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ajs0810 October 13th, 2011 05:38 PM

mono/di moms - when did you deliver?
hi all - hoping for any feedback from any moms with mono/di twins!

i am almost 33 wks with mono/di twin girls - overall i've been blessed with a completely uneventful pregnancy but can't count the # of times I've gone for weekly sono and feedback is "everything looks perfect - but you do know how high risk these types of twins are". (totally appreciate the honesty but gets tiring hearing same speech each week - I can say then more than sufficiently advised me early on about the risks with mono/di twins) ....

at last week's 32 wk sono, baby A is 3 lbs 10 oz and baby B s 3 lbs 9 oz which I was pleased to hear since it seems their weeks in utero are numbered. my OB originally recommended scheduling c-section for 37 wks (B is breech - I had hoped they might let me try for vaginal birth but all indications point otherwise) but moved it up to 36 wks based on recommendation from MFM MD. then at this week's 33 wk sono, got another very positive report on babies activity, fluid and cervix but different MD was adamant in her recommendation about delivering at 35 wks - citing that she has seen several tragic outcomes when people waited longer.

the day I found out we were having twins I realized just about everything with this pregnancy was out of our control - so I am completely find with whenever the safest & healthiest time & date for these babies to come out is meant to be. (especially since I also realize these babies can decide on their own time when they want to come - scheduled c-sections be ******!) I will finishing work next week and realize the time to buy our car seats is NOW (I've always been a bit lax with my sense of urgency on preparations - I bought my son's car seat the day before I went into labor and he arrived at 40 wks 1 day :smile:) just wondering what experience other mono/di twin mom's experience has been ... appreciate any feedback!

Celry October 13th, 2011 06:49 PM

Re: mono/di moms - when did you deliver?
I delivered at 36w5d with my mono/di girls. My scheduled csection wasn't until almost 39w because that's the only date my hospital had open for scheduled ones. I think most doctors want to deliver twins around 38w, but that isn't set in stone obviously.

dalynnrmc October 13th, 2011 07:44 PM

Re: mono/di moms - when did you deliver?
Mine weren't mono/di but my specialist didn't want to schedule before 38 weeks if it could be helped. I realize there are more concerns, but we were doing ultrasounds every week and he'd said they can see signs of things as long as they are keeping good track. :shrugs:

My ob/gyn is the one who decided at 37 weeks that big enough was big enough. Turns out the weight estimate was wrong and we absolutely could have waited another week. Baby girl had temperature regulation issues. Did okay but could have baked a little longer.

IMHO I think 35-36 weeks is super early to go get them just because they're mono/di twins, if they aren't having any other signs of anything going on. But that's me.

Rae-of-Sunshine October 13th, 2011 08:46 PM

Re: mono/di moms - when did you deliver?
I don't have personal experience with this, and I don't intend to scare anyone, but here in my local MoM's club we have seen tragic outcomes of this also. We had someone lose both girls between 34-35 weeks. They were advised at 34 weeks to let them take the girls, but the parents, not without careful thought, decided to wait a little longer. When they went in at 35 weeks, both were gone. Now ... this is not to say that all mono-di twins should be delivered at 34 weeks, because every situation is different, but I would listen carefully to what my doctors who know my particular situation had to say and I would definitely think twice and even three or four times before I went against my doctors recommendations on someting like this.

Celry October 14th, 2011 05:45 AM

Re: mono/di moms - when did you deliver?
^^^That's a great point. I know that I personally was freaked out at the end. I was convinced baby B wouldn't make it if I went until my scheduled csection date. I just had a really bad feeling about it and have no idea why. It's horrible to admit, but DH and I DTD even though I was on pelvic rest and that sent me into labor. I didn't want NICU time, but I strongly felt like my girls would be better out than in at that point. I do know MoMs who have had one of their multiples pass later on in pregnancy, so that might have been why I was freaked out, but I never felt like Baby A would have issues staying in.

Alternamom October 14th, 2011 07:57 AM

Re: mono/di moms - when did you deliver?
I just delivered my mono di girls 3 weeks ago! I delivered at 34 weeks. we had some other serious issues though. my girls had IUGR and they have some brain issues. they weren't growing properly so they decided they would be better off outside. I was completely comfortable with that because we were terrified of what was happening inside and what my body was doing to them. they were born at only 3lbs 6oz and 3lbs 2oz at 34 weeks but they are doing awesome! baby B needed some pressure into her lungs for 2 days and that was it. she is still in the nicu due to her not taking her bottles fully still (which we now are thinking has to do with her brain issues that we are still trying to figure out) but A is home with us and doing amazing!

I will add that my MFM had kept telling me they wouldn't let me go past 37w since the beginning because "this type of twin pregnancy is so risky".. yup I got that all the time too! EVERY appt they told me they hated dealing with "this type of twins" and "prefer the other kind" Um I'm sorry that I "CHOSE" to have mono di twins! lol I know they are being honest but really..

I kind of think that 35w is early for twins if they don't have any other issues though.. I would try to get to 36w at least if not 37+ but your docs know better than we do..
my case was a special case since we had soooo many health issues with me AND the babies so keep that in mind too..

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