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pinkpercolator January 24th, 2005 05:10 PM

This was all to funny. Well the other week when they were talking baby shower for a coworker Tanya. I thought ok. Fine. I wasn't planning on anything. As we don't know each other that long. We just work together. But this other coworker Mary kept on the idea lets throw Tanya a shower. That she heard Teresa( our supervisor) talking of one she wants. Mary kept saying Oh Tanya won't make it till Friday(last Friday that just passed)Lets do one on Thursday. I said well I won't be there on Thursday. I'm off and made a dentist appointment that afternoon. So I'll leave a gift. You all give it to her. At the time I thought they talked to Teresa about the shower and got her to agree to one on Thursday instead of Friday. So Monday before the shower. I said to Teresa so what time is the shower on Thursday. She said no it's Friday. I said Mary I thought said Thursday. Teresa said did she plan her own shower. I don't know. Just I left a gift for her to give Tanya as if it's Thursday I won't be able to come. Teresa said she told Mary, Pam and Ebony one was set for Friday. Invitations are out to those who know Tanya but don't work here now or other supervisors. Everyone else here was just verbally told of the shower. Well Mary threw a shower Thursday. I heard Mary made it a her thing. Making herself center of attention. Did all the talking etc. Oh Tanya was surprised. Liked the gifts. Thought that was it. Then when the Friday one came. Oh was Tanya really extra surprised. Some former coworkers came who knew her well. I heard she was more surprised over Fridays party than Thursday. I guess Thursday only 4 people came. Mary,Pam, Ebony(the ones who planned the party) and some other day shift girl who just happened to be working. I politely explained why I did not come Friday. Said my jaw hurt and was swelled up after the dentist.

Teresa told me a bunch of people came. Giving Tanya some really nice gifts. Nicer than the ones Mary and the other 2 girls got. I guess Mary did not stay for the Friday shower. She sort of pouted that her party flopped. Was upset that she was not confronted first about planning a shower. Mary is a busy body type person. Someone who thinks they know it all. Their way is only right, they have the right to get overly demanding of coworkers treating some of them rudely, one who has to be center of attention where they try to out do everyone like their best. When I heard that. I laughed to myself. That you were not center of attention this time round. That this shower did not turn out to be a her thing.

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