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Bella Nyxe September 15th, 2011 10:15 AM

My Carter has apraxia, his twin, Reece, does not. Reece just made ALL A's on his midterm. Carter Did not. im sad for Carter and happy for Reece. they both understand the material and do great work, in their own ways. Carter needs some extra help with his reading and writing. I already work extra games into his spelling work and they both are starting the writing club at the library (starts this sat. we were unable to do it throught the summer due to schedualing so this is exciting :D ).

So, im looking for some reading "help" for a BOY with apraxia of speech. worksheets, game ideas,etc. i have soem ideas of my own and we love crafts. anything additional would be a great help.

waiting on the speech therapist and teacher to call me back about his grades. i will be asking the therapist for suggestions but thought another mom who went through similer type of needs could help.


Rusha September 30th, 2011 03:15 PM

Re: Apraxia?
I had never heard of apraxia so I had to look it up. I found lots of resources but they seemed juvenile to me. How old is your son? I am guessing if he is in school and taking tests there might not be as many things out there - it seems a lot of the resources are for preschoolers. I will keep my eyes open in case I see or hear of anything!

Bella Nyxe October 2nd, 2011 07:08 AM

Re: Apraxia?
there really is not a lot out there. He is almost 8 and was diagnosed between two and three years of age. we have been working with Carter his whole life and he is way more clear sounding then most kids with apraxia his age. iv been talking with his therapist and his teacher about this new problemthat has arised and will be compiling a binder with info to be updated by me each year and to share with each teacher he has. its going to be a small fight, but since im a loud mommy, im confidant that the outsome will come in Carters favor. :D

just looking for some speach work to help him now. may have to be inventive some up with it on my own.

thanks you Rusha, for replying to my post. :heart:

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