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Jessy133 July 21st, 2009 08:30 AM

Been MIA...
Good morning ladies...I just wanted to stop in and say hi. I have been completely MIA. I have had a lot of work and havent been feeling too well. I felt perfect before and now towards the end of the 1st tri, is when everything I eat doesnt sit well with me. I have had horrible heartburn, havent been going to the bathroom, and have had bad headaches.

The last appt I had was when I was 10wks 1 day and both babies were looking good. I have an appt on thurs morning with the peri and they told me I was doing tests...so I am assuming its the NT, since I will be 12 wks. I am praying to god that both babies are doing good. I havent felt any cramps or bleeding. But dont know why I am still scared that something is wrong with one of them.

I also am worried becuase I have gained NO weight...I keep losing! You look at me and I look skinny. Everyone has told me this weekend how skinny i have gotten. I have no belly yet either. I am so scared that they stopped growing or somethign. and that I havent been giving them the food they need. I am almost out of my 1st tri and look no where pregnant esp. with twins.

Should I be worried? I havent also been on much since im so scared of losing a baby, and me thinking and dreaming of twins. My DH keeps telling me they are perfect and not to worry but I do!

Plus one of our good friends got into a very bad motorcycle accident, and has been in trauma for over a week. We have no idea if he is going to make it or not and if he does the extent of his injuries. His lungs are not working, even on a respirator breathing the max for him his lungs and body are still not responding so its scary. So I have also been at the hosptial every night. I havent gone in until Sunday, b/c he was very bad and wasnt sure if he was gonna make it, so I went in to see him one last time just incase. Its been very hard on my DH especially.

Sorry to ramble for soo long! Any advice on the weight would be appreciated thanks!!

Celry July 21st, 2009 09:25 AM

Re: Been MIA...
I'm sorry about all the stuff you're going through. I hope your friend pulls through.

As far as weight, don't be concerned. I lost during the first part of my pregnancy and didn't put on much by the end of the first trimester. Your body will gain as it needs to. When you're feeling well, make sure you eat well. When you're not, getting something into your body is better than nothing. I ate a ton of soup and bagels in my first trimester since nothing else sounded good for a long time.

Congrats on almost being done w/ the first tri :cheer:

Below are pics of me at 4 and then 11 weeks preggo. I don't have a 12 week. My bloat changed from week to week, but I don't think I started to get a belly that wasn't bloat until around 15/16 weeks.

lissy8 July 21st, 2009 10:45 AM

Re: Been MIA...
I was wondering how you have been doing. I would not worry about the weight thing so much. I didnt start gaining weight until 12 weeks. Then I gained 5 pounds in two weeks, then I stepped on the scale today and I lost 2 pounds so.....go figure. I still have anxieties about whether or not everything is okay. I guess that wont go away until you feel the babies move and then it will be something else to worry about. I just hope I dont spend my whole pregnancy being worried.

Celry July 21st, 2009 11:02 AM

Re: Been MIA...
I too have had weeks where I've lost. I just went 4 weeks without gaining anything and then gained 2 lbs this last week.

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