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horseradishmayo January 29th, 2011 11:24 PM

welcome to the world Vincent Bradley!
Saturday, 1/22 i woke up and felt a little weird. i was super irritable and very crampy....like bad PMS. i went about my day as planned. i went to a local coffee shop to meet a friend, and was having a lot of BH but nothing too painful. i came home around 2 and decided we should get some last minute things for my hospital bag (which had not been packed yet. :lol:) so went to buy coconut water since i planned to drink it during labor to stay hydrated, then we went to the mall because Sarah was begging us to bring her there to play on the indoor playground. once we got to the mall (around 4 pm) my contractions became painful. being in labor in the mall is the worst thing ever! it was sensory overload, i felt like i was on drugs and luckily Sarah didn't want to stay too long. we left the mall and went to the grocery store, and then to get some pizza for dinner. my contractions kept coming, but they were manageable and i wasn't timing them or anything. i wasn't too hungry, i had one slice of pizza (i usually will eat about 3) and then Sarah played air hockey in the back room with her daddy. there was this old school motorcycle arcade game and i sat on it and rocked back and forth through the contractions while i watched them play. :)
i was really in denial about being in labor. i kept telling DH that i wasn't sure if this was really it or not.
anyway, we went home and i decided to time them. they were all over the place, the were averaging about 40 seconds long, but some were 3-4 minute apart, and some were 7-8 minutes apart but they were definitely getting more and more uncomfortable. we got Sarah ready for bed and we laid in bed and read her her bedtime stories. after 2 pages of one book i stopped reading and closed my eyes during a really painful contraction. once it passed i told Sarah that i thought maybe her baby brother was coming soon and that it was making mommy's tummy hurt. so DH finished reading her stories to her and i went out to the living room to lay on the couch and time them some more. they were still all over the place. we tried to watch a movie, but it was not happening so around 11:30 i decided to take a shower. the shower didn't really help at all...i was in there for about 15 minutes and had at least 6 intense ctx. once i got out and dried off i decided to call the Dr.
the on call dr. called me back and told me that it was probably time to go in to get checked. i was so paranoid about showing up and being just barely dilated but they were getting more and more intense so we decided to finally pack the bag. :lol:
we called my MIL (12:30am) and asked her to come stay with Sarah. then i was sitting on my ball telling DH what to pack and when a strong one would start...i would yell "Steven, I NEED YOU!" and he would run over to me and put pressure on my lower back, while i hung my arms around his neck to take all the pressure off my belly. he was great! he would tell me how great i was doing and would say things like "just relax and let your body work for you, don't tense up" at that point i was getting a bit vocal with each pressure wave that came, just moaning in a low tone through each one or using my hypnobabies cues- "peeaaacce". my MIL showed up around 1:15am and it was just in time. I told my MIL that Sarah could call us whenever she wants no matter what. DH packed up the car while i rolled my hips on the exercise ball and in between contractions i was able to make it to the car. once we were in the car i put my ipod on and put on the "early first stage" HB track. the car ride sucked so bad, but luckily we flew right up the interstate so there were no traffic lights. HB really helped me get through the car ride. we got to the hospital at about 1:30 and had to check in, i started getting a bit irrational at that point. they checked me in and asked me if i wanted to walk or sit in a wheel chair, i was like "hell no, i can't walk!" so they wheeled the chair over and i leaned over the back of the chair because sitting in it was way too uncomfortable. they wheeled me into triage and asked me to put on a gown. i said "NO GOWN! i'll just take my pants off!" so i took my pants off. the nurse checked me and said "do you want to know how far you are?" and i was so worried i wouldn't be that far dilated. i said "yes," and she replied, "you're a 6!" thank god!!!
they asked if i wanted to sit in the wheel chair and i was like "I am NOT getting out of this bed!" so they wheeled the bed down the hall into the LDPR (labor delivery postpartum recovery) room. we got in the room and they tried to give me an IV..."NO IV! it's in my birth plan!" dh opened up my netbook to my birth plan since we hadn't even printed it yet! and showed the nurses. i told them that a hep lock was fine. then i was like "i need to sit on a ball!" the nurse went to get one and in the meantime i sat on the toilet since that was the only comfortable position, i sat there for a little and started to feel a lot of pressure. made my way back over to the bed and i asked to be checked because i felt like i had to push.
i was a 10! and my doctor showed up just in time! i went from 6 to 10 in about and hour!
the HB track ended just before i started pushing and i kind of lost my concentration.
i started to feel like i was losing control, but i kept repeating to myself "don't lose control." over and over.
i started to push and every few minutes the nurse would put the monitor on my belly to make sure his HR was good and that he was tolerating labor. every time she put it on me i was like "i hate that thing! please take it off!" :lol: i wasn't really pushing effectively, i was on my left side and dh was holding my right leg. my dr. told me, if i turned a bit more and opened up my hips it would help get him out, it hurt so bad to move, but i did and was determined to get him the hell out! i pushed really hard and felt my water break...the warm rush of water felt soooo good! i pushed hard and felt him crown. it burned like hell but once i got past his head and shoulders i felt his body slide out and it felt amazing! the doctor handed him to me and let the cord stop pulsating and then DH cut the cord.
he was born at 2:49 am on 1/23/11 - less than 2 hours after we arrived at the hospital!!

i didn't teat this time (i tore in 2 places last time) YAY!
my doctor and the nurses were so supportive! they really stuck to my birth plan and kept telling me how great i was doing. i feel so grateful. my doctor gave me a big hug and told me what a great job i did before he left. :)
i am so happy with the way things went. i am happy that my daughter slept through it and that my dr. was able to make it (he had been out of town earlier that day and had somewhere else to be the next day, it was perfect timing!
around 5am Sarah called and was so excited to hear that her brother was here. her and my MIL came straight to the hospital and Sarah was instantly in love. i am so happy there has been no jealousy and she has been such a great big sister.

Vincent Bradley
1/23/11 2:49am
7lbs 2oz 19.5in


Jennifer8080 January 30th, 2011 08:59 AM

Re: welcome to the world Vincent Bradley!
Congrats!!! What a great birth! He is adorable!

monica8 January 30th, 2011 04:37 PM

Re: welcome to the world Vincent Bradley!
I'm still so happy for you! :D

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