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pinkpercolator January 21st, 2005 08:04 PM

As you all know back in early summer we had our house painted. When I was interviewing contractors for the job. The first one was College Pro Painters. Oh they gave us this big speel about how good work they do etc. That you get your moneys worth with them etc. etc. They bid like 5,000$ for the job. We don't have a huge house. So I said they were the first company we interviewed. That we have other estimates coming out. They said they'd call us in 5 days to see what we decided. They did just that. I said after carefully looking over all the estimates we got. How much work would we get for the money, how long the job would take, when they'd start etc. We found a better offer. But Thank You for coming out to do a estimate. They asked what sort of offer did we get. I said less than half of what you's were going to charge us. And the quality of work would of been the same as you offered us. They were disappointed we did not choose them. Kept trying to change my decision. I was firm with them saying you were not chosen and why. Then we ended the conversation. Well last night someone calls me from them College Pro Painters. Asks for dh. I said if your asking about the house to be painted. We had that done in late May early June. By another contractor. The guy says you did? I said yeah and I told your company back then. We did not choose them for the job and why. It was like the guy wanted to come paint our outside of the house in winter. Or maybe was looking to line up work in spring. You'd think they'd get the hint the first time you tell them someone else got the job. Compared to all the contractors we interviewed. College Pro Painters was most expensive. I think they must be nationwide. As I got their ad on a letter in the mail early last spring. They had a web page. It showed the main office in some other state than where we live. It sounded like college kids were hired to paint. It was like this guy last night was upset I wouldn't talk to him about having them do some painting for us. It made me think of the time we were looking to get a bay window in the living room. One company came out New Sash Windows. Never heard of them. But they insisted oh their window have Heat Mirror on them. They are the only ones who make heat mirror. Later on I found out Heat Mirror is its own company not related to New Sash as some other company offered it as a added something to their windows. When it came to prices. I said how long is the price good for. They said oh just today. Trying to get me to buy on the spot. When I know most contractors will say prices are good at least 30 days or till price of materials goes up. I refused to hire New Sash Windows. Something about the salesman I didn't like. Then found out later. They don't stand behind their products and don't do quality work.

tamw402004 January 21st, 2005 08:10 PM

That was really strange! :glare:

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