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ImustBeNuts06 April 23rd, 2010 12:07 PM

Can you ladies help me?
Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone here could help me through some thoughts.

According to my LMP, I am 7 weeks 2 days pregnant. Well, yesterday morning I started spotting bright red. I've had some minor cramps, but nothing too significant. I went to the hospital. They did a transvaginal and abdominal ultrasound. They found just a gestational sac. The ultrasound tech said she may have seen a yoke sac, but apparently it wasn't definite. There was no fetal pole, and obviously no heartbeat. They kept questioning me about if my timing was right.....it is....I document it. The only way I could be two weeks off is if I didn't ovulate until two weeks late. Which would make my ovulation right around when my period was due. The doctor even said that he doesn't believe that to happen. Although, I'm sure stranger things have happened? They took some blood to test my HCG levels and I will go back tomorrow morning to have more blood drawn. I will not get the results until Monday though. I am continuing to have minor cramping. I always cramp during pregnancy, but this is slightly different. I woke up 4:30 this morning to a bit more of bright red spotting, but nothing since. I have accepted the fact that this is most likely the end of this pregnancy. However, now I'm reading a ton of stuff online about women being misdiagnosed with blighted ovums and they wait it out and later they find a baby and heartbeat. This seems to be most common with women that have tilted uterus...which I have been told I have. So, has anyone had any experience with this? Is it possible my baby is still alive, but hiding? I don't want to schedule a D&C until I am 100% sure...kwim? Please, any advice would be appreciated.

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