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Dakotas_mom March 3rd, 2011 11:19 AM

March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
Here are a few questions to get your conversations started but feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like to get to know each other better. The goal is to try to get to know your buddy as well as possible during this month! Have fun.

-Name(No last names please)?
- SOs Name?
-Where you are originally from?
-Where you live now?
-Branch of service/how many years?

Random Question of the month: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

katylady March 3rd, 2011 06:52 PM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
-Name(No last names please)? Kathryn
- SOs Name? Johnny
-Birthday? April 2nd
-Where you are originally from? Southern Ca
-Where you live now? Oregon
-Kids? TTC #1
-Pets? dog, Mollie is a boxer :)
-Branch of service/how many years? Marine Corps 6 years, ARNG 5 years
-Hobbies? decorating my house...we just bought a house last Sept.

Random Question of the month: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Ya never know with this economy but I do enjoy my job. So right here with a baby just livin the civilian life.

sweet.hun March 4th, 2011 01:30 PM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
-Name(No last names please)? Shasta
- SOs Name? Jesse
-Birthday? June 23rd
-Where you are originally from? Tucson, AZ
-Where you live now? still Tucson (just found out we're going to Dover, Delaware in August)
-Kids? Currently 10 weeks pregnant
-Pets? 2 cats, Tinker and Bell
-Branch of service/how many years? Air Force. DH has been in for 3 years
-Hobbies? Scrapbooking, playing WoW

Random Question of the month: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Not too sure! Hopefully somewhere warm! HAHA!

katylady March 4th, 2011 05:47 PM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
Congrats on your pregnancy!

I was born in Phoenix, AZ. my dad's side of the family is out there.

I just closed my account for WoW a month ago to keep up with the house chores. hehe.

do you work or go to school?

sweet.hun March 4th, 2011 11:37 PM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
I actually just became a SAHM. I did work, but after they basically told me that I was on probation due to my morning sickness and would not accept one more absence, I decided it was in my best interest to quit. This was even after explaining to my boss that my OB ordered bed rest.

I may have to close my WoW account soon. I just don't find it fun anymore. :(

What's your favorite store for house decorating? I absolutely LOVE Pier 1. Since we don't have my income anymore I've been avoiding that store. HAHA! Do you work at all?

katylady March 5th, 2011 09:17 AM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
oh house decorating stores are hard for where I live. The best I got around me is Target and Home Depot. If I want to travel a half hour or so I have Pier 1. And of course they're great, but you'd really have to make sure what you bought actually had a place before you brought it home.

For example, Johnny just came home with curtains that match our bathroom. We don't have windows in our bathroom. He said they'd look great somewhere in the house. He doesn't even have an idea as where to put the curtains he just bought. And they're not even packaged anymore. I think he went to Goodwill and found them. Ugh. I don't know what to tell him yet, but I don't think they're going to work out. LOL.

I work for Early Intervention. I'm an Inclusion Assistant. Love working with special needs children. :) just worried at the moment because I think my job is on the chopping block. I was the last to be hired, so I'm thinking I'll be let go at the end of the school year. It's a little dishearting because we use my paycheck for the mortgage. I know it will all work out in the end, just sucks to be in the position I'm in, not knowing.

They're most likely will be another postion with the school district. One of our girls is blind and I've been learning braille, so if they choose to have a one on one aid with her I'm sure I'll have an advantage of most ppl who would be applying. I'm sure God will provide and everything will work out.

Are you guys lifers in the military?
Any thoughts of names or decor ideas for the babies room?

I know it's early it's just so fun thinking of all the stuff you've got to get ready for!

sweet.hun March 5th, 2011 09:40 PM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
My mom used to work as an aide in a special needs classroom at my old elementary school. She absolutely loved working with those kids. I definitely thought about doing that when I was younger, but I went to trade school to become a Pharmacy Technician instead. LOL.

As of right now we are lifers. However, Jesse (DH) is extremely torn about it still. I would just like it if he didn't get deployed every year. Unfortunately, he's a civil engineer so they get rotated so quickly.

Ok, so names. We have had a girl and boy name picked out since before we were married. LOL! It will either be Logan James for a boy (which I strongly think it's a boy) or Zoey Marie for a girl. And I would absolutely love to do a monkey theme, no matter what the gender. They have some cute monkey items at Baby's R Us. Even the girl monkey stuff is just SO ADORABLE!!!

What about you? Do you have any names picked out already? How long have you been TTC #1? Are you doing anything different for this cycle than you have in the past?

katylady March 6th, 2011 10:32 AM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
The TTC journey has been a rollercoaster ride. When Johnny came home last May he went with me to a doctors appt. where I told the doctor about my irregular cycles and hair growth in places I didn't want hair to grow. So I got dx with PCOS. I started metformin to regulate my cycles too. It worked for 3 months then the cycles started getting longer. I asked the doctor if I could take more mg daily and he said yes. Then he sent me to an OB where he took another test and basically told me I'm having an anovulatory cycle and I might have Congenetial Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH).

