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cachex10 December 24th, 2010 11:30 PM

They're keeping me busy!
I've been MIA lately because of several things going on, but mainly because the girls are incredibly mobile so my laptop has been moved to the dining room to keep the cord away from the babies! But I can't sit in here much at all, so little JM time for me!

It seems like Lilly is just one step behind Maddie in mobility but maybe a little bit ahead on some of the interactive things (like waving or saying simple words, like "Mama" "Dada" or "bye-bye"). Do you guys find the same thing with your twins? They're both now pulling up to standing, crawling quickly on hands and knees, and now Maddie is cruising between objects (like the coffee table and exersaucer) while standing. :jawdrop: I'm really not ready for this stuff. We have steps all over the house (I hate it!!), like one step into the foyer from the living room and one step into the kitchen from the living room and the girls have both figured out how to climb the step. We just got two baby gates for Christmas tonight so those are going up tomorrow! Especially since today Maddie tried to tackle going up a small flight of steps going up to the bedrooms! :eek:

It just feels like it's going by so fast :( I'll try to get some pics uploaded to post maybe tomorrow ...

Celry December 25th, 2010 06:16 PM

Re: They're keeping me busy!
A&E used to go back and forth on who meet milestones first. Now, E seems to be just a little ahead in running and climbing and A is a little ahead in verbal skills. It's perfectly normal for them to do things are their own pace.

We don't have steps all over, but I taught the girls how to do the stairs the first day they learned to crawl. I wanted to make sure they were safe if we were anywhere there weren't stairs that could be blocked off. I would make it a game and try to get them to not go up the stairs until I was there, then I'd "chase" them up the stairs. They quickly started taking off to the stairs, but would wait for me before they climbed more than one. Today, they are up and down the stairs all the time.

cachex10 December 25th, 2010 10:33 PM

Re: They're keeping me busy!
I'm with you on the steps. I really don't want too much to be blocked off in my house. My concern at the moment is that they can go up them but have no experience going down them. And the way our house is set up if they go up a step on the main floor, they're going to have to go back down a step to get to another room. ALL the rooms on the main floor (except for the kitchen to the dining room) have a step. I really hate it. I've been letting them play around with them a little bit, but Maddie is just too quick about it and then goes straight for the bigger staircase.

But I'm with you about trying to adapt the babies to the environment and teaching them how to maneuver safely within it rather than trying to pad my whole house to keep them safe! :)

Just_Marie December 26th, 2010 11:50 AM

Re: They're keeping me busy!
We live in a 2 storey, so we have 18 steps to the 2nd floor right in the middle of the house-the twins learned to get up and down them fairly smoothly. I won't lie, they each rolled down at least twice, but they've got carpet and a landing halfway, and they figured it out. I had been gating the bottom step at that early stage when they'd go up but couldn't get down.

CrystalAnne December 26th, 2010 12:35 PM

Re: They're keeping me busy!
My twins aren't here yet, but my 10 month old is all over the place adn we had to put a gate up to block him in the living room because we have a 3 story home and I'm terrified he'll fall down the stairs into the basement or try climbing up to the top floor and fall down those :( He isn't a very coordinated little guy lol

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