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AmberC February 8th, 2005 07:53 AM

For the past two days I've been FREEZING my butt off in this house! I started to think my heater was broken!! Well finally last night I checked the thermostat.. and I suddenly remembered that I had turned the heat down during the day the other day because it had warmed up a bit outside and we didn't need as much heat, but I forgot to turn it back up!! It was under 60 degrees in here!!! :blink: I'm going to go ahead and blame it on prego brain! I'm not :wacko: !

TylerJ1029 February 8th, 2005 07:56 AM


AmberC February 8th, 2005 09:16 AM


Originally posted by TylerJ1029@Feb 8 2005, 09:56 AM
<div align="right"><{POST_SNAPBACK}>

:lol: glad I'm not the only one!

christianmommato3 February 8th, 2005 09:59 AM


I have done that before!!

Cindermella February 8th, 2005 04:10 PM

think of it as a blond moment


AmberC February 8th, 2005 07:04 PM

But I'm not blonde! :lol:

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