So they want to send me up to a hospital an hour and a half away but hubby is suppose to give his semen analysis to make sure he's okay with his semen with all this baby making stuff. Needless to say...or long story short, hubby is okay with having a baby but not with Medical Assistance, for him at least. He actually is a little frustrated with the side effects that Metformin has on me but I'm not willing to stop because I just had a regular cycle just finish up with just metformin.

My doc said that to go to the specialist who is an hour and half away without a SA done wouldn't be of help. They would think that we weren't serious about the baby making. But my thoughts are, It's my body and I have the right to know if it is CAH or not regardless if I'm TTC or not.

So we are NTNP, hubby knows that we aren't protecting ourselves against a baby and he's alright with that.

Baby names...If it is a boy hubby likes Brandon...I'm good with that name too. I'm thinking Brandon Mark and if it's a girl....Abigail Grace. Not sure if hubby is onboard with the girl name. LOL. We would talk about baby names before we were married too. hehe.

How did you two meet and when did you get married?

sweet.hun March 7th, 2011 12:08 AM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
My brother's name is Brandon! I love that name, as well as the girl name! My husband wanted the girl name Nadia (Nadya?) but I refuse to name my daughter that. LOL.

We actually met on Eharmony in 2009. It was so crazy, we clicked right away, and our first dinner date it was like "Are we the same person???" LOL. We got married September 18, 2010.

Same question, when did you meet your hubby and when did you get married?
Do you have any pictures to share?! (I love looking at wedding pictures)

katylady March 7th, 2011 06:11 PM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
I met my hubby April 2002 at a BBQ. He went on tour in June 2002 (6 months) and stop loss in Japan for another 5 months (when the war started).

When he got home we moved to his hometown in September 2003. We got married June 11, 2005.

Here's some wedding pics from my photobucket account Login | Facebook

sweet.hun March 8th, 2011 11:21 PM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
Beautiful pictures!! Sorry, I had a huge aura migraine yesterday so I was bed bound all day basically. I hate feeling like crap. :( I hope this part of it goes away soon so I can get on to enjoying my pregnancy.

So what are some of your favorite things to eat? What's your favorite clothing store?

Oh! Also, here's some of my wedding pictures. Login | Facebook

katylady March 9th, 2011 06:34 PM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
love the wedding pics

we bought a dishwasher on Monday night and have to wait until friday to pick it up and install it. Also hubby informed me yesterday that he will most likely be reinlisting and doing 25 years in the military...which I have no problem with but he will most likely be changing MOS' so we have training to look forward too. Guess we are here to stay Army NG.

funny you should mention clothes...went to Areopostle last weekend where they were having a 50% off everything sale. And they have military discount there too. Needless to say yes I did buy a few things this weekend :)

food, I'll pretty much eat anything. We have a mexican restraunt here in town that we enjoy and eat there quite frequently. And japanese food. Johnny did tours to Okinawa while in the Marines and came back with a love of their food.

I'm so tired right now I can't think of any fun questions to ask. hehe.

sweet.hun March 12th, 2011 10:08 PM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
So some sad news, which is why i've been away, again. I miscarried today. Well, I'm still in the process of miscarrying. Bleeding pretty heavily. I went to the ER today and they confirmed there was no baby in there via ultrasound. Dr did say that my cervix was closed, which is odd.

So ya, I'm drinking wine right now and drowning in my sorrows. I'm pretty upset right now but at least I've stopped crying. I could tell DH was pretty upset on the phone but was trying to keep it together for me. We're gonna wait until September to try again. We want to see an OB/GYN before we start so we can maybe explore some options.

katylady March 15th, 2011 08:54 PM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
oh man I'm so so sorry. I hope the OB/GYN has some answers for you. As hard as it is for myself to get pregnant I'm sure we share the same sorrows just in different boats.


sweet.hun March 17th, 2011 10:45 PM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun

So I think the majority of it is over. I'm still bleeding but not as bad as it was on Sunday. I thought I was going to die.

How are you doing? How was your St. Patty's Day?!

katylady March 19th, 2011 10:16 AM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
I'm just glad the week is over. I found out that I had to apply for the job that I'm doing now. (I had taken over from someone going on maternity leave to not come back) They had finally but her job up for internal hire. I am going to interview for it on Thursday but my boss kept talking like someone was just going to slip in and I'd be back to my Mon-Thurs shift and the person who was doing my shift would go back to subbing. I'm so not impressed but I guess it is what it is. So I'm updating my resume, getting letters of recommendation cuz I might be applying for more jobs come August when the school districts start putting up jobs. One of our girls is going off to kindergarten and she needs a one-on-one and someone who knows braille. I've taken this school year to learn braille. :)

I actually went home sick on Wed. because of my metformin. I called the nurse and all she could tell me was to get some stuff behind the counter that my doc suggested. I wanted to start taking the extended release metformin. So I'm a little disappointed in that.

