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pattyandthemoos March 25th, 2014 08:06 AM

Borderline personality disorder, what do you know about it?
My daughter is having some mental health issues right now and from reading on the symptoms I think she may have borderline personality disorder. We have a family history of bipolar disorder, but I have not seen her have any symptoms of mania and really believe that what she is dealing with is a personality disorder.

What do you know about it? Anyone? What medications have been most helpful for you? And how treatable is this condition? Any info would be appreciated, especially if you have this diagnosis and have personal experience with it. Is this something that should be treatable with medication and counseling?

elisheva March 26th, 2014 04:23 PM

Re: Borderline personality disorder, what do you know about it?
i know that i have it, but im still learning to understand it. i feel the correct emotions at the right times, but i feel them at an extreme level. so a mood stabilizer was really helpful. however, i have been off of all my meds since Nov. 2013 since im trying to get pregnant. i have been doing great so far, but i owe that to my partner, who looks out for me and talks me through things. counseling and meds help some people, but not everyone.

pattyandthemoos March 28th, 2014 08:26 AM

Re: Borderline personality disorder, what do you know about it?
Thanks for your input. That's exactly what she has problems with. She overreacts to things and has extreme emotions. She doesn't have the mood swings like I do (mania or hypomania/depression) but she has problems regulating her moods. She is taking a mood stabilizer. She was on seroquel but they switched her to lithium and I'm happy about that because that is what I take so I think it will help her. I just don't think they have her dosage high enough yet to keep her stable. The problem with her is she tells everyone she is fine and her depression is a zero but she's not. It's hard to know how she is "really" feeling when she isn't honest with us and her pyschiciatrist.

pattyandthemoos March 28th, 2014 02:05 PM

Re: Borderline personality disorder, what do you know about it?
Well I went to see my psychiatrist today and he thinks my dd has bipolar disorder, which really makes sense because we have a strong family history of it. My grandmother (my dad's dad) had it and was on lithium for 30 years, my dad's sister commited suicide, two of my brothers have it, and I have it. The odds of one of my kids having bipolar disorder is just really strong. They have her on lithium anyway (I think her diagnosis is just mood disorder at this point) so I'm really hoping that it helps her. I think that they just need to get her dosage right.

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