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Run_Kat_Run July 15th, 2012 04:13 PM

I have to gain how much?! (may trigger?)
I guess you could imagine the horror of being told that you need to put on more weight than normal for a healthy pregnancy.

Mind you, it seemed that as soon as I had an egg fertilized my body started processing food differently and I started gaining more weight than normal (with no change in eating habits). I was already slowly working on getting my weight back to something reasonable, since I dropped to 103 in February (that's at 5'7.5"). After so many years of eating poorly, my body doesn't seem to like to digest anymore, and it was taking something like 2500 just to maintain that weight (I also have muscles spasming constantly, which burns quite a bit). I'd managed to get back to 115 by the beginning of June (which I suspect caused my hormones to come back stronger than they had been).

So in the last month I suddenly gained eleven pounds, which is just... absolutely terrifying when you know you hadn't been eating enough to gain that (I just found out I was pregnant on the 6th, I'll be about 5 weeks along now). It's just as well, as my OB had told me over the phone that she wanted to see me at at least 125 by the time she saw me for my first ultrasound, but I'm afraid that it won't stop. Of course I have no intention of restricting my food while pregnant, but I'm also fairly convinced that progesterone has kickstarted my digestive abilities, and I think that I may be absorbing Calories more efficiently again.

Should I scale back the eating so that I'm gaining at a normal rate? Or was I expected to have a rush of weight pile on in the first trimester because I was underweight?

Of course I intend on asking my questions at my prenatal visit, but I'd like some insight in the meantime. How much weight did you gain during pregnancy? Did it seem to pile on, then peter off? Were you underweight beforehand?

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