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JenLee June 19th, 2013 02:02 PM

new here with question
Hello, my name is Jenna. I have two boys, Branson(7) and Zayne (3), and have a 10 week old dd named Ava. I am trying to get back into a workout routine to get the baby weight back off. I still have another 20 lbs. to be back at what I was before pregnancy. I am a member of a gym, however, it is 45 minutes away and with a newborn(who I am nursing), I am finding it difficult to find the time to go and workout. I love running and am currently running about 3 days a week. I am wanting to try to do some kind of workout video here at home. What is a workout video that you would suggest?

pattyandthemoos June 19th, 2013 02:19 PM

Re: new here with question
Hi Jenna! Welcome to the board. I don't do videos so I'm hoping some of the other girls will give you some suggestions. I workout at home though and I've just recently started doing some circuit workouts and I really love them. I make up my own routine but I got a lot of my ideas from YouTube. I know that YouTube has a TON of free workouts so maybe you could check that out to get started.

I hope we'll see you around the board. We try to do different things like weekly goals and stats and exercise brags to help everyone stay motivated on track with their goals. Anyway, Welcome!

*Kiliki* June 19th, 2013 02:36 PM

Re: new here with question
Hello and welcome...if you are up for the challenge I would try out Jillian Micheals 30 day shred :) its a great workout...only takes about 27mins total a day....and it really gives you a good burn in a short amount of time!

ThaiSpice June 19th, 2013 03:41 PM

Hey Jenna!

I can totally relate to needing to do workouts at home. Most of my workouts are with DVDs. I have several...most I've gotten at Target. I have one that includes a postnatal boot camp (it's by Moms into Fitness by Lindsay Brin). I did that after I had Grace. I also like one by The Firm...500 Calorie Burn or something like that. I don't remember the names of all the ones I have, but I like having a variety so I don't get bored.

Anyway, good luck! And hope you stick around here!

Jessimaaka June 19th, 2013 04:31 PM

Re: new here with question
Look like the others have given you some great advice. I'd also recommend Jillian Michaels. You can also just get out and walk with your LOs if you struggle to find time alone.

Welcome and GL!

babyloves2dance June 20th, 2013 08:26 AM

Re: new here with question
Hi and welcome to the board!

I agree about Jillian Micheals dvd's - great burn in a short amount of time. I finally caved in and gave a Zumba dvd a try and am really liking it! It's a great burn and you don't really feel like you are actually exercising. I can definitely feel it working my core. I also have a couple of 10 Minute Solutions dvd's that are great when you are short on time. My favorite is Knockout Body, it's a kickboxing one.

momie2b9-20-11 June 21st, 2013 12:24 PM

Re: new here with question
I like the Leslie Sansone dvd's. Good luck with your weight loss and welcome to the board!!

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