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*~~Shannon~~* October 18th, 2011 11:04 AM

Input for inserts?
I just placed an order from Wazoodle (so I have plenty of time to plan :rolleyes: since I hear that they are slow shippers). I got 2 yards of Zorb, 1 yard of microfleece, 1 yard of bamboo fleece and a few other misc things that are already earmarked. I want to make some inserts and can't decide how to do them. I've recently realized that DS's poor sleeping could be due to feeling the moisture from his PFs, so I'm trying to keep microfleece next to his skin at least for nighttime and he's become a heavy wetter, so I want these to be as super absorbent as possible.

Option 1: Trifolds. Cut Zorb, bamboo, and flannel (from home stash) into 12"x15" rectangles and 4 inch wide strips of microfleece. Sandwich together flannel, 2 layers of Zorb, bamboo and a strip of microfleece down the top. When folded, there would be 6 layers of Zorb, 3 layers of flannel, 3 layers of bamboo and 1 layer of microfleece. Then these could be stuffed inside pockets or placed in covers. This would yield 9 inserts and leave me microfleece left over for some staydry liners and some leftover bamboo for whatever.

Option 2: Traditional inserts. Cut Zorb and bamboo into 4"x15" rectangles. Sandwich 3 layers of Zorb between 2 layers of bamboo. Possibly top some of them with a layer of microfleece. I could get 18 inserts from this.

Option 3: Mix and Match. Make 4 or 5 of the trifolds for overnights and use the rest of the material for the thinner inserts.

I'm so indecisive! Right now, I need overnight inserts, but I have this fear of using up $56 worth of material (considering I've only spent $100 total on diapers so far, that's a lot of money!), then next week deciding I want more standard inserts. Also, because I've never used Zorb, is 3 layers in an insert really enough? ACK! What would you do?

alicenwonderland October 18th, 2011 02:18 PM

Re: Input for inserts?
i would make one of each to start. and then make mroe of what you like :)

8miraclez October 18th, 2011 08:07 PM

Re: Input for inserts?
Make enough nighttime soakers to get through 4 or 5 nights, then make some trimmer inserts for daytime use. I have some fitteds I grab for nighttime just because they have trifold soakers.

SuJo October 18th, 2011 11:09 PM

Re: Input for inserts?
If you make the trifolds and decide you dislike them you could just cut them into regular inserts, no lost fabric.

For the trifolds, have you considered making them half that and folding two together, or a larger sheet ( like 30x8) that is folded in half, then tin half again? Should get you the same amount of layers and dry quicker. I haven't used zorb, but I would worry that that many layers of anything sandwiched together might be hard to get clean. Or make them with less and use 2 at a time at night (or one with a reg insert style folded in half in the front).

shen7 October 25th, 2011 07:48 PM

Re: Input for inserts?
I am interested to hear how they turn out, KUP!!! I just placed an order for some Zorb II, among other things. I'd like to continue with my nighttime sock design, making trifold or snakey things that I sandwich together and stuff in the sock each time so they can all wash out easily. I am VERY wary of how clean the Zorb will get in the FLer, I am paranoid already about my hemp getting clean. But also the folding, stuffing etc is a PITA, so I am thinking about alternatives.

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