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3xCrazy June 2nd, 2010 07:53 PM

Xavier Michael Scott -natural water birth
Friday morning I went to my mums house for the weekend. I had been trying to for the past few weeks but something always came up and I couldnt make it. I was desperate to get down before I had the baby and i had a feeling this weekend was going to be the last chance I got. Everything went fine Leigh dropped me and the kids off at the train station and we made our way down. Spent some time with my mum and the kids loved playing with mums dogs. Sunday morning I woke up with some light uncomfortable contractions, nothing regular so I didnt think to much of them and clean up some of the kids toys that was scattered all over the place. Mum woke up and the 1st thing i said to her was "I dont think this baby is going to be baking for much longer" The look on her face was SO funny! I told her I was having some light random contractions, it was nothing to worry about though. She made me ring leigh and he come and picked me and the kids up late that afternoon. Getting in the car and starting the drive home i noticed the contractions started getting into more of a pattern, they were lasting about a 1min and coming every 7 or so minutes. I started getting a bit excited when I noticed that. D day was fast approaching! We stopped closer to home to pick something up for dinner. After eating the contractions started getting a tiny little bit closer together so I decided to ring Kate (my midwife) and just give her a heads up that things were starting to kick off and that we will be having a baby in a couple days at least.We put the kids to bed around 7:30ish that night and I decided to make sure mine and babys bag was set and ready. That night I had a few very lose big bowel movemtents and i just knew that my time was coming to an end. I went to sleep on the couch for a few hours and then went to bed about 11pm. Malakai and Dakotta woke me up around 7am the next morning and i noticed the contractions has died off again. I was a little disspointed. But as the day went on they started to pick back up again and got to the point where I had to actually stop what I was doing and breathe through them. after lunch they started drifting off to about 10 mins apart and lasting 1.5mins each but a lot more painful. I had forgotten to keep myself hydrated oops. So I started drinking some cordial and with in 1/2 hr they picked back up again. Leigh come home from work and i told him I think this is going to happen tonight. Him and the kids ate dinner ( I was feeling sick) we got the kids dressed for bed and took them over to my brothers house for the night at about 6:00. We came back home and I gave my bag one last check over to make sure I had everything I wanted then went to watch tv until I couldnt take it any more. at about 7:30 things started to pick up and VERY quickly I started getting into quite a lot of pain I couldnt keep track of how long they were lasting or how far apart they were. I rang Kate again and said this is happening tonight. we will be leaving for the hospital probably in about an hour at most... 15 mins later we left. I was starting to lose control and feeling sick during the lower parts of the contractions, transition was creeping up. I asked leigh to stop at a 7-11 to get me a gatorade to help keep my hydrated because i was going to be labouring for awhile and I just dont like water.. After we stopped to get that everything started becoming a blurr. I was moaning and wriggling through all the contractions and they seem to be one on top of the other. Leigh didnt think we were going to make it. We get to the hospital and I tell Leigh to just go straight to the ER because idk how to get to the birthing suites. they make me sit in a wheel chair and wheel me up to the suites. sitting was soo uncomfortable and made everything hurt. but if I had of walked, baby would have come out before we got into the room for sure. We get in the room a little after 8:30 and as soon as im in the room I instantly take my pants off, they were irratating me some horrific! As Kate started filling up the bath she could see how fast everything was moving. She told me the bath was about 1/2 hr from being filled and that I should get under the shower until its ready so I did. I could not get comfortable. the contractions were piled up one on top of the other and I was finding it very hard to catch my breath. Leigh was holding the shower head on my upper back and putting pressure against my lower back which would help sometimes. and I could hear Kate in the background reminding me about slowing my breathing down and that I was doing and awesome job letting my body do what its ment to do. Then at last the bath was ready! I swear I could have just dived in there like it was a swimming pool. As soon as I was in I felt like I was in heaven. It was beautiful, everything I had hoped it was. then the contractions started again.. I could not for the life of me get comfortable. when the time came, I was being supported by leigh from behind with my legs pushing against the wall. I felt like I had to push already then I though no this cant be happening, its too soon. Kate came up to me and said "you remember how I told you if I think birth is about to happen I need to ask you to get out of the bath, but if you want to stay i need you to clearly say so right now" and I knew this was it. I was about to meet my baby boy. I look straight at her and said "no I am staying here" and that was it I was about to have my water birth. Kate didnt even check me ONCE through out the whole thing. She trusted that I trusted my body to do what it was ment to and let me go. When I said I needed to push, she encouraged me. When the contractions hit their highest point I pushed and pushed all that I could. I stuck my hand down there to see if anything was happening and I could feel his head. I yelled to every one that it was right there and so I kept pushing. my water broken then and when I went to push during a contractions I couldnt feel anything any more. I was so upset and confused. after a few more contractions I felt his head slide into position so I put my hands down again and felt him as i pushed. Feeling everything for myself made it SO much easier to push him out. I could feel what I was doing, and what he was doing. we worked together. I pushed a few more times and out poped his head. Then I felt him move again to align his shoulders to come out. it was so uncomfortable I asked the midwife to help him lol! after 2 more pushes he was out and I caught him and brought him up onto my chest. I DID IT!! I let go and squealed with delight. after settling down I just stared at him saying "hello sticky baby." about 45 mins after arriving at the hospital Xavier Michael Scott was born at 9:17pm

sara~b June 2nd, 2010 08:21 PM

Re: Xavier Michael Scott -natural water birth
Wow! Quick birth! What a great story! I think I will read it to this LO and hope she wants to be like your new little man! COngrats mama!

edgeofelise June 2nd, 2010 08:24 PM

Re: Xavier Michael Scott -natural water birth
What a great birth story! I always get a little choked up when I read natural birth stories these days. Congrats!!!

Mom of 4 Js June 3rd, 2010 05:42 AM

Re: Xavier Michael Scott -natural water birth
WTG! Congrats!!!

omgitsk8lyn June 3rd, 2010 06:53 AM

Re: Xavier Michael Scott -natural water birth
:cheer: thanks for sharing!

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