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Evenblindly July 14th, 2012 10:50 AM

My journey to a better version of me! in just another 90 days!!
I have heard that keeping a log of everything, especially in public view will help make sure that you keep yourself on track. This time around I expect to need and utilize every tool I can! My first Body By Vi 90 day challenge resulted in amazing weight loss in a HEALTHY and NUTRITIOUS way with out the need to work out. Between the shakes and better food choices I believe my body definitely went through a huge detox. And 28 lbs in less than 90 days!? Thats nothing to sneeze about! But Im worried this time around... That 28 lbs was easy. I had a delicious shake... it might as well been desert!... and ate better with my lunch and snacks. Thats easy!

.... but this time, now that Im passed my original goal weight, will require more work, definitly more energy (good thing I got the fit kit free this month! lol just in time for this since it comes with pre and during/after workout energy... I dont know if I could do this without that!) I admittedly tried to make sure I worked out every so often to help things along once I saw such great results! I would decide "Yes! today is the day! I will workout tonight!" the problem is that by the time I was done with work and got home and got kids situated and part of my homework done... I was exhausted! It just wasnt working. So I tried A.M. I got up earlier and did some 10 min yoga, which made me feel great... but getting up any earlier than 5 to get more of a workout in and than shower before getting the kids up and ready to be to work at 7, that felt impossible.

I really do believe that with the Energy, with the support of friends for extra motivation and probably with the fact that I will need to come on here and express to you all "yeah I worked out!! and feel great!!" or "yea... I didnt, again" will give me some motivation to not stop. Plus with my boyfriend doing it I dont want to de-motivate him by not doing it either.... so today is Day 1, we will work out together tonight when he gets off.... wish me luck!!

LovinMommy July 15th, 2012 05:59 PM

Re: My journey to a better version of me! in just another 90 days!!
Good luck! I, too, am on a weight-loss journey and should probably post everything here to keep myself accountable. I am seeing a trainer/nutritionist and have to log everything for her, so perhaps double-logging will keep me double-accountable!

Evenblindly July 16th, 2012 11:04 PM

Re: My journey to a better version of me! in just another 90 days!!
I am ashamed to say that I let myself make excuses and did not start my 90 day challenge when I should of. But I made up my mind that Today there would be no excuses and I would work out... my boyfriend, who I thought would be the one dragging me into working out was trying to back out... I wasnt going to let that change my mind! Or his ;) So I took some of my Instant energy from VIsalus, and I jumped in... and let me just say that just because I am thinner than before it DOES NOT make me more in shape! OMG! I am so glad I had the instant and prolonged energy drink to get me through it!! lol But I am glad to say... Day 1 of my 90 day challenge is complete :)

Evenblindly July 19th, 2012 07:10 PM

Re: My journey to a better version of me! in just another 90 days!!
So today is Day 4 of my challenge... the boyfriend has not made it easy on me to keep it up, but I have not let him detour me! The first day I had to Force him to work out, the second he didnt at all and the 3rd it took a lot of coaxing.... I am thinking it is now just my 90 day challenge, and if he really wants it, he will make it happen... hes not going to like it when Im stronger than him ;) LOL

I have been doing p90x all this week and OH MY! I am so sore!! Its becoming a good sore though :) which is good, it makes me WANT to work out that much more!!

Evenblindly July 24th, 2012 05:07 PM

Re: My journey to a better version of me! in just another 90 days!!
8 days in... Its getting easier, you know what they say " it doesnt get easier you just get better"... so I guess that means I am getting better! BUT if you watched me do Kenpo x... you wouldnt think so! LOL its like a kick boxing routine and on my right side, man I look good and I have got it DOWN... my left side? I look like Im throwing around spaghetti noodles! lol the first parts that are slow I have ok but when it speeds up OH MY! lol All I can think is I am so glad no one else is watching me do this right now!!

