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#5in2005 July 9th, 2014 11:21 AM

are you frugal or practical? (or both?)
Which do you consider yourself to be? And did you grow up this way or did you learn to be this way as your family got bigger.

I'd consider myself more practical than frugal, but have my frugal moments, there's just some stuff that I refuse to pay for.

I don't like spending money on eating out, I don't mind doing it occasionally when there's a fun factor involved, but I've been packing a lot of coolers lately. It's how I grew up. The funny thing is that my older brother is "scarred"by us never eating out as kids, and as a result always eats out when he's on the road.

MIL2lissy8 July 9th, 2014 12:12 PM

Re: are you frugal or practical? (or both?)
i think i am practical but i eat out WAY TOO MUCH! my dh likes to go out so we do. plus i am tired of cooking so much after parenting for 35 years.

i am a careful shopper though. i buy at target, wal-mart or kohls about 95% of the time, use generics when buying groceries when i can (some things do matter!).

HalfDozen July 9th, 2014 04:54 PM

Re: are you frugal or practical? (or both?)
It depends on the moment or circumstances. I would say I'm more practical than frugal, but my family likes to tell me I'm cheap. ;) I do shop at different grocery stores, depending on what's on sale, etc., and I don't like to pay full price for clothing. I think much more of it has evolved as my family has grown. There's just not the extra funds that there were when we had a smaller house and smaller and fewer kids.

mom2many2010 July 10th, 2014 08:04 AM

Re: are you frugal or practical? (or both?)
My family will also tell you I am cheap, and I am to an extent. I think it comes down to limited resources and limited space. I have to be more aware, cause as of now money doesn't grow on tree's and our house is small.

As a child going out to eat was something we did with my grandma, we rarely did it. I have no problem hitting a drive-thru every now and then, but for the most part we eat before we leave and I pack an ice chest for longer trips.

deaths final kiss July 11th, 2014 12:52 AM

Re: are you frugal or practical? (or both?)
I try to be practical. I HATE spending money on food when we are out, but lately, we've been in such a time crunch when we run errands, that if we don't hit a drive thru, DH won't get to eat before work.

I also hate being the voice of reason, DH spends more than I'd like him to most of the time. I rarely buy anything unnecessary, and when I do, I feel guilty. I'm always stressed about money, and bills... and knowing that something always breaks/goes wrong, when we don't have money to take care of it.

With this move, I'm SO stressed. More bills (public water/sewer), further commute for work/errands... Idk how we're going to make it all work out.

cybele July 11th, 2014 03:40 AM

Re: are you frugal or practical? (or both?)
I'm the type of person that umms and ahhs about the space of things. I'm not really frugal, the situation has called for me to be in the past, but now it's more about "Ugh we don't need more stuff".

I admit we eat out a fair bit. Nothing like how I did when I was a kid, my parents were really into fine dining and we were out multiple times weekly, at some place completely unsuitable for a child but I was expected to sit there and enjoy my oysters. But once a week or so I find myself out, sometimes with kids, sometimes with friends, sometimes with my husband, sometimes with his whole extended family (ie: the times we book out entire restaurants). It's just something I enjoy. I'm probably the last person who will pack a cooler (or as we call it here, an esky).

~mommy~ July 11th, 2014 09:24 AM

Re: are you frugal or practical? (or both?)
I am frugal dh is spendy. His attitude is years from now you'll never miss the $$, but the memories will be priceless. I have relaxed a lot since marrying him, but am still pretty tight. I figure he earns it, so it's his right to spend as he desires, It's my job to save and be frugal.

jersey_gray August 5th, 2014 12:13 AM

Re: are you frugal or practical? (or both?)
Practical. I'm not dragging little kids and infants to multiple stores to save just a few bucks. Need to have a real savings for me to do that. I get tired of constant dishes so I prefer eating out for that reason. I pack a cooler and water when getting together with mom friends and littles. When it's a family trip we usually hit up fast food. When we go to coast Grandma fries chicken and brings all sorts of goodness.

angelinal09 August 6th, 2014 07:27 AM

Re: are you frugal or practical? (or both?)
I'd say I'm practical. I usually shop consignment and thrift stores for the younger kids clothes (and mine too). Even for the older kids, who are now into name brands, I refuse to pay the sales price. I'll take them to Plato's Closet (a consignment shop for current style/name brand clothes for teens/young adults) or have them look online at the clearance specials for the brands they like and then see if they can find coupon codes.

As for groceries, it becomes a little more difficult. The types of food we eat are relatively expensive, especially when you figure in so many people.

When it comes to stuff like electric/cable/gas/etc., I tend to go for comfort more than cost. If I'm hot or cold, I don't mind running the ac's or the heater and then leaving them on so that everyone's comfortable.

Counting our Blessings August 8th, 2014 07:28 AM

Re: are you frugal or practical? (or both?)
I'm not sure! I would say very practical, we buy all clothes used, mostly, we do buy skirts for the older girls and myself custom made because they are hard to find for younger teens and maternity skirts. We eat out with the kids about every two weeks, but that's about it. We raise our own meats, veggies, etc to save money and for health and quality reasons. We take 2 vacations a year to hotels.

Without kiddos being in school/sports we save money that we can use to do these things. Our business has done well in it's second year, and we can afford to do these things.

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