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PinkFireFly December 4th, 2009 09:38 PM

Noelle Catherine's semi-NCB: UPDATED!

Ha I thought I would at least get started on this but I promise the story will be posted tomorrow...

It is really really really long and I am almost finished with it... I am currently writing it in Microsoft Word... I have been having to take numerous breaks to go and concentrate on something else since I can't stop tearing up or bawling my eyes out because I still have strong emotions about it....

Noelle Catherine's Birth Story... yes it's loooong!

Noelle Catherine’s Birth Story

It all began at about 1:55 a.m on November 25th. Randy and I being third shifters we were still up at this time. Randy was sitting in his brown comfy recliner and I was working on getting a bouncer put together for the upcoming arrival of Noelle, little did I know that her arrival would be within the next 24 hours.

As I came back downstairs from retrieving an item from upstairs, I went to sit down on the living room floor in front of the oh so comfy couch to finish putting together the bouncer. As I sat down on the floor I felt a warm gush and thought I had peed my pants. I got up without saying a word and hauled upstairs to the bathroom. I pulled my scrub pants down and sat down on the toilet and thought to myself… “Oh no, not now!” As gross as it is, I examined the fluid, and what appeared to be my mucous plug. I yelled for Randy to come upstairs, as I sat on the toilet, my heart rate, palms getting sweaty, nauseated, and shaking in nervousness knowing that this was the real deal. “Randy, my water broke! I need new underwear please!”

After cleaning myself up and gathering my composure, I decided to call the number on my Women’s OB card. I was shaking, nervous, sweaty, nauseated, and thinking, “This can’t be happening now, I have to work tonight.” I left my information with the nurse from L&D. While I was waiting for the midwife Jill to call me back, I was in a panic. No I didn’t have anything prepared, I hadn’t showered, hadn’t shaved my legs, no hospital bag was packed, NOTHING! I was about in tears, and my phone rang, it was the midwife.

As I sat and explained that I believe my water broke, and the fluid was clear but I was not feeling any contractions we decided I would stay home until I felt contractions. Jill said she would call to check up on me. I felt a lot better and a sense of calm came over me. In my head, “I know I can do this.” While waiting for contractions to start I ended up getting a shower, packed a hospital bag, did a couple loads of laundry, and called my dad. I told him my water had broke and I would let him know any updates. All the while Randy installed the car seat base into the truck

Well, about 5a.m rolled around and still no contractions. Jill ended up calling me again and asked about how I was doing. I told her I was good, fluid still clear, but I wasn’t feeling any contractions. Jill said in a calmly matter, “You should come in.” I looked at Rand and was about in tears, I knew if I went in now I would be put on a 24 hour clock and the word c-section kept rolling around in my head. I didn’t want to go, but we ended up leaving the house at about 5:30 a.m. The ride to the hospital was a bittersweet ride knowing that this would be our last ride together with me being pregnant and us being just us.

It was a cool, misty Wednesday morning and we pulled into Covenant Harrison. Randy had asked if I wanted to be dropped off at the front door and I told him, no. I wanted him to park as far away from the door as possible in hopes that the walk from the truck to L&D would help dilate me more and in turn mean less interventions.

As we arrived onto the 4th floor, I became more emotional hoping that I could get the natural birth I wanted. I checked in with the desk and was taken directly back to the L&D triage room. I believe I was placed in room B. There I changed into the fashionable blue hospital garb and had to put on the Victoria Secret special mesh panty. (Yes, that was sarcasim.) Next came in the nurse and went through her questioning and took vitals. After about 20 minutes or so Jill the midwife came in and checked me. “Yup, your water broke. You are about 1-2cm dilated, and about 40% effaced.” While Jill was in there, I was hooked up to the monitors and apparently was having contractions but I didn’t feel a thing. Next came what I didn’t want to here, “We are going to start you on Pitocin.”

I kept thinking the worse after Jill spoke those words. I gathered my stuff from the triage room and walked myself to my birthing room. Yes, I walked myself, still thinking it would help me dilate and move Noelle down. Noelle was at a -2 station. Upon walking into the huge birthing room, I was greeted by 2 nurses. I got into the bed and started with getting an IV. Next came the administration of the dreaded Pitocin.

Pretty much after the Pitocin was started was when the rest of the laboring became one giant blur. For the next 12 hours I labored without sleep and increasing pain and contractions. I tried walking, the birth ball, and was going to try the shower but the only way I could get some relief of the contractions was to lean into Randy and cry out, “Oh God.” The entire day for Randy and I was no sleep, and contiuous up and down out of bed. I would look at the monitor and feel a contraction, I would hurry up to get out of bed and lean on Randy for the contraction. With each contraction growing longer and stronger and closer together, I grew more tired and became an absolute wreck.

