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CassCramer October 1st, 2013 08:57 PM

I've had bipolar and anxiety as long as I can remember, just didn't know that's what it was. I was officially diagnosed in March 2013. I take a mood stabilizer (one step below "therapeutic level") and have a short-term anxiety medication I take for panic attacks or if I feel one coming on. Not sure if naming meds is okay or not so I'll leave it at that. It seems to help, but the only way I noticed was because I feel "crazy" when I don't take my pills. I get really irritable, mad about everything, my day will go from euphoric to hell in a matter of seconds, etc.

Me personally... I'm Cassie (25), mom to Xander (almost 5) and Wyatt (1), girlfriend to Brett (22). He knows I'm bipolar, which takes a lot of stress off me. He is a huge help, when he knows I'm stressed he tells me to stop stressing out (in a playful way) and it actually helps a lot. Not because of what he says, but he just has that effect on me. I've been through a lot, and I have a really hard time dealing with it especially if I took my pills late or forgot one day. I go to Celebrate Recovery - basically a 12 step program for ANY struggle, not just alcohol or drugs. Mine are bipolar, anxiety, grief, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and friend issues. I'm sure there are more, that's off the top of my head. Me in a nutshell.

Hi :)

MommytoZoeAlyssa October 2nd, 2013 08:29 AM

Re: Intro
Welcome everyone here is very supportive and nice :) Look forward to getting to know you!

pattyandthemoos October 15th, 2013 08:44 AM

Re: Intro
Hi. I am sorry for not welcoming you sooner. I kind of had a rough week last week and haven't been over here like I should. I have bipolar 1 and have been diagnosed since I was 18. I have a feeling we are taking similar meds and yes, you can post about them. I take lithium, risperidol, and ativan. And I am exactly like you with my meds. I don't realize they are helping me until I don't take them. If I miss more than a dose or too I will get hypomanic really quickly and then usually I will have a depression episode shortly after that. I rapid cycle and sometimes can have my moods shift 6 or 7 times in one day.

My dh is the best when it comes to my bipolar disorder. I met him when I was 18 and told him right off the bat that I had bipolar disorder and if that wasn't something he could deal with I wasn't the girl for him and he has been great from the get-go. It's really good when you have a supportive partner that understands. It just makes a huge difference.

I'm glad you posted. I hope you will come back and post some more. It's kind of slow here but I'm hoping that more gals will start posting.

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