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pinkpopsicles January 3rd, 2013 09:10 AM

Autism--need some advice about school
So I'm posting here as well as the special needs board because I know there are a few mommies on here that have school aged children on the spectrum and I'm just about at my wits end trying to figure out what to do about this situation.
Basically DS has high functioning autism (pdd-nos) and is mainstreamed in his first grade class. It's not going so well. Academics are great--he's well beyond his grade level and most of his peers which is great. He just has trouble controlling his anxiety in class and has very frequent, dramatic and sometimes violent meltdowns (he's managed to leave school and they've had to chase him). From what I'm hearing they're not transitioning him very well and they're not doing a whole lot to make his environment quieter and less chaotic. It also sounds like most of the problems are coming during unstructered free time which he shouldn't have in the first place. Basically, not an autism friendly classroom.
All in all I guess what I'm saying is that because he's mainstreamed and they want to keep him that way, the school doesn't want to make many accomodations for him, they just want to teach him to deal with the regular classroom environment which clearly isn't working. I offered to homeschool him for the remainder of the school year because his regular teacher will soon go on maternity leave (and I think poor DS may literally self destruct when that happens) and they immediately got upset with me saying that would be the worst thing for him.
I'm a good sport most of the time. If the experts at school or the clinic tell me something is good for DS, I go with it even if my gut says it may not work out. I'm just really torn on this one because I don't think the staff at the school know how to handle him well and I hate to see him suffer.
Any teachers or parents have any insight or suggestions--I'm really at my wits end on this one.

TreeTog January 3rd, 2013 12:17 PM

Re: Autism--need some advice about school
What does his IEP say? Do you have an Advocate?

MomAtWork October 21st, 2013 07:48 PM

Re: Autism--need some advice about school
It is quite an old thread but here are my 2c worth.

My son is Autistic too and we had decided for him to go to mainstream school as well. He is now nearly 16 and I must say, it hasn't been an easy ride in the schools. Basically the problem comes down to training and re-training the school about what Autism is all about and how it has affected my son. Year after year we continue to fight the same battles with school for something or another.

Schooling is something you have to struggle with if you want your child to go to mainstream. At Home, however, you need to follow some sort of structured routine which provides intervention as well as moves them along in the academics.

Hope you have made the right choice.

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