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nateandjenny January 27th, 2011 08:18 AM

countours stroller
So I am trying to convince nate buy me one because they are on sale for $160 for the contours and $185 for the contours II.

If you have one:

is there anything you don't like?
Whats the best thing about it?

mommabirdof4 January 27th, 2011 08:43 AM

Re: countours stroller
Umm...I have the orignal version...I would spring for the new version if I were you. also they have a new model coming out in a month or so...it is suppose to be a tad lighter.

I don't like that it doesn't have a snack tray...but we use snack cups to get around that so it works well for us.

Other then that I LOVE it...it is the best purchase we made with 2 small kids...will be getting a buggy board for it so lil Jimmy can use it once the twins comes...and I will just wear one of the twins.

nateandjenny January 27th, 2011 09:01 AM

Re: countours stroller
the price just went up $10 so now it is $195 for the contours II. I saw they were coming out with a new one but they didn't have any details on the website.

did I miss where you said you are having boys!? congrats!!

mommabirdof4 January 27th, 2011 09:57 AM

Re: countours stroller
Yup...twin boys!

Kolcraft - - Strollers

This is where I was reading about the new model. It is going to be 31 pounds and the other one is closer to 50 pounds. BUT there will be a huge price difference...about 100 dollars!!!

I bought mine right when they came out with the Options II so I was able to get the Orignal pretty cheap from walmart with 96 cent shipping. I bought it with last years tax return...my DH thought it was pointless and actually laughed at me...but now he loves it just as much and is very greatful for it.

Celry January 27th, 2011 10:08 AM

Re: countours stroller
I love mine. it's the original red one. I don't mind at all that there are no snack trays. I thought I would, but it hasn't been an issue. I use it all the time since I watch my niece and nephew. I can put one of my twins in it with my nephew, wear the other twin and the 5 of us can get out of the house. I love my jeep side by side, but it doesn't work for the 5 of us. I also don't mind the weight. I wouldn't pay $100 extra for a lighter one, but I have amazon arms and am pretty strong.

TwoPeasinAPod January 27th, 2011 10:14 AM

Re: countours stroller
Good Luck with the Stroller Shopping. I like the print on the link ( Red)
All the strollers I have seen that I like for doubles are around 500 something
so that is a big difference... I wonder how it handles

nateandjenny January 27th, 2011 12:16 PM

Re: countours stroller
lol celry your crack me up.

I bought it! Didn't notice it was 50 pounds! yikes! I will have amazon arms at the end of this.

I will let you guys know how I like on sat! (free two day shipping on amazon love it!)

mommabirdof4 January 27th, 2011 12:44 PM

Re: countours stroller
The weight doesn't seem to matter as much as I thought...even now being huge and preggo I can still get it in the back of the SUV without much fuss.

Celery that is my plan when the twins get here...wear one twin...have my DD who will be right around 2 in the stroller also...then I am going to get a buggy board for the back for my DS who will be turning 3 right when the twins come around.

It handles really well!!!!!!!!! No issues, I love the big wheels...makes it work on rough and smooth places just as good.

nateandjenny January 27th, 2011 12:54 PM

Re: countours stroller
is it a pain to fold up? I guess you have to remove the seats to fold?

Celry January 27th, 2011 04:30 PM

Re: countours stroller
Not a pain at all to fold up. You have to use both hands to fold it, but not to load it. I pick it up with one hand, rest it on a hip and swivel it into the car.

mommabirdof4 January 27th, 2011 05:23 PM

Re: countours stroller
I find it pretty easy to fold up...my single stroller is more of a pain really!! I do remove one seat because it makes it easier for me to pick up. IF you need it to be smaller then you could remove both seats....we may have to do that when the twins comes since we will be using the 3rd row seating for the big kids.

CrystalAnne January 27th, 2011 08:30 PM

Re: countours stroller
So would it be possible to have two infant seats on this thing and a toddler sit/stand part?

babybatax2 January 27th, 2011 10:45 PM

Re: countours stroller
We have the contours...the blue one and love it! The basket holds a ton! We can fit our diaper bag, an oxygen tank, a suction machine (the size of a diaper bag) and a food bag!

I love that I can turn the seats..currently the girls are facing each other.

It is a big stroller, but so is any double stroller...its the same length as the DuoGlider. It is heavy too, but we got used to it!

nateandjenny January 28th, 2011 06:12 AM

Re: countours stroller
Well I figured I got used to carrying one car seat in each hand I would get used to a heavy stroller too lol.

tundrababy January 28th, 2011 11:29 AM

Re: countours stroller
50lbs sounds heavy but its really not that bad, like Valerie said you just hike it on your hip and toss it into the trunk.


Originally Posted by CrystalAnne (Post 22886114)
So would it be possible to have two infant seats on this thing and a toddler sit/stand part?

There isn't a sit place for a toddler, they do have these straps for kids to hold onto but other than the buggyboard add-on no place for an older kid to ride. If money isn't an issue I would get a Valco Trimode EX Twin. Then your oldest could ride the buggyboard, your toddler in the toddler seat and the twins in the stroller. They even have one that one side blue and one side pink for b/g twins.

mommabirdof4 January 28th, 2011 01:15 PM

Re: countours stroller
Oh I would SOOOO get a Valco if I had the money to spend on it!!! It would be the PREFECT set up for us...we could have the twins in the stroller when needed...JoJo in the toddler seat and Lil jimmy on the buggy board. Oh I can dream right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am been drooling over it ever since finding out we were having twins!

now just need to come up with 900$ to buy it!!!

CrystalAnne January 29th, 2011 12:19 AM

Re: countours stroller
O M G that valco stroller is perfect but holy WOW what a pricetag! whew! This will have to be pondered lol.

TwoPeasinAPod January 29th, 2011 06:36 AM

Re: countours stroller
Can you send me a link as to which model the Valco is?

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