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Britt3 June 5th, 2011 06:59 AM

Toddler with ADHD?
Edited: I just found the ADHD forum!

Ok ladies, I need help. I'm at my witt's end..

I have made an appointment for my 2 1/2 year old son, but until then I need some help. My son is everything a 2 year old should be, times 100. I have been around, lived with, and seen other kids his age on a daily basis and I've never seen one as bad as him. He is a sometimes loving child, but will randomly hit, get aggressive, etc. He is non-stop, and I do mean that. He won't even sit still to watch Thomas for more than 2 minutes, and that's not an exaggeration.. and he loves Thomas! He is constantly throwing food, spitting food, hitting, touching the stove even though he's been told 1 million times it's hot, and after time out, he runs back for more of anything to get into trouble. I am consistant with discipline, and I can't do this alone much more.

My mother is a pharmacist, has 7 kids, and 9 grandkids. She even says she KNOWS it's ADHD, and a bad case as well.

My questions are:

Will I even find a doctor who will take me serious? I know this isn't normal 2 year old behavior, and It's getting to the point where my son is in time out most of the day, and neither of us can live a happy life. He needs some form of treatment.

How do you cope with it? Do meds help your child with ADHD? How long until you noticed a difference after starting any meds? And last, but definitely not least-- is there anyone else out there who noticed this behavior before the "normal" 5-6 year age range? Anyone go through this? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

-frustrated mother.

MauMama June 5th, 2011 05:48 PM

Re: Toddler with ADHD?
I think you just keep going until you find someone who *hears* what you are saying and listens. I can't tell you the relief I felt when the Paed was actually asking the right questions and we were on the same wavelength.

I know there is a med they use in some children with Aspergers that helps with impulse control but honestly, he is 2 and there isn't a lot of mental, physical and emotional control at that age.

Is there a daycare or preschool in your area that works with integration? He might really enjoy the activities of older boys and groups of children slightly older than him. They might be able to interest him and I can imagine YOU need a break.

It is exhausting having a 2 year old to begin with, but day after day, hour after hours, it starts to feel like I'm going to suffocate, and mine is almost 6. I also think the earlier you can integrate into the mainstream, the better. Mine is really, really struggling, and while ADHD isn't her LD, she has Aspergers and just cannot work into the classroom situation.

Hugs, I hope you can find someone to listen to your concerns. It is SO hard at times.

Rusha June 13th, 2011 10:14 AM

Re: Toddler with ADHD?
I can't really answer your questions but your doctor can. I would say take him to the doctor! If it is not ADHD it could be Austism, or Aspergers, or ODD. Good luck!!

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