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Gaby&Emmy'sMama August 13th, 2012 08:10 PM

Children & discussing sexuality
Are any of your children at the age that they've asked questions about sexuality?
Or if they know you are in a relationship with a woman (or have been), have they asked about it? Or do they just seem to 'go with the flow'??

do you remember ever discussing sexuality with YOUR parents?

ashleighgurl August 14th, 2012 09:13 PM

Re: Children & discussing sexuality
DD is still too young for me to have any talks with her. But, we are extremely close with my mom and her partner and also my brother who is gay, so she will grow up in a very accepting and nonjudgmental environment. Eventually, I'm sure we will have a talk, but that's pretty far off.

I remember my mom having a talk with me once when she was still married to my dad. She told me that she would support me no matter what and wouldn't judge.

drama.geek August 15th, 2012 08:36 AM

Re: Children & discussing sexuality
Well...Pokey lives inside me and is very tiny still. And my dog has no questions regarding sexuality. So no talks so far. My kid will be raised by two moms, some gay uncles, a few lesbian aunts, and a bi-sexual dad. I think they'll have more questions about what heterosexuality is.

I don't really remember my mom and I ever having an official talk. One of her friends had a son who was gay (about 10 years older then me) and once I saw him kiss his boyfriend. My mom asked if I had any questions about what I saw. I wanted to know why they weren't going swimming with us. That was it. That was my big question. Two dudes kissing? Cool. But why aren't they swimming with us? When I started dating girls my mom asked if I was a lesbian, I just shrugged and said "Maybe, I like girls. A lot. But...I still kind of like guys" and she said "Whatever makes you happy. Just don't get pregnant and practice safe lesbian sex....however you do that".

purlyrocker August 17th, 2012 10:52 AM

Re: Children & discussing sexuality
My cousin has been talking to me about her own sexual orintation lately. She's devolped feelings for one of her female friends and is questioning if she's ever really been intreasted in guys or just did what she was told to do. She lives with us, and even though I'm not really her mom, I'm the closest she's got right now.

She's always known I'm gay. Mostly because her parents referred to me as "Sadie the d.yke whose going to hell" (which is much longer then just Sadie), but she's always been accepting. She never understood why her parents had such an issue with gay people.

I talked extensivly with my parents about my sexuality, and sexuality in general. They were always "You can love who you love" type hippie people. But when I started to hit puberty, I started being a little more friendly with my female friends. My mom asked if I thought I might like girls, I said I did, but that I liked boys too. She explained that was called being bi-sexual, that it was just fine, and that my father was bi-sexual too. My parents are total PFLAG parents. I'm not sure they would've known what to do with a straight kid.

Gaby&Emmy'sMama August 20th, 2012 05:18 PM

Re: Children & discussing sexuality

Originally Posted by drama.geek (Post 26405387)
I think they'll have more questions about what heterosexuality is

that's a REALLY good point actually... I think my children will probably be the same way... Lauriel's kids will both have Mum & Dad active in their life when we're living together, but for my girls.. they'll barely ever see their fathers, so I guess the familial norm they'll know IS two Mum's.......

As for me... I have spoken to Gaby, but it was more of a brief 'men can love men, women can love women' type talk, and not specifically about *my* sexuality... She knows that me and Lauriel are in love, and that we're getting married and she's excited about it!

I have never spoken to my parents about my sexuality as such... We've never sat down and discussed the fact I'm in love with a woman, or feel sexually attracted to women.. they just accept it for what it is :)

chillaxinbabe August 24th, 2012 09:43 AM

Re: Children & discussing sexuality
My kids aren't really noticing their own sexuality (though DS wants to be Blaine, because Blaine kisses Kurt so....there's that), but they have gay people in their lives. They understand Mama likes girls, and that some boys like boys, and it's all ok. DS will asked me about making DGF his other mommy, so he gets it.

I don't speak to my parents at all. My dad I never knew, my mom I quit talking to when my uncle took custody of me. But my uncle and I have talked about my sexuality extensivly. He's gay himself (seriously, it's gentic, everyone in my family is gay), so he has always been accepting. He was a little surprised when I came out...given that I told him I was a lesbian not long after I had DS. So ya know...a bit of confusion on his part. But he's always been fine with it.

Cheshire September 1st, 2012 10:50 PM

Re: Children & discussing sexuality
Popping in because this popped up on a search for me...but uhh...why are there three banned people? I knew that last girl from another forum! Anywho...HI EMMA! My parents were always jerks about sexuality. They taught us just by show that it was gross for people to be in same sex relationships. They would "ew" at the images and things like that. With my kids, I talk about it like it's exactly the same. They don't notice the difference yet, they usually just ask me if people who are kissing are married. I plan to keep it as "normal" to them as possible because I don't want them raised to feel negatively about gays like we were.

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