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mommy4micandella May 5th, 2012 12:35 PM

Wwyd? Help!
i dont post in here often, but looking for advice.

Last night my girls were out front playing, walking up & down the sidewalk (they are allowed to walk part of the way up the block to a friends front walk) and the neighbor 2 doors up, has 2-3 kids (not theirs, apparently a sisters kids? i have gotten conflicting stories about how many are there are, one may be one's friend) Anyhow, they were walking and this kid from 2 door up, plows my 8 year old over with his bike & takes off. Off the porch i come, check her & off to the neighbors i go, ask the kids where the aduts are, and they say "in the house"....i say "GO GET THEM!" so the a$$hole guy comes out (we have suspected for LONG time that he is dealing drugs, people pulling up out front, blow horn & he comes out or they run in the house, and come out with small balled up plastic grocery bags & they have a large german shepherd that barks at everyone...guard dog?) and i say, "your kid just hit mine with his bike & took off".......he looks at me like i have 6 heads & says "well he's only 7, what do you expect?" i just looked at him & say, "well he took off up that way" & pointed up the street. He's like "what are you gonna do, beat me up over it?" (well i could send my husband who does Mixed Martial Arts up after your stupid *****) i look at him like "seriously?" and he says "we just got custody of them, give me a week or so to get them straightened out" By this point I am FUMING.......so i say "whatever" and walk away saying "maybe if someone were out watching them, this woudnt have happened"...........my daughter has a heck of a scrape on her leg & is crying....and this a-hole doesnt so much as ask if she's ok? (i took a pic of it for future reference)

these kids have gotten smart with my daughter & the little boy next door, (in between my house & the idiots) they have asked to play with my daughter & her friend & they have said NO & these kids are going on "im gonna go tell aunt lacey" i told my daughter to say "go ahead", probably not the smartest thing, but if these kids are gonna go tatttle just becasue someone says they ccant come over to their yard & play....oh well, get over it,

this is NOT the first time these kids have been out on the front walk, up & down the street UNATTENDED, my house is one away from the end of the street, and the adjoining street is VERY busy & we have a strange corner, as it is very wide at this end & people fly off the other street onto this one (more than one car has been sideswiped out there) these idiots dont deserve to have custody of 2-3 YOUNG kids if they cant supervise them.......
i was close to calling the cops just to show him i wasnt fooling. I just have a feeling this isnt going to be the last incident. I just dont want the kids or the adults saying anythin to my kids if they are walking up & down the sidewalk......if they do, would you call teh cops? what should i do???

Mom2Brendan May 5th, 2012 01:11 PM

Re: Wwyd? Help!
I can't really share about what to do about unsupervised kids as our neighborhood has plenty of unsupervised neighborhood kids roaming around and even by being in an apartment complex how no kids under 5 should be without a parent outside and kids around 2 and 3 are out there alone sigh and kids still riding and biking in parking lots, kids beating up on other kids and a lot of the parents have the same attitude as what are you going to do about it as sadly as I learned there isn't much to do because if parents can't properly deal the kids won't change the behavior.

The bike thing will probably be construed as an accident even tho it was on purpose believe me it has happened to kids in our neighborhood and the only way they ever get into trouble is knives at kids .

i'm sorry to hear your daughter got hurt

clouise May 5th, 2012 02:34 PM

Re: Wwyd? Help!
I wonder if your county has rules about supervision. Here they can be out at five and up, so pretty young. We've had similar problems, and honestly the only thing you can do is be outside to watch your own children and keep them safe. It stinks since your girls were fine on their own, but it is what it is.

cybele May 5th, 2012 04:48 PM

Re: Wwyd? Help!
Honestly, id leave it be. Treat it as a learning curb, not everyone is nice, and if you see someone you know who isnt nice, walk away or come inside.

Clearly youre not going to be able to work with this guy, and he sounds like the type that you want to just avoid from now on.

dustywillow May 5th, 2012 05:09 PM

Re: Wwyd? Help!
What a butthead! I can't believe he was so rude about it. And just got custody and give him a week to get him straightened out? Well, maybe he should straighten them out by grounding him (and yes, you can ground a 7yr old), make him apologize and watch the kid when he is out and about.

If it were me and some other kid hit mine, I would not be hesitant to tell the child that he needs to apologize that he did something very mean and disrespectful. If the parents were to say something about it later, I'd probably tell them that if they were outside parenting their own child, you wouldn't have had to do it for them.

At this point, I would leave it be and if something happens again, deal with it then. I hope that it's not an ongoing thing. Awful neighbors are no fun. I'm sorry your daughter got hurt.

mommy4micandella May 6th, 2012 05:32 PM

Re: Wwyd? Help!
th other kids have been out unsupervised every day since. bad part is if i contact DSS they will automatically assume its me.
i was more pissed that the "adult" (& i use that term lightly) didnt even so much as ask if she was ok...and yet they are going to "raise" kids? guess the kids will be under my husbands supervison in a few years (he works at the prison)

cybele May 7th, 2012 01:43 AM

Re: Wwyd? Help!
Thats really quite unfair to say. Just because they are unsupervised while playing and just because one child hit your child with a bike dosent mean that they are condemned to a life of crime.

I get that youre upset, everyone gets upset when their kids get hurt, but I think you really need to leave it be, chalk it up to an experience, and just forget all about it. Dwelling on it isnt going to help the situation any. Your daughter is fine I assume? Just a graze? Time to put it behind you.

mommy4micandella May 7th, 2012 02:41 PM

Re: Wwyd? Help!
what worries me is that we are on the corner of a busy street & these kids are out on bikes & running up & down & around the corner into the alley. god forbid they get hit, but to me, if you got kids that little, they need to be supervised! (& held accountable for anything they do)...they re riding thru the alley near everynes vehicles, and we are worried they are gonna run into vehicles like they did my kid

Mom2Brendan May 7th, 2012 06:55 PM

Re: Wwyd? Help!
Those kids will probably run into vehicles we have little tiny kids running in the parking lot which they don't see until they get closer and those are the cars going at 5 mph the rest of the cars can go above 15 in the parking lot sigh. There is only so much you can do for other kids if they don't want to be safe and their parents don't want to be responsible they just have to be facing a really scary consequence that could cause them to lose kids or have their kids damage one of the vehicles of a very scary person because I have seen those people be really bad news.

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