At about noon, Jill came in to check me and I was 4cm, and 80% effaced, and Noelle was -1 station. I had asked who was coming on next and she said Dr. M. I became more nauseated and wanted to cry. This was a Dr. whom would always seem to mention the dreaded c-word. Jill had turned the Pitocin off to see if I could contract on my own and make any progress. I remember the contractions prior to the Pitocin being discontinued; being less than 2 minutes apart and wearing me out each time. My position of comfort was sitting straight up with pillows behind me and my legs hanging off the side of the bed. Jill had mentioned the other dreaded words, uterine rupture, prior to turning down and off the Pitocin. I can honestly tell you, I was the most scared I have ever been. I would rather have been standing in front of a loaded gun then to hear the words, uterine rupture.

So, Jill’s shift ended at noon and Dr. M came on. He let me labor for about 4-5 hours without the Pitocin. Throughout those next 4-5 hours with each contraction all I could think of was, “Am I hurting Noelle?” and how much I love my husband and this baby I haven’t even met yet. Lets put it this way, I was definitely on a ticking clock when the OB came on. At about 5:50-ish Dr M came in and checked me. I was still 4cm, but fully effaced, and Noelle was still -1 station. I can tell you, while having a cervical check and a contraction, I felt like I was having the insides of me ripped out through my vagina… I wanted to die at that particular moment. The Pitocin was put back on and put on a higher dose then I remember it being shut off at.

During all these hours of laboring, I can honestly tell you that I am thankful for the nurses I had. I had told them I did not want pain medication but they still offered it every time they came in to check on me. I refused each time. The last hour of being on full blast Pitocin without any medications I was literally having out of body experiences with the pain. There were a couple contractions I remember almost collapsing to the floor and being in tears. The older blonde nurse came in and started talking about epidurals to me. I didn’t want to listen to her but for some reason I did. She was very good at convincing about the effects of epidural on me and baby and how she has seen it become and advantage to some ladies during labor. After the nurse had left I broke into tears and looked at Randy and said, “I failed her.” Randy was extremely comforting. Needless to say at about 6p.m-ish I press the nurse call button during a contraction that literally made me pass out and all I could hear was Randy saying, “Can we get a nurse in here?”

At about 6:30pm the anesthologist was walking in with her cart and they were helping me get set up for the epidural. All the while in my head I kept thinking to myself, “I failed my baby.” While getting the epidural and Randy hold me from the front I kept crying out, “I don’t want to hurt my baby.” While crying and looking up at Randy, I say the nurses out of the corner of my eye crying along with me. Next, all I could keep saying was, “I failed her.” Within 15 minutes, I was being taped up and being helped to lay into bed. Within another 15 minutes I remember looking over at the monitor and seeing the wave form of a contraction a huge contraction, and me not feeling a thing. For about the next hour all I could do was lay in bed and cry myself into a nap. Randy left for about 30 minutes to get something to eat.

Around 8p.m the shift change happened, and I had a new nurse named Angela. She was just as nice as the day shift nurses. She came into check on me, I was doing a lot better and not feeling a single contraction. Then Dr. M walked in, you guessed it. I got another cervical check and well didn’t feel a thing but some light pressure. I was fully effaced, Noelle was 0 station, and I was about 8-9 cm dilated. While Dr. M was doing the cervical check I looked at him and said, “While you’re at it, why don’t you shake my daughter’s hand?” So I guess the epidural was helping me and Noelle instead of hurting.

At about 9:30-ish Angela came in to check on me and started talking about when I feel pressure to let her know. I was pretty much out of it, all I wanted was sleep. Randy had been up for almost 48 hours at that point and I 36 hours. It was a long day. Dr. M came back in to see how I was doing and had mentioned that I will be soon giving birth, and that I needed to get some rest because first time mothers usually pushed for 2-3 hours. Little did he know I was going to prove him wrong, again.

Randy and I were finally alone again and I was drifting off to sleep when I felt “that pressure.” It was a weird pressure, like trying to hold in a fart. I pushed the nurse call button and Angela came in. I had asked her about the pressure and she said that it was Noelle moving down the birth canal, she said that when I feel constant pressure to call back for her. Angela walked out and not even 5-10 minutes later I had an increase in the pressure and it was constant. I felt like I had to push. I pushed the nurse call button. Angela came walking in and I said, “I have to push!” Angela was a calm and composed nurse, she looked at me and said, “Go ahead and push.” All while she was talking to be she was getting things set up for the big show. It was around 10 p.m-ish when Dr. M walked in and ended up getting called away before he even made it to my bedside for an emergency. So needless to say I kept having these strong urges to push and Angela talked me through them.

At this point I lost track of time. I had one huge contraction coming up and Angela told me I had to breath through the pressure until Dr. M could return. It was the second to worse feeling in the world and me trying to breathe through it and also keep yelling, “Oh God.” Unknown to how long Dr. M was gone for, I was happy that Angela and her assistant were there to help me through the pressure, and Angela let me push during a couple contractions. Minnec finally returned and gowned up, the spot light dropped out of the ceiling and I remember looking over at the T.V. and watching a new episode of Man vs. Food.; it must have just been starting.

