I don't dread that chore anymore.

Now, I wash them with a hot or warm soak regular wash, extra rinse (cold) and I line dry covers and inserts, but throw the inserts in for a fluff after they're dry just to soften them up (they take a long time to dry, which is more money than I want to spend on them in the dryer, but when I line dry, they get stiff, so a tumble for 20 minutes after they've dried has been my compromise) And I run the PUL covers through the drier once a month, I read that it's good for them to help them stay "sealed" I don't know if that's true or not, I just do it.

Oh, and I also use Tide. And I don't separate my covers and inserts before the wash, they always come apart by the spin cycle on their own and always come out clean, so I figure I don't need to do any extra handling. I've definitely found that the more often I wash the less staining I have to deal with. So, while I have over 30 diapers for newborns, I still try to wash at least every 2 days, but I've never had a newborn (read breast milk only) stain that wouldn't sun out. Solid foods present a bit more of a challenge since I don't use liners.

It can sound really complicated, but once you get to know your diapers and your water, you're good to go, and they're so cute and save so much money!

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