LovinMommy July 25th, 2012 05:57 AM

Re: My journey to a better version of me! in just another 90 days!!
Congratulations!You are doing an awesome job - keep it up! I went to the trainer for my first check in - it's been two weeks. I am down 7 pounds, 13 mm of body fat, and close to 6 inches of my body. I have the nutrition part down, but the exercise piece is a bit more challenging. I recently found out I have arthritis of the spine (and I suspect of my knee) and mild scoliosis. THEN I stubbed my toe so bad that I thought it was broken; however, four days later, it's badly bruised and very sore but definitely not broken. Soooo... I need to get myself back on track in the exercise department and find what is going to be doable for me. I am determined to be back to my pre pregnancy weight by April! I can do it!

Evenblindly July 25th, 2012 01:44 PM

Re: My journey to a better version of me! in just another 90 days!!
Arthritis of the spine? that must be tough! I have a pretty bad spine so there are alot of work outs I find I cant do, thats why I loved Body by Vi so much because I could drop the weight without working out! lol but at that time all I wanted was to lose the weight... now that its past that goal, Now what I really want is to be more tone. So I am working on intense workouts that will get me there, but I try to be cautious to take it easy on the spine lol

Evenblindly July 29th, 2012 03:35 PM

Re: My journey to a better version of me! in just another 90 days!!
Worked out hard yesterday with the shoulders and arms... it sucked lol I am so weak there! and my shoulders hurt so bad from yesterday I hope its not to hard to workout tonight! lol On the plus side, my SPANDEX workout gear is actually TOO BIG! now, I had to keep pulling the pants back up and even the legs are kind of big! Love it! Makes me want to keep going!

LovinMommy July 31st, 2012 06:13 PM

Re: My journey to a better version of me! in just another 90 days!!
You are doing such a great job!

Evenblindly August 2nd, 2012 06:20 PM

Re: My journey to a better version of me! in just another 90 days!!
Thank you! if it wasnt for starting the 90 day challenge, just over 90 days ago, I wouldnt be interested in actually working out this time! Visalus changed my life! Im finally ready to help it along ;) lol

well I skipped yesterday, things were so crazy with the meet and greet of caidance's teacher, dealing with her "episode" of misbehavior, and running around for final school supplies that I was just plain exhausted, My goal has been to work out 6 days a week ( different parts of the body of course) but the last two weeks it has been more like every other day... Things will be easier next week after Im done with finals!

Evenblindly August 11th, 2012 12:04 PM

Re: My journey to a better version of me! in just another 90 days!!
Ok... its been bad :( I havent worked out at all in the last 5 days! No real excuse, except that the one day I was going to make myself I had a nasty migraine... MY "partner" in all this is doing awful... and I love him but I have to stop letting his disinterest be my excuse. Its time to take responsibility! IF i dont reach my goal in the 90 days... thats no one's fault but my own... So today I am back on it! Im getting more organized and Im going to start planning my days so time doesnt get away from me... I will beat this, its not going to beat me. New plan implemented now! Working out agian... phase 2 lol will start tonight!

Evenblindly September 3rd, 2012 10:15 AM

Re: My journey to a better version of me! in just another 90 days!!
This was my recent post... Lets try this again!

Sorry I havent checked in and disappeared for a few weeks! I totally and completely failed at my 90 day challenge :-/ BUT I will not FAIL completely, I am getting back up and trying again.

There have been lots of failures in history from people who rocked it when they got back up, and thats what I plan to do. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper for lacking imagination, Oprah Winfrey was demoted from being a news anchor because she wasnt fit for television! Albert Einstein had teachers saying hed never amount to much... I can do this!! ... ok had to get the self pep talk in

But I think I need a different plan. Trying to do p90x nearly nightly with the 3 kids and school and work... just wasnt panning out, I did it well for a few weeks but it was catching up with me hardcore eventually I stopped working out all together. I saw it coming and was disappointed in myself already. Than life got busy, My birthday last weekend (which was FANTASTIC and just the relaxation and "forget about that stuff for now" I needed), new week for Vi, just busy busy busy. Things are calming down now and I think what I want, what I need to do is run. I think it would help with my stress and it would help with my leaning up. The only thing Im not sure about it how to do it with the kids. I work at 7, Most days the boyfriend is here so I could probably go early. but some days I might have to consider taking them. I thought about a treadmill... or elliptical.

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