As Dr. M was gowning up, Angela and her assistant were getting my dead weighted legs up in the stirrups and Minnec was getting the spot light on “the area.” I remember looking to my left and Randy was standing right at my side leaning over the rail. I could feel a contraction started and this was the moment of no turning back. Within one contraction I was taking 3 different gasps of air and pushing three different times. The pain at this point was something you cannot describe but fell victim to and knew that that pain was happening for a reason. During my seconds of no contractions, Randy would give me sips of water and we would start talking about Man vs. Food.

I recall after each contraction asking, “Are we there yet?” And the nurse saying almost. On my third contraction, I could tell Noelle was crowning, and the fact that the nurse looked and said, “Aww, I see strawberry red hair!” and me looking at Randy in a *** moment. My last contraction, the nurse put up the, “Oh ****” handles that are on the bed. I grabbed a hold of them, and pushed with all of my might. I remember saying, “I can’t” during my last push, and the Dr. saying, “Slow down,” and me just pushing harder. As I kept bearing down with all of my might, and ignoring what the OB was saying, I pushed to the point of wanting to pass out. I felt the last intense burning, tearing, stretching sensation of pain, and the most beautiful sound in the world. The sound of Noelle crying and the feeling of the Dr. putting her on my belly; and a hot sensation in my nether regions; Noelle Catherine was born 11/25/09 at 10:30pm weighing in at 7lbs 1oz, and 20.5 inches long with a perfect set of lungs on her.

I remember looking over at Randy and him holding back tears, me shaking from the effects of the epidural and all the pain, while trying to get into the moment with having our baby girl here. Yes, it was rough and tough, and uncomfortable. Minnec’s last words to me were, “You tore a bit, and got two stitches.” I felt very accomplished; no c-section, no other interventions besides Pitocin and an epidural; and the fact that I had pushed for only 20 minutes and about 5 pushes and Noelle was here.

The rest of the story is history and falling in love all over again with my hubby and falling in love for the first time with Noelle.

**Just to add... after talking with the OB at my 6 weeks PP check up... my epidural was shut off at around 830ish at my last cervical check !!!

AshleyMarie December 4th, 2009 11:28 PM

Re: Noelle Catherine's semi-NCB
Can't wait to hear it!!

Sk8ermaiden December 4th, 2009 11:40 PM

Re: Noelle Catherine's semi-NCB
Awww, I know how that feels. I never posted a birth story here because I just couldn't do it. :hugs:

krissy1989 December 5th, 2009 05:07 PM

Re: Noelle Catherine's semi-NCB: UPDATED!
Thank you so much for updating! That was beautiful and made me tear up! I think you were a warrior! :wub:

PinkFireFly December 5th, 2009 05:08 PM

Re: Noelle Catherine's semi-NCB: UPDATED!
Oh and here is a pick of Noelle...


Little Miss Attitude already... :wub:

AshleyMarie December 5th, 2009 08:56 PM

Re: Noelle Catherine's semi-NCB: UPDATED!
Wonderful story Kelly!! Noelle is beautiful!!!

stlgirl December 5th, 2009 09:21 PM

Re: Noelle Catherine's semi-NCB: UPDATED!
Oh sweetie...I'm sorry you didn't quite have the birth you wanted, but am so happy you avoided a c-section and that your baby girl came out healthy and safe! Good job mommy!!!

Niamh ૐ December 5th, 2009 09:46 PM

Re: Noelle Catherine's semi-NCB: UPDATED!

Originally Posted by stlgirl (Post 18201162)
Oh sweetie...I'm sorry you didn't quite have the birth you wanted, but am so happy you avoided a c-section and that your baby girl came out healthy and safe! Good job mommy!!!

:ditto: !!

PinkFireFly December 6th, 2009 03:56 PM

Re: Noelle Catherine's semi-NCB: UPDATED!
Thanks ladies....

sodagirl December 8th, 2009 08:48 PM

Re: Noelle Catherine's semi-NCB: UPDATED!
good job momma!!!! I'm sorry it didn't go exactly as planned but it sounds like you did just what you needed! Congrats!

PinkFireFly December 8th, 2009 09:15 PM

Re: Noelle Catherine's semi-NCB: UPDATED!
Thank you....

cheezpoofs December 9th, 2009 09:33 AM

Re: Noelle Catherine's semi-NCB: UPDATED!
You did good work, Mama! Noelle is a little cutie pie. :cheer: I'm sorry you couldn't have the drug-free birth you were hoping and planning for, but you avoided having a c-section and that's great. You did really well.

*SamF* December 9th, 2009 02:33 PM

Re: Noelle Catherine's semi-NCB: UPDATED!
Finally read this! You made me tear up!!!
Congrats on your perfect little girl!!

Mom.to.PinknBlue December 10th, 2009 07:45 PM

Re: Noelle Catherine's semi-NCB: UPDATED!
That is the most beautiful story I have heard!

PinkFireFly December 10th, 2009 07:49 PM

Re: Noelle Catherine's semi-NCB: UPDATED!
Thank you ladies...

I still cry when I read it... I am such an emotional person... I wasn't during my pregnancy but am such a sap now....

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