I'm sorta at a whatever stage of life right now. It is what it is and I guess I'm just going to go from there. Sorry guess I needed to vent.

I'm glad your starting to feel better. I just can't imagine how you emotionally feel. I'd like to stay updated with you on your appt. with the ob/gyn and hear what he thinks about your situation. So even if we aren't buddies for the month I would like a PM update ;)

We did nothing for patty's day. I was at work and hubby had gone out with a friend while I was at work. We don't normally go anywhere for patty's day.

sweet.hun March 22nd, 2011 08:30 PM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
I didn't do anything for St. Patty's Day. I just stayed in and drank some wine. Since hubby wasn't here and with everything going on, I wasn't up for it. And for some reason my friends either think I'm a leper or I have the black plague or something. I haven't heard from anyone other than the "I'm Sorry" texts I received when they found out I was miscarrying. Kind of depressing.

Please, feel free to rant. I would be a little irritated about that situation as well. You think if someone was doing extremely well in the position that they took over for, that you should keep them there. Is braille hard to learn? That's so awesome that you took the time to learn it. When I was in middle school I was involved in a volunteer program where we would go to an elementary school and help out. Well there was a deaf girl there...and my friend and I took the time to learn sign language. I only really know the alphabet still, but it was awesome when we were able to communicate with her more than just writing things down on a piece of paper.

Not too much is going on with me. I did apply at a new Teavana store that is opening pretty soon at a local mall, but I haven't heard anything...so I'm pretty sure I'm not what they are looking for. I also applied at Walgreens to work in their Pharmacy since I'm a licensed Pharmacy Technician. I was really just looking for something full or part time so I could get out of the house. But, I just have this feeling that nothing is going to come up before we move to Delaware. Which is fine. I was just trying to lighten my husband's load for a while.

I'm still passing clots. It's really really annoying. I thought everything was done, but 11 days later I'm still bleeding pretty good. I'll let you know how my appointment goes on the 25th. :)

katylady March 23rd, 2011 09:48 AM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
I'll be crossing my fingers for you about finding a job. I know how stressful it can be.

It's Spring Break for me. I'm having fun with my doggies. Rufus is just so stinkin cute its almost too much. Potty training is the pits tho. Wish the **** dog would get it already. haha. But I also know it's not really his fault...his bladder is still growing. I'm sorta sad cuz next week we have to start crating him all day while both DH and I are at work. But Mollie will be in the house to hopefully help calm him. Guess we will see.

I've been cleaning and prepping my house cuz my mom is coming to town for my birthday. My birthday is April 2nd. I'm so so so excited :) she'll be our first sleep-over guest.

How's your week going??

sweet.hun March 28th, 2011 11:57 AM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
Mine has been going ok. OB said they wont do any testing until I have a third miscarriage. Which really annoys me. She had to use her forceps to get a piece that was stuck out and it was like letting the flood gates open up. It was really horrible this weekend. I ended up going to the drag races with my dad, and I was standing there feeling disgusting and had to run to the bathroom during my favorite run (jet cars) and I passed a HUGE clot. And then the toilet wouldn't flush so I was sitting there trying to get it to flush with a line out the door for the bathroom. I finally did get it to flush, but man. That would have been so embarrassing.

I'm starting to work out and get my diet back in high gear. I was about 10lbs over the weight that I usually am, so I'm trying to get back to that point, with maybe some chiseled abs or something. LOL. I'm already down 5 lbs. Which I think is a fluke.

I can't believe April is almost here already! It gets that much closer to my 27th birthday, Jesse coming home, his birthday, and then our move. I'm so thrilled, but antsy at the same time. Getting 2 cats from Arizona to Delaware is going to be so fun! LOL.

katylady March 28th, 2011 10:02 PM

Re: March Buddies: Katylady and Sweet.hun
man sorry to hear about that clot. blah! and I'm not sure I like your doc, cuz why do you possible have to suffer losing a third baby in order to run a few tests.

my 29th birthday is coming up. LOL. gotta love homecomings :D

aww the races...we don't go too many but we do live a whole lot closer to the track now. I'm sorta wondering what the noise level is going to be with windows open on a nice July night. LOL. oh well, we knew about it when we bought the house so I'm not too concerned.

Found out today that I didn't get the postition. sorta crossing my fingers that this is my cycle. I'm on CD36 and on saturday morning I drank a cup of coffee and threw it right back up. and i sorta have been having some cramping. but the cramping can also lead up to a menstraul cycle too. I don't want to get my hopes up too much but how cool would it be to find out i'm pregnant around my birthday. :)

I know your grieving your loss so I hope bringing up my experiences at the moment isn't